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December 6, 2021

Chris Cuomo’s “indefinite suspension” from CNN has finally advanced to actually being fired.

The announcement was released Saturday night during a major college championship game, likely in hopes that nobody would notice it. Didn't work. CNN said Cuomo was fired because “additional information has come to light,” then refused to say what it was, which is sort of the opposite of information “coming to light.” It’s also rather strange to suppress a major story when you’re allegedly a news network, but then, “this…is CNN!”

The New York Times claimed it was because a former colleague at another network had made another sexual misconduct claim against Cuomo. So for the record, if you work at CNN, helping to cover up your brother’s political scandals, abusing your journalistic contacts to help him get dirt on women who accuse him of sexual harassment, lying about that, and being accused of sexual misconduct yourself will not get you fired. But if you get accused of sexual misconduct a SECOND time, that’s where they draw the line! They have standards, you know.

Check out that link for more. It also includes some undercover video (warning: rough language!) taken way back in March by Project Veritas. It shows CNN staffers saying it was an open secret that Andrew Cuomo was a “piece of (bleep)” boss, manager and Governor; comparing him to famous sex criminals Harvey Weinstein and R. Kelly; and complaining that CNN should have stopped Chris from covering his brother on day one. So at least somebody at CNN does have ethics. Too bad it was nobody who was in charge.

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  • Robert Burton

    12/13/2021 04:47 PM

    Global warming-climate change a reminder: It's real and it's not man made. CO2 is not able to do that which is being ascribed to it. All "real" scientists know that. Check out the Climate Summit in DC summer of 2019 - details are there. Basically, CO2 follows the activity does not cause it, is not man caused which is pitiful when compared with what our Creator puts together, and we are actually in an overall cooling trend which will be devastating when this turns around again. Just thought you'd like to know - Bob

  • Red Green

    12/06/2021 03:37 PM

    This miserable excuse for a human being was fired because he was of no further use to the "deep state" that controls the networks and social media propaganda machines. Like his brother and thousands of others involved in the overthrow of America, they sold out to big business, big tech and big government.
    I pray that soon, all these "useful idiots" will realize that they "will" suffer the same fate as the rest of America when they are of no further use to their handlers. They sell their soul and sell out our country for what; money, power, prestige? Criminals, cowards and fools!
    Native Americans scouts working for the US Army went to the same prisons and reservations as those they helped apprehend because they trusted the government. History always repeats itself.