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June 2, 2021

Last night, I was on Sean Hannity’s show on Fox News, to comment on a cartoon lesson shown to first graders as young as four at an elite prep school in New York City.

I should warn you before you click that if you watch that clip, you will see the cartoon, which is about sexual subjects you might find quite inappropriate. It's a real conundrum: I hate linking to it because it’s too adult, but I have to report what's being shown to FOUR-YEAR-OLDS! At a school that charges parents $55,000 a year.

Why was I not surprised to learn that back in the 1970s, notorious pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was a teacher at that very school?

Sadly, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Schools are replacing education with indoctrination. It’s no wonder kids are doing so badly at math, science and reading. When you’re spending most of your day being taught to hate America, sexually pleasure yourself, celebrate the LBBTQ+ agenda and judge people by their skin color, who has time to learn anything else?

Parents have to become proactive and start speaking up against this, even if they’re afraid it will cause them to be ostracized by other, liberal parents. They might be surprised to discover how many other parents agree and would welcome someone taking the lead in speaking up. Even if they don’t, it’s better to take your kids out of these schools than to stay quiet and leave them there. Find a better school (that shouldn’t be hard), home-school them, or for $55,000 a year, I bet you could find a pretty decent tutor. Leaving them in these schools is tantamount to child abuse.

And as if children aren’t getting enough of this inappropriate indoctrination in schools, when they come home and turn on the TV, they get even more of it. To celebrate Pride Month, Nickelodeon is airing an episode of the young children’s cartoon show “Blue’s Clues and You” that includes a “Pride Parade” hosted by an animated version of drag performer Nina West of “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” It features cute, colorful animals representing every sexual identity group, including “queer,” “bi,” “pan,” “ace” and “trans” (a cartoon beaver with scars on its chest, apparently from having its breasts surgically removed.) This is aimed at kindergarten children. I’ll bet some of you who are adults have never even heard of some of those particular sexual designations.

I’m linking to the Christian Post write-up of this because it was one of the few media outlets that has the video posted but that points out the shocking inappropriateness of it. Virtually every mainstream media write-up of it is overwhelmingly positive, with no concerns at all about how damaging it can be to push sexually explicit ideas at children who are too young and innocent to comprehend them.

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