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August 22, 2021

Blessings on you and your family, and from all the Huckabee staff! These are the top stories that ran this week on our website.

Today's newsletter includes:

  • Bible Verse of the Day - Matthew 6:33
  • Ted Cruz Saved American Democracy From The Democrats
  • Homeland Security perceives us as potential threats
  • America The Beautiful
  • Four Implications of the Afghan Debacle, By Ken Allard


Mike Huckabee


33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

Matthew 6:33

Ted Cruz Saved American Democracy From The Democrats

By Mike Huckabee

We should all give a big thanks to Sen. Ted Cruz for being awake and alert at 3:30 a.m. Wednesday morning and saving American democracy.

After 15 mind-numbing hours of amendment votes on the Democrats’ $3.2 TRILLION spending orgy bill, Senate “Majority” Leader Chuck Schumer attempted to sneak the “For The People” Act (aka, the “Legalize Vote Fraud” Act) into the mix, in hopes that sleep-deprived Republicans wouldn’t notice and would fail to object, thereby approving it by unanimous consent. But Cruz rose and objected repeatedly, stopping Schumer in his tracks.

Cruz called the bill a “federal takeover of elections” and a “massive power grab by Democrats” that would do the opposite of its title by ensuring that the people can’t vote politicians out of office. He elaborated that it would “strike down virtually every reasonable voter integrity law in the country, including voter ID laws supported by the overwhelming majority of this country, including prohibitions on ballot harvesting, again widely supported by people in this country. It would mandate that felons be allowed to vote, and it would automatically register millions of illegal aliens to vote. It would profoundly undermine democracy in this country…”

Yes, but “for the people!”

The defeated Schumer hilariously grumbled, “Let there be no mistake about what is going on here. We have reached a point in this chamber where Republicans appear to oppose any measure — any measure, no matter how common sense — to protect voting rights and strengthen our democracy.”

That’s funny, because if you replaced the word “Republicans” with “Democrats,” that would be a perfect description of what Democrats are trying to do all over the nation to block common sense election integrity measures and to destroy them completely with the “Legalize Vote Fraud” Act.

Homeland Security perceives us as potential threats

By Mike Huckabee

As the Taliban zeroed in on Kabul, Afghanistan, in one of the most distressing examples of American military failure in our lifetimes, it was interesting to find out what the Department of Homeland Security is really concerned about.

It appears they’re worried about you and me.

On Saturday, conservative writer/news editor Jack Posobiec tweeted a screen shot of an NBC graphic that showed the DHS’s list of “Potential Terror Threats” in a “national terrorism alert” in advance of “the 9/11 20th anniversary.” Funny, this list of terror threats didn’t mention the Taliban or any other militant Islamists. Here’s what it listed as tip-offs that someone might pose a terrorist threat:




The DHS is warning of the danger posed by “grievance-based groups.” As reported in BREITBART NEWS, an ABC news bulletin said that DHS’s National Terrorism Advisory System bulletin, issued on Friday, warned of threats from common domestic terrorists --- individuals engaged in grievance-based violence, “including grievances over public health safety measures and perceived government restrictions.”

Wait a minute. “PERCEIVED” government restrictions? There have been some very real restrictions on personal behavior, but you’d better not chafe at them, even just a little bit. or the government might "perceive" you as a threat.

Let’s take a look at just the first two of these bullet points. (NOTE: I'm prefacing the following analysis with a strong sarcasm alert.) First, “opposition to covid measures.” I assume this would include any such measures that the government chooses to impose or even talks about imposing, including lockdowns, restrictions on the size of gatherings, “vaccine passports,” and face masks. In Philadelphia, starting September 1, the city government will be requiring unvaccinated employees to wear TWO masks, a cloth one OVER a surgical one. I am not kidding. (I guess they should just be glad they aren’t getting fired; must be a contractual thing or you could safely bet they would be.) And new employees will have to show proof of being fully vaccinated as a condition of their employment. I assume that policy applies whether or not they’ve already had covid.

Here’s the report in the WASHINGTON EXAMINER. The city also announced that all Philadelphia health care workers and all university students, staff and faculty must be vaccinated by October 15.

If you have a problem with such requirements, you just might be a POTENTIAL TERROR THREAT.

On Friday, flag-waving protesters showed up at the Washington State Capitol building for a protest against Democrat Gov. Jay Inslee’s forced vaccine mandate for local healthcare systems. Similar protests occurred in Kentucky and Tennessee, over both vaccine and mask mandates. “We want to have our own right and have our own wear a mask or not,” said one woman in Tennessee.

Well, I just don’t know about this lady --- she sounds pretty dangerous to me. And they were waving American flags, like those "insurrectionists" at the DC Capitol Building, so they must be hotheads. It’s a good thing Homeland Security is monitoring people like this woman who dare to question official mandates instead of just quietly falling into line.

And if you agree with her, you just might be a POTENTIAL TERROR THREAT.

Let’s move on to the second indication of potential threat: “claims of election fraud, belief Trump can be reinstated.” The HHS sees danger signs in “conspiracy theories on perceived election fraud.” (There’s that pesky word “PERCEIVED” again.)

Well, apparently “the MyPillow Guy,” Mike Lindell, is on HHS’s terror watch list. Don’t you feel safer knowing the Department of Homeland Security is keeping their eye on him, and people like him? I wonder if he gets subjected to enhanced security measures at the airport or perhaps is on the no-fly list. Come to think of it, he has his own plane. That might be the only way he can get around.

Recall that we were one of the few news/opinion sites that gave Lindell the time of day; we covered all three days of his conference as objectively as possible and kept an open mind about the evidence he presented. And there IS a lot of evidence suggestive of fraud. Though we never for one minute thought that Trump could be reinstalled as President –- the Constitution doesn’t provide for that –- we know there was fraud. Heck, there probably has been some amount of fraud in every big election since the Flintstones voted on stone tablets. This time, though, with all the mail-in balloting and rule changes (let alone any problems with the electronic voting), there was a lot. Did it change the outcome? We can’t say for sure, but as observant and thinking human beings we do have our doubts about how it turned out.

Uh-oh...we just might be a POTENTIAL TERROR THREAT!

As startling as it was to see this graphic, the Homeland Security's focus on those of its own citizens who dislike unproven and punishing covid restrictions and have doubts about the 2020 election is not new. In a DHS advisory about Domestic Violent Extremists (DVE’s) posted in January –- on the heels of the January 6 debacle at the Capitol Building –- they singled out “anger over COVID-19 restrictions” and “the 2020 election results” as motivating issues.

Ned Ryun, founder and CEO of American Majority, called this new DHS bulletin “a read-between-the-lines threat” on Tucker Carlson’s Monday show. He saw it as “targeting Americans for ‘wrongthink.’” He observed that “the elite deeply resent us questioning their narrative.” He personally has questions about the obstacles being placed in the way of election audits, for example, and also about the real covid mortality rates for younger people who don’t have a serious co-morbidity. Should he be considered a potential threat just for asking the questions? When you’re trying to make half the country be defined as domestic terrorists, he said, it “does not end well." They would understand this, "if they would actually study history, instead of gender studies...”

Uh-oh; he’s probably on the watch list, too. Rest assured that even at a time when Biden’s total debacle of a Presidency makes us weaker and more vulnerable to terrorist attacks --- REAL terrorist attacks --- the Department of Homeland Security is keeping us safe from the MyPillow Guy and plain-spoken conservatives like Ned Ryun. And you, and me. And about half the country, for one thing or another.

America The Beautiful

God's creation is all around us. To learn more about Cuyahoga Valley National Park, visit its website here.

Narrative Shattered, Burned, Ashes Scattered

By Mike Huckabee

Friday morning, Reuters released an investigative report into the violence in the Capitol on January 6th, and it obliterates all the tearful tall tales from the left about the giant Trump-led conspiracy to overthrow the government. It was more like the story of the dog that chased cars and didn’t know what to do with one when he caught it.

According to officials quoted in the Reuters report, the FBI “at this point believes the violence was not centrally coordinated by far-right groups or prominent supporters of then-President Donald Trump." It has also “so far found no evidence that [Trump] or people directly around him were involved in organizing the violence.” Up to 95% of the cases are “one-offs” (i.e., someone saw the door open and wandered in.) Maybe five percent involved organized groups like Oath Keepers or Proud Boys who allegedly had planned to break in, but “they found no evidence that the groups had serious plans about what to do if they made it inside.”

This is why most of the charges have been things like “conspiracy” instead of really serious counts like racketeering or insurrection: because there’s no evidence of any broader plot than that they talked in advance about their plans to trespass.

It kind of throws a monkey wrench into all the Democrat histrionics about it being the biggest threat to the federal government since the Civil War. Say what you will about the over-matched and out-gunned Confederates, but at least they didn’t show up at Gettysburg unarmed, wearing T-shirts and Viking helmets and shooting nothing but selfies.

Four Implications of the Afghan Debacle

By Ken Allard

Colonel Ken Allard (US Army Ret.) is a former draftee who became a Cold War intelligence officer, West Point faculty member and Dean of the National War College. For ten years, he was an on-air military analyst for the networks of NBC News.

Any American soldier assigned to the Afghanistan hell-hole knows far more than me. But my study of that country began seriously in fall, 1979 as a Harvard grad student preparing to join the West Point faculty. Despite being an Army intelligence officer, my unclassified sources included Dr. Louis Dupree, a former WWII paratrooper with an encyclopedic knowledge of Afghanistan and its deeply conflicted history. My term paper submitted in early December, 1979 to Dean Graham Allison and Ambassador Joe Nye predicted 3 things: that the Russians would invade; that they would do so with all available force; but that their efforts would ultimately be unsuccessful to convert the "Graveyard of Empires" into a Soviet satrap. At the end of my military career in Bosnia, I served in Bosnia alongside a Soviet major general who, as a young Spetsnaz captain, personally led the special forces squad that assassinated the reigning strong-man in Kabul. I tell you that to underline several points you may not hear elsewhere.

Immediate Implications: Her op-ed in today’s Washington Post shows why former SECSTATE Condoleezza Rice has such a formidable reputation as a diplomatic historian and practitioner. Arguing that “It didn’t have to be this way,” she instantly de-bunked President Joseph Biden’s calumny that the Afghans had somehow chosen the Taliban. Instead, “they fought and died alongside us, helping us degrade al-Qaeda...In the end, the Afghans couldn’t hold the country without our airpower and our support. It is not surprising that Afghan security forces lost the will to fight, when the Taliban warned that the United States was deserting them and that those who resisted would see their families killed.” The most obvious implications of reversing 20 hard-fought years of progress: Taiwan, Ukraine, the Persian Gulf and our non-existent southern border. Simply take a quick glance across the globe and isolate those pressure points where US interests don't match available forces - from our hard-pressed ground forces to our over-matched Border Patrol. Do you seriously imagine that our adversaries will not test those limits in search of more low-hanging fruit? Similarly, few Americans seem to grasp the intrinsic linkage between those external threats and our internal security, already under attack from hostile criminal-political syndicates (e.g., Mexican drug cartels, BLM, Antifa.) Fewer still will recall that 10 years ago Oklahoma authorities warned that that the cartels were becoming a bigger threat to the state than tornadoes.

Deceptive Metaphors: Today there are many incautious parallels drawn between Kabul and Saigon. Officers of my generation vividly recall that the Saigon withdrawal - for all its drawbacks - was far better organized than Kabul. Wherever they happen, strategic withdrawals in the face of an armed adversary are always tough and dangerous operations. The American Army first began learning those difficult lessons under George Washington, who didn’t so much beat the British as to (narrowly) avoid being defeated by them. Ever since, Murphy’s Law has been as omni-present in American ranks as camp followers. The better metaphor may be to Dunkirk (without the English Channel) or - even more ominously - to the 1885 Siege of Khartoum. To those readers who may not recall the Charlton Heston movie, things ended badly for the British and especially for Heston’s character, General Charles Gordon. In outlook, ferocity and ideological single-mindedness, there are eerie similarities between the armies of the Mahdi and those of the Taliban. Listening yesterday to Jenn Psaki and Jake Sullivan’s ignominious presentation to the White House press corps, it was appalling to think that such mendacious, naive and utterly un-serious people were anywhere close to the halls of power. The question not posed by the fawning press munchkins: Were the same officials who planned the Kabul operation also involved with defending our southern border?

Immediate Political Consequences: National security as a political issue is much like oxygen: un-noticed and inconsequential until suddenly it seems threatened. But when those threats materialize, they immediately transform lesser political questions. Right now, that specter most benefits former SECSTATE Mike Pompeo and Ambassador Nikki Haley. Ambassador Hailey is the former South Carolina governor who overcame ethnic and gender profiling to become a compelling, highly articulate leader as Donald Trump’s Ambassador to the UN. But the big winner after Kabul may be Mike Pompeo. He calmly personifies traditional American values: e.g., Eagle Scout, West Point graduate, business leader, Congressman, CIA Director, SECSTATE, and born-again Christian). That stunning resume gives him an immediate appeal for a Republican establishment that badly needs a super-star who can help re-build Republican credibility.

Macro-Changes to Start Thinking About: We can anticipate that our enemies will do their utmost to test us, ideally while the Biden White House still resembles deer-caught-in-the -headlights. The short list certainly includes the seizure of Taiwan and the increasing likelihood of another 911. I live in San Antonio, where we grimly chuckle over the latest (and fastest-growing) Border Patrol category of illegals: OTM, meaning "Other Than Mexican." The considerably more sobering reality: If our enemies fail to take advantage of our open borders, then it contradicts everything we know about their relentless character and their endlessly adaptive tactics. If you are familiar with the Sicario movie series, then you may have already glimpsed the future. The American people need to demand an end to the PC-heavy, Woke soft-headedness that has already begun to compromise our military. To cite but one current example: Testifying before the House Appropriations Committee on May 4, BG Daniel Hokanson (Chief of the National Guard Bureau) asserted that "Among my most pressing concerns are premium-free health care for every Guardsman...." Seriously, General? Aren't those the very same forces primarily responsible for our homeland defense, either in coping with disaster or deterring an enemy attack? And yet you're primarily concerned with their health care?

Fasten your seat-belts, folks, we may be in for a bumpy ride!

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  • Ronda Wells

    08/23/2021 01:25 PM

    Thank goodness for your newsletter that summarizes this kind of info! I look forward to reading it and learning the truth. No amount of WH spin will erase the stench of this bad decision to abruptly withdraw from Afghanistan and abandon our allies there.

  • Jj

    08/23/2021 11:12 AM

    John Kirby does the voice for Elmer Fudd

  • David A Schmidt

    08/23/2021 11:10 AM

    Better looking without the beard. Saw you on Fox News.

  • Jerry

    08/23/2021 11:06 AM

    John Kirby a spokesman for the pentagon talks about vetting the alfgans while I doubt the Afghanistan population has been vaccinated about the same as the invaders on the southern border any questions why the China virus has come back to epidemic proportions john Kirby is an cover up exercise in the Biden collection of fake news spreaders

  • Jerry

    08/23/2021 10:47 AM

    Fox outlet’s anchorman bill hemmer just made a statement today the southern border is open in contrast to the secretary’ of state’s outlook that the border is closed closed hemmer got outside of his comfort zone and radically announced the border is open Fox News channel is a complete joke

  • Donna Van Hoose

    08/23/2021 10:38 AM

    Your article on “Homeland Security Perceives Us as Potential Threats”…starts off with the statement about the Afghanistan and “military failure”. While I am not a fan of Austin or Mille as they both should have resigned in protest…the military is not the lead for this huge disaster…the lead is President, National Security Advisor, and State….they are making all of these horrendously stupid decisions starting back early this year. They have chosen to not believe the intel or the military inputs. As a retired AF Intel Officer…the military MUST obey the Commander in Chief….their only option as SECDEF and CJCS is to resign in protest if they believe the orders they are given cannot be successful executed. The men and women on the ground in Afghanistan are only doing the job they have been ordered to do…the Military failure if you still want to label it as such should be squarely put on the shoulders of Austin and Mille and not the entire US Military!

  • Stephen Russell

    08/23/2021 10:32 AM

    Virus issues:
    We wear masks, do lockdowns while Illegals X ing US Mex border do None
    Biggest show to show masks for Show vs real use

  • Stephen Russell

    08/23/2021 10:22 AM

    Taliban killed 1 interpeter already & hurting Americans to date

  • Jerry

    08/23/2021 09:13 AM

    As Biden and his collection of cowards curl up in the White House afraid of the rats that has this collection of cowards locked in a room the rats can’t get at them while the rats are chewing on women and children and old men this group of cowards needs to get out of the way and bring in real men to clean this disaster up. Bring back trump general Keane and let’s bring stability back and eradicate this mess this not job Biden and his collection of fools are capable of completing

  • Jerry

    08/23/2021 08:50 AM

    While having to endure the disasters this Government is providing I view the men that are in control the Oval Office and the Congress, women in the world of athletics have more masculinty than these men ( we have to find a new noun for these so called men) Women have more tenacity then a biden Schiff Schumer and most men in a Democrat forum the best description of these people would be coward or Hyenas as they travel in a pack and will only attack defenseless prey. This democrat group called men are a disgrace to real men of all kinds the world also sees these people as frail weak with more coward genes than most people. DISGUSTING!!!