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October 31, 2022

Women are starting to speak up in protest of “trans activists” demanding that men be allowed into their private spaces and sporting events. And of course, some men would really like it if those uppity women would just shut up and know their place. At least, that seemed to be the retrograde attitude of some Antifa punks who showed up at a rally in Austin called “Let the Women Speak” and, with zero sense of irony, tried to shout the women down. Imagine, letting women speak! Fortunately, the jerks failed to silence the women.

I was glad to hear one of the speakers say that despite all the hatred thrown at them from the left, the positive messages are “getting stronger and stronger.” Good, it’s about time people stood up to this microscopic minority with its outsized Democrat political support, ended state-sanctioned medical child abuse (as several nations in Europe already are), and defended the rights women worked so hard to win, as well as biological facts and common sense.

One of the women bravely standing up against the radical left hate mobs is champion collegiate swimmer Riley Gaines, who was on my TBN show this weekend. If you haven’t watched that interview yet, it’s a must-see:

And if you want to learn more about Riley and her campaign to protect women’s sports and pass a new law to keep men out of them (she calls it “Title XX,” as in “XX chromosomes only”), here’s her website:

Related: Gays Against Groomers has launched a campaign to save tomboys, and assert the truth that just because a girl is a tomboy, that doesn’t mean she’s in the wrong body and is really male, so she needs to be chemically and surgically disfigured.

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