June 24, 2019


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Our Top story ---  Do these small-town sheriffs remind you of Hillary Clinton?

Featured Stories --  Iran sanctions - Leftist Lunacy List - A brilliant hour of TV about the authoritarian state

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Guess what happens when people who operate like Hillary Clinton --- thinking rules don’t apply to them --- take over a bureaucracy. This seems to have happened in Alabama, and it may have been going on a long time. When the new sheriff of Marshall County, Phil Sims, took office in January, he found a cardboard box in a closet containing five smartphones, government issue, with multiple holes drilled all the way through them.

Of course, they probably weren’t under subpoena (though perhaps that’s now subject to change), as Hillary’s devices and those of her aides were. But still.


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Mike Huckabee

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Iran sanctions

By Mike Huckabee 

President Trump is expected to announce new sanctions on Iran today.  He also tweeted this morning on a subject I raised last week: that Asian nations such as China get much of their oil from the Middle East, far more than we do (thanks, Donald!), so why should we carry the burden of keeping those shipping lanes safe from Iran?  If China wants oil, it might have to step in to corral Iran instead of leaning back and watching us deal with it, the way we did before Trump unleashed American energy production. 

Otherwise, Trump is playing it close to the vest about what he might do, other than warning that if Iran’s attack on an unmanned drone had instead been an attack that killed Americans, his response would have been different (yes, he did use the word “obliteration.”) This is a big change from the previous Administration that announced exactly what it would do militarily well in advance, and when it would pull out.  Joe Biden boasted that other nations’ leaders would rather he be President of the US than Trump.  This is one of the major reasons why.



Leftist Lunacy List

By Mike Huckabee

I almost hate to take Sundays off from the newsletter because it means that so much “progressive” insanity piles up that it’s hard to catch up with it all on Monday.  Here’s today’s Leftist Lunacy List:

Ohio’s Bowling Green State University has gone so PC, it’s even outraged some Hollywood liberals by stripping the name of that threat to America’s youth, Lillian Gish, from the university’s theater.  Known as “The First Lady of American Cinema,” Gish had a career that began in the earliest days of silent film and was one of the very first “movie stars.”  In 1914, she appeared in her mentor D.W. Griffith’s “Birth of a Nation,” a landmark film in terms of its length, narrative structure and cinematography, but one with a racist, pro-KKK plot. 



A brilliant hour of TV about the authoritarian state

By Laura Ainsworth

It’s Saturday evening as I write this, right after watching one of the most mesmerizing hours of TV I’ve seen in quite a while. It’s a particularly brilliant episode of LIFE, LIBERTY & LEVIN that explains why we in America are becoming less and less free, no matter who we vote for. Why our society is moving more and more to the left, no matter who we vote for. Why the central “authority” keeps growing bigger, stronger and more pervasive no matter who we vote for.

Everything clicks. It all makes sense.

Mark Levin’s guest was his friend of 25 years, Prof. John Marini of the University of Nevada, Reno; Senior Fellow, Claremont Institute; and author of the new book “UNMASKING THE ADMINISTRATIVE STATE: The Crisis of American Politics in the Twenty-First Century.” The show I saw on Saturday must have been a re-broadcast of the one that ran last Sunday on FOX News, which I inexplicably (and inexcusably!) missed.

Anyway, on to the administrative state, or what we call “the swamp.” Marini defines this as something much more pervasive than just the bureaucracy. One particular threat is that it possesses the kind of authority that allows politicians to defer to it, to delegate, so they don’t have to make the kind of political decisions that they, as legislators, are supposed to be making. Public deliberation is no longer a part of the legislative process; it’s mostly done behind closed doors. Congress has abdicated its role, he says, and the so-called “specialized bodies” (the “experts”) have taken over the authority to make rules. “It’s a terrible thing for a democracy,” he says.



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##Appellation##, I wanted to make sure you also read this story from yesterday's commentary...

Time to get mad at Mueller's "scorched-earth" tactics

By Mike Huckabee

On the radio show I used to do, a stunningly deep-voiced announcer would occasionally bring us out of a commercial break by intoning: “He’s conservative...but he’s not mad at anybody about it.” And it’s true, I took a good-natured approach to politics and the topics of the day, without the seething vitriol and intolerance that we get blasted with all too often and just don’t need.

But I think it’s time to get mad. And it’s time to junk the special counsel law and find other ways to investigate REAL wrongdoing. I say this because now that you can stick a fork in the Mueller report because it’s done, people whose lives were ripped inside out by Robert Mueller’s special counsel are coming forward and talking about what they went through. These aren’t just the major players; some of them were way out on the periphery of the story, just normal people living their lives (or trying to), victims of what can only be called a (yes) witch hunt, a fishing expedition, a search-and-destroy mission.

Or, as Paul Sperry described the process earlier this month in a piece for RealClearPolitics, scorched-earth tactics.



Other news you might have missed...

If you asked Democrats what President Trump’s biggest mistake has been, they’d go on for days (Joe Biden might say that tax cut that ignited the economy, but don’t worry, he’s already promised to repeal it and raise taxes on job creators so we can go back to that same great job creation record of the Obama/Biden years.) 

But President Trump knows exactly what he thinks his biggest mistake was, as he revealed Sunday on “Meet The Press.”  Sorry to say it, but it’s hard to argue with him on this.



What could possibly make CNN, CBS, ABC, C-SPAN and Fox News join together in solidarity and protest?  The South Carolina Democratic Party’s decision that none of those news networks will even be allowed to cover this week’s Democratic Presidential debate, which will be hosted by the famously nonpartisan and objective MSNBC, which also apparently will be the only outlet allowed to cover it.  The other networks called this “the antithesis of openness.”

Maybe MSNBC insisted on it in hopes that a monopoly will boost its ratings (average of 1.66 million viewers in prime time, down 19% from last year.) 

You can read more at the link about this attempt either to resuscitate MSNBC or keep Americans from seeing this slow motion train wreck.  Also, catch the article above it that contains the sage observation that the Democratic debates will be the biggest gathering of liberals since Woodstock.  Except to listen to their proposals, you’d assume that the liberals at the debates were taking more LSD than the ones at Woodstock. 


This is the type of story I don’t like having to deal with.  I never want to treat such an accusation lightly or cast any aspersions on the woman making it.  But it’s also the kind of out-of-left-field accusation that is made decades after it allegedly happened with no proof offered and the accuser holding possible ulterior motives (she has a book coming out, she’s an impassioned critic of Trump's policies, etc.)

And some of the details of her account don’t seem to add up…

So I’ll just do what I would do about any such serious allegation without evidence against anyone of either political party: I’ll offer a respectful hearing to the accuser, but remind you that due process requires the presumption of innocence until guilt is proven.  And since this accuser has chosen to make a serious public accusation but not do anything that might result in an investigation or trial to determine guilt, then the presumption of innocence stands. 


As a follow-up to our Leftist Lunacy List, here’s a good article by Joel Kotkin of the Orange County Register on “The Rise of the Intolerant Left.”  It’s about how so-called “progressives” who claim to be all about “inclusion” have become like dangerous religious zealots, trying to silence, destroy and even physically assault anyone who varies even an iota from their version of “absolute truth.”

I agree, and I’ve been chronicling the left’s descent into madness for a decade now.  I would only argue that it’s unfair to religious people to compare them to a religion.  Leftism is now a religion of sorts, but not a legitimate religion.  It’s become a religious cult.   

According to the Christian Research Institute, a cult is “usually manipulative, demanding total commitment and loyalty from its followers,” and “converts are usually cut off from all former associations, including their own families.”  Sound like anyone you know? 

The good news is that cults tend to keep kicking people out until they’re winnowed down to a hardcore group of intense true believers.  So maybe through their relentless pursuit of purity of insanity, the left won’t impose its views on America after all, but will eventually either reject or repel anyone capable of thinking or questioning their delusions.  If we’re lucky, by the 2020 election, the “Progressive Left” may be down to 30 or 40 nuts holed up in California who won’t go to the polls because they’re afraid they’ll miss the arrival of the transgender Saucer People coming to take them to a Socialist Utopia on the Planet Naboo. 


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Our Daily Verse (NIV)

"And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus."

– Phil 4:7

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  • Stephen Russell

    06/24/2019 04:45 PM

    Taxes for US:
    Tax endowment funds.
    Tax money laundering.
    Political gifts over 500.00
    Tax tuition.
    Tax candies & sodas, cereals sugary, snacks.
    Tax Internet advertisers?

    NOT into taxes but if Tax Hit the Leftists hard.

  • Stephen Russell

    06/24/2019 02:54 PM

    Student debt:
    Ideas to cure:
    Tax tuition to the most leftist colleges.
    Tax endowments.
    Tax payroll for admin.
    Merge colleges?
    Cut Fed Aid outside student loans.
    Have IRS probe college finances.
    ID Major donors & have IRS raid.
    Then see colleges get inline.
    Reduce bogus BS classes