Facebook suffers consumer backlash

July 26, 2018 |

In my essay on socialism and why it stinks like last month’s leftover halibut, I noted that when the government provides services for you, you have no choice; but under capitalism, even the biggest corporation can be brought to its knees by its customers if it doesn’t please them.  Little did I know that within 24 hours, I’d have an example of that.

Wednesday, Facebook warned of weak revenues, and its stock price dropped by as much as 24% before it recovered enough to close down 17%.  There are various reasons given, such as the effects of new privacy policies on revenue.  But it boils down to consumer choice: Facebook is struggling because it got too big for its britches.  It decided that as the almighty social media platform, it could violate your privacy, mess around with your news feed, snoop on your friends, decide which type of political speech was allowed and which type was taboo (guess which was which?), and so on.  They never imagined that users would respond by simply leaving, migrating to other social media sites or even going outside, squinting into the sun, and doing something else with their lives. 

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It’s too early to tell whether this warning shot will put the fear of consumers into the self-anointed demigods of Silicon Valley, but if not, then they’re in for more rude awakenings. Two of the greatest things about capitalism are that it can make a pauper with a great idea into a billionaire; and that if said billionaire forgets that the customers are the boss, he can become a pauper again.




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  • Jacquelyn Holmes

    07/30/2018 06:07 PM

    I have two things I would like to say. The first is how much I enjoy your commentary on the news of today through the email letter I receive. I especially enjoy your wit/sarcasm toward those who's actions deserve it. You do it so well without getting nasty. Second, I also enjoy some of the stories you put into your email that I would never have heard about if not for you. Sometimes you tell about something I want to pass on to friends. So I would like to suggest a share button after each story. Not the whole email, being what attention spans are, but the individual story. Maybe after reading they might become loyal follower. Just a suggestion.


    07/29/2018 03:29 PM

    When Zuckerberg decided that Facebook was going to steal all of the users information and sell it plus as a liberal website only the liberal stuff was acceptable and if conservative you were ban or blocked for a certain amount of times. I hear often Zuckerberg wants to charge to be on Facebook then it is easy to leave and never come back. I am a closet Trump supporter and I tell my friends I am but I try not to post about the current garbage from the Democrats because I know Trump is right and the Dems can not do anything legal to get him out of office. They are all sickos

  • Barbara J. Raley

    07/29/2018 03:09 PM

    "Too big for their britches" is what my Daddy always said, and they know who they are!

  • John Grant

    07/29/2018 02:33 PM

    Instead of denying relationships with women whose lawyers are recruiting, stop the insane lawsuits.
    Tell his wife what he is going to do and ask, even pay a fee, if necessary, to each accuser to come before the cameras, in a swimsuit if possible, put his arm around them and brag on their relationship. Show them off. Ask each if they had as good a time as he did and didn't they get the money he promised to pay.
    Tell all how he only likes the choicest foods, best show horses as well as women and aren't all men jealous of his choices and accomplishments.
    That would stop all those coming forth and their lawyers as well as there would be nothing to sue about.
    I'll bet it would get a lot of laughs as well. Creative President Trump!!

  • Joy Polo

    07/29/2018 12:28 PM

    There is already a conservative alternative to Facebook that has the identical format and features as Facebook, it is called Socialcross.org
    It bills itself as the Christian Facebook, but all faiths are welcome to join, they just have zero tolerance for profanity/porn etc.
    Secular, but conservative-friendly social media include gab.ai and minds.com

  • Dusty Hickey

    07/29/2018 10:58 AM

    Gov. day after day when I hear NBC and ABC and CNN on and on about Russia . I guess this is the only thing they have now per this economy on the rebound and that some say started under Pres Obama who is kidding who? WHY? Is this Soros and Bezo coming after him for their own purposes? Where are the Koch brothers in their standing or not for Pres Trump. Gov. I do wish he the President would be quiet on his tweets now and just be President and do the business he is now on trying to bring back better trade fair? I rec'd 3 house items I orderd the other day 3 had in big letters Made IN CHINA, One in INDIA none in US WHY Gov. Why did we stop making things here and please no more to save me the consumer? Made big business the big money and we lost good jobs here WHY? WHY did we let in thousands here in Georgia up in our MTNS doing the chicken and carpet factory jobs for lower wages? WHY? I saw this and saw our food stamps for Georgia being given to immigrants WHY GOV? Something stinks in the apple barrel? Had a question on voting and I said NO for mid terms . I am so unhappy with the SWAMP and they are fighting this President a big group of even Republicans so ingrained in their lobbyist and we the working hard people are bypassed. WHY GOV? I am an older voter for many years and so unhappy with our Congress and the likes of a Ryan and I so admired Sen McCain and he now fights this President across the board so bitter and I understand per what was said by Pres Trump on his POW. Try to comprehend why Pres Trump even had to say what he did and maybe he just did not use the right words on what he was saying. I hear this often with him and his control of the English language is not that great. Why I wish he stopped saying too much anymore unless he lets others review. I do back what he is doing majority of the time. I do believe when he met with Putin he should have had Pompeo or Bolton in with him just to hear what all was said. Thank you Gov for what you are doing here to try to get out the right stories per weekly this is terrible. Tariffs and he was right on about the rates we had to pay and WHY? Here said the Koch upset over the Tariffs no kidding guess who has been winning the billionaires all like them as I said in this message before?

  • Maryanne Kelly Hand

    07/29/2018 10:36 AM

    The idea of socialism is the most frightening concept. Unfortunately these snowflakes and for some off reason grown democrats lean towards this>[ie.bernie..who lived in his basement and mainly lic ing off the government]<for totally selfish reasons. They are more like the dictators and controller of put in and Hitler. They wont reason . These people are not willing to listen to both sides or even bother to research and look up the facts. The movie "dumb and dumber" was on. My honey called me in to watch part. He said , ' you have got to see this" , this is what has happened. There is no conversation. There is no balance. No one is using their brain. So goes the straw Delima.so you go to jail for having a straw.but habe sanctuary cities for criminals. No logic no functions of the brain being used. I am 63. I never thought I would see this. My dear past parents and best friends too My fatger a WWII veteran would be distraught. However, in his death bed, he said to me, he saw it coming. Even then in 2005. How we get there people to listen to facts, I don't know. However, I do my best to speak out. To tell to young people when I see the slightest opportunity to do so. Even in prep before surgery I turned a few nurses to go look things up and they never realized this and that. I Will keep on. We so appreciate your honest reports, your newsletters , your kindness and heart. Your are a man if faith. Not to hide behind but use in your life as an example. Thank you.

  • Pamala Monis

    07/29/2018 09:34 AM

    Consumers are LONG overdue in standing up for themselves and for our country. We have the power over corporations, etc. It feels good knowing the consumer is now rejecting corporations such as, the NFL and Facebook that are trying to turn our country into a garbage dump. Others are set to follow. Consumers appreciate you more than you know sir. ?? Thanks for posting Mike!

  • Robert LaCoe

    07/29/2018 08:56 AM

    Next should be Yahoo. They put a lot of my conservative site emails in spam. Yesterday after noon I had 15 emails in spam, and 13 of them were conservatives that included your email.

  • Rochelle Backman

    07/28/2018 04:16 PM

    I also wonder WHY someone who is a conservative hasn't started a site similar to FB. There should be more competitors out there. Nothing like good old competition to keep one on ones toes.

  • CJ Garton

    07/28/2018 01:03 AM

    I think it deserves a wake up call and the consumers need to show that to Facebook . I am a struggling musician/artist/songwriter and we pay our bills and build a following by social media now days Facebook being the main one . Through this site we gain exposure and clout . Today this is how the world sees us and bases our success . Now Facebook only shows a small percentage of our fans and followers our stuff if we don’t pay for adds we get burrows and I’ve had over 10,000 likes reached over two or three dozen times just to have them ripped from me back down to around 7000 every time because we don’t pay for adds like clockwork . Therefore costing me potential gigs and signing to booking agencies because they said our Facebook number need to improve but we are fighting a losing battle because we are a organically growing site and not a sponsored on Facebook artist with major money to throw at adds everyday . They already are worth billions and now their greed has affected us in the most adverse way . I say we as a people deserve better and Facebook has become a social media monopoly . Thank you for listening and god bless

  • Anthony Dumlao

    07/27/2018 11:59 PM

    I hope you actually read these!

    There was a partner of Zuckerberg's; a billionaire. He was forced outb of Facebook because he was a conservative.

    You have great name recognition, Mr Huckabee. I thought that you might get a sit down with this gentleman. I hear he moved to the Los Angeles area.

    Talk to him; convince him to start a social media platform that emphasizes the protections afforded by the 1st Amendment.

    I'm pretty sure that he'll become even more successful; and that you're the man who can convince him to do it.

    The moral of my request is, incidentally, the moral of your article.

  • Deb O'Hagan

    07/27/2018 07:56 PM

    Truth with humor! You should have a tv show ??

  • Jewel Bloecher

    07/27/2018 07:46 PM

    It's time for the egotistical far left to realize they can not speak or act for those of us who know how to think for ourselves.

  • Grace Reeves

    07/26/2018 11:47 PM

    A very good reminder, the customer is boss.

  • jude jeter

    07/26/2018 04:36 PM

    I rarely visit facebook anymore, I have no apps in there, all my photos are locked down, I have ad blockers and the acct would be gone altogether if not for the kids n grandkids, who live far away, still being there. I am glad to know I'm not the only one that bristles and snarls at someone interfering with my independence as a free human being.

  • Alison M Smith

    07/26/2018 03:56 PM

    Facebook is going down because of the liberal bias and all of the blocking of conservatives, etc., but it is also going down because there ARE competitors that the younger people use. My children in their 20's don't use Facebook. They say it's for "old people." They use Snapchat and Instagram and other sites that I know nothing about. Likewise, the teens have their own sharing sites, so Facebook is on its way out for many reasons.

  • Susan C Marsh

    07/26/2018 03:32 PM

    Is this socialism movement among youths in this country a product of the teachers unions and departments of education in most states being controlled by liberals? Or is it a product of liberal media, tv, and literary people? How did patriotism get so unpopular. I hope this is a wake up call to the sleeping giant of this country!

  • Sam Flanagan

    07/26/2018 03:17 PM

    2 billion subscribers is an unprecedented engineering achievement in the telecom world. And your premise regarding data mining is correct - - there's something bigger at play. It has to be new competition in the arena of subscriber count. Ad dollars are say $250 a subscriber(in FB's case).

    Facebook grew that large because it's free on board: they pay nothing for the use of the Internet connections. Amazon, Netflix, and to a lesser extent, YouTube(YouTube TV) all charge for content. I don't have a clue but 20% in one day is huge. Horrendous.

  • Carmelita

    07/26/2018 02:34 PM

    These billioners never learned their lesson. Everything is not about money. They thought they can get away with their lies and hypocrisy. Remember God is still in control. Nothing will last forever here on earth. We can't hide anything from Him.

  • Donna Guthrie

    07/26/2018 01:46 PM

    Pride goes before a fall!

  • Chuck Peterson

    07/26/2018 01:06 PM

    If capitalism works so well, and there's money to be made in the social media business, why doesn't Facebook have a direct competitor that doesn't have the leftwing bias FB does? Capitalism works. I'm just wondering why someone smarter than me hasn't developed a competitor and challenged FB.