September 15, 2018

For month after month, we’ve heard from Trump critics that the Mueller investigation was going to nail former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, and he was going to crack and turn state’s witness and spill the beans on his nefarious doings with foreign governments and implicate the President and then IMPEACHMENT!!  

Well, Mueller did finally get his multiple convictions of Manafort – all for things that had nothing do with Trump or Russia and that happened long before the 2016 election.  And Manafort finally agreed to cooperate with Mueller.  Now, the bombshell: we learn that his questionable lobbying efforts for a foreign government (Ukraine) did reach all the way into the White House, with one of his lobbyists actually having a direct meeting with the President and Vice President.

This is it at last!  Unleash the hounds!  Convene the impeachment hearings!  

Oh, hold on: you say this meeting was in 2013?  And Manafort’s lobbying rep met with President Obama and Vice President Biden?  

Well, move along, nothing to see here…



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  • Charlie Phillips

    09/20/2018 10:36 PM

    When should Brett Kauvangh file a Defamation of Character lawsuit in civil court against Dr C. Ford and make legally all the facts, witnesses, and or the lack there of be placed before judge/jury and provoke a costly settlement say 2 M+ most likely resulting in his favor from all that has been revealed (including witnesses for BK) and end all of this political drama intentionally being used by the Dems. This would 'sting' the Dems and ppotential accusers who are certain to use the 'accusser strategy' again and again if it is not legally stopped like this recommendation in a court of law. I would appreciate your direct comment or other alternative solution on this matter. If not stopped ... Will will live under a cloud of the accusers rule. This is a very dangerous place to be as a 'free' nation. Thanks Charlie Phillips.

  • Betty L Horn

    09/17/2018 03:38 PM

    Thanks Mike..."Keep on Keeping On"...keeping us informed...God Bless You!

  • Gina Marzullo

    09/17/2018 07:44 AM

    Can I just start by saying I just love you and the way you get your point made with humor.. Well I guess the liberal left is right it does reach all the way to the top and just like the photos of the border children taken in 2014 and they tried to blame President Trump and they were caught doing what they do best... Twisting the truth to meet their adjenda.. so shall this be.. I shouldn't be this happy about this but I am.. Thank you for helping to bring the truth out.. Please Lord let the truth come out!

  • Mary Lyons

    09/16/2018 08:09 PM

    Think anything will come of it? Justice Dept. acts as if their hands are tied on everything concerning the Dems. actions. I bet Obama and Biden have been holding their breaths about this. Let's see how the press handles it...or not.

  • Walt m

    09/16/2018 03:00 PM

    Hick, surely you don't still consider this a legitimate investigation, if it were he would talk to stormed Daniels and reveal her and her attorneys connection to the previous administration.

  • Cathy Eggerth

    09/16/2018 09:28 AM

    Please please please let this be the start of takin down Obama, his minions, the Clintons and all of the other people behind all of the wrong done to our country.

  • Mark Trivett

    09/16/2018 08:10 AM

    My Lord and Savior will right the wrongs that occurr day after day. That gives me strength! Strength that is needed, because of the injustice all around us. President Trump has delivered on the promises that got him elected. He has truthfully held the line in the midst of a fire storm or biased reporting and hatred in the name of peace. With the fight he has had to fight, I put him to the level of President Reagan. This investigation is the best example of all that is wrong. I probably would not invite President Trump to our deer camp opener, because he talks too much. But I do respect him and his tenacity toward our constitution. Now if he asked to go to our opener, I would say yes Mr. President and my wife would make one of her best meals. He is my President. I have a high school educator, Marine, and a custom cabinet maker, (3) sons all married and 10 grand babies, we love the Lord and we love our country. By the way, I know you hunt. Your welcomed any time.

  • Rita Kammerling

    09/16/2018 06:11 AM

    Good morning, Governor. Before I even read the article, I was struck by the photo you posted. Obama actually put his shoe-wearing foot on the desk? Would he do that in the residence? Did his mama never teach him not to put his feet on the furniture? That's just disrespectful, especially since the desk is not his. It's the property of the United States government...more specifically, you and me. But, I suppose if Bill Clinton did what HE did in the Oval Office...well, you get my drift. No respect. Anyhow...the story you shared will never make it on the msm news. My prediction? Crickets. Thanks for sharing.

  • Curt poole

    09/15/2018 11:26 PM

    Mike, thank you immensely for your journalism but plz tell WHEN is hilary going to get her dues? If we want to end the distrust of our political system violators must be prosecuted. Unless this happens I predict full scale riots and dangerous chaos in this, the greatest country on earth!

  • Valerie Davis

    09/15/2018 08:46 PM

    It is so depressing and disgusting to watch the corruption of our government officials and the attack on the Trump's. I often wonder why they have put their families through such missery . They don't deserve such vile hatred from the obsessed left. I pray this country votes red this November

  • John Golleher

    09/15/2018 08:28 PM

    I enjoy all of your commentary. They always make perfect sense to me. I just want to make sure this is Mike Huckabee and wonder where the story is coming from. I feel like I have to fact-check everything these days.

  • Brenda Vaughan

    09/15/2018 08:06 PM

    I think it's time for this to be over, all things keep coming back to Obama,Clinton and other in their group and nothing happens. So we the people have to keep shelling out dollars till when? BE DONE!!!

  • Stuart Tichenor

    09/15/2018 06:59 PM

    Do you think MSM and the Democrats are going to be interested? This may be a case of someone accusing the wrong people—and the wrong political party. Reckon they’re smart enough to be embarrassed?

  • M Jill Busam

    09/15/2018 06:56 PM

    This kind of corruption just has to be stopped! They all need to get off Trumps back and let him do his job! There really is nothing to see in regard to Trump. Obama and all his cronies, including Hillary, need to be indicted. The facts are clear, but no one does anything about it. What’s the answer here?

  • Chester T Oliver

    09/15/2018 04:50 PM

    Isn’t that a surprise, everything is coming full circle back to Obama and his Administration. FBI/DOJ/CIA/TAX/
    State Dept. All involved in illegal scrams to defraud Trump Campaign and Trump Presidency. Most shameful Administration I can remember in 69yrs. There all still walking the streets where is the DOJ and FBI now, hiding in a hole trying to cover there asses. Sure are now that Trump is about to win, no Russia collusion, Social media was colluding with the Hillary Campaign for her to win and against Trump and we’re worried about Russia interfering. I’m beginning to think Russia has been telling the truth and it was social Media behind the whole collusion theory. Hillary colluded with Russia which has been proven time and time again she and her campaign paid Christopher Steele millions for a Phony paper about Trump and then it was used to try and impeach Trump. Hillary ur the big looser and should be tried for conspiracy against America and colluding with Russia and social Media, time for prison u and Bill both. Bill for interfering in a criminal matter while his wife was under investigation campaign violations and criminal destroying evidence smashing Phones deliberately bleaching her hard drive and emails destroying all recordings of wrong doing. These Democrats were the worst of the worst and at a time ran our government it’s no wonder were so far in Dept.