July 19, 2017

The problem with being a prophet of doom is that when doom doesn’t arrive on time, it’s bad for business. That’s why smart prophets of doom either don’t name an expiration date, or they put the date so far out that they’ve made their pile and are long gone by the time doom doesn’t arrive.

We see this a lot in the environmental movement (some of us fogies remember being told that by the 1980s, the oceans would be dead and tuna would be a rare delicacy costing $75 a can). Al Gore also recently emerged from his $9 million seaside mansion to promote a sequel to his 2006 “documentary” “An Inconvenient Truth,” which pushes for more government investment in renewable energy (i.e., showering even more tax dollars on his green energy cronies). Speaking of inconvenient truths, Fox News’ Katherine Timpf replied, “He told us New York would be under water by now. I walked to work today without scuba gear. Why are we still listening to him?!”

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Now, it appears that some environmental prophets of doom are finally wising up. James Hansen, one of the major names in climate change alarmism, warned a couple of decades ago that by 2018, the Earth would be up to 5 degrees F. hotter and New York’s West Side highway would be underwater. That seems unlikely, so now he’s claiming that all the melting ice has lead to a cooling effect that will prevent global warming, but sea levels will eventually rise, dooming New Yorkers by 2168.

And if that doesn’t happen? Well, that’s the great thing about making your doomsday predictions for 150 years from now. If anyone wants you to admit you’re wrong, they’ll need a Ouija board.

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  • Anita Cole

    07/20/2017 10:54 AM

    ???? this is so right on! (Old 70's expression, as you know. I'm an old fogie too.) Thanks Gov. Mike.

  • Ricci Henry

    07/19/2017 11:48 AM

    Hey Mike! You forgot the sixties prophets who said we'd have a "mini-ice age." Still, I have my own theory, since it seems so profitable.

    My father moved to our place in the early fifties. Said there were several springs, running year round, all around our house in something like a half mile radius. I remember in the late sixties and early seventies seeing some of them, though some had already ceased flowing. Dad also said all the small branches ran with water when he was a child. Today, they both have long since dried up. Something to this global warming business? Now, to my theory. What! They can do it. So can I.

    Industry and agriculture have depleted the water table. Oil industry has depleted underground oil reserves. What if the earth was like an engine? What if the oil underground acted as in a motor and kept the earth cooled? Bang! The earth is creeping toward burning up. Even Adrian Rogers preaches that the earth will be consumed with fire one day. Maybe it's God's plan to let man be the one who strikes that match?

    OK! OK! I know what you are thinking! Just another wacko! But give me my room to prophesy. Don't think I'll make much money from it though. And it sounds more plausible than theirs.