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December 21, 2021


Good morning! Here are some stories from me that I think you will want to read. Topics include:

  • Two more stories show reach of Hillary's tentacles
  • A DC Education
  • A Simple Christmas
  • Prayer Tree
  • And Much More

Note:  The prayer tree section is extra long today.  We are working through a flood of requests from this past week and should be caught up by tomorrow.  


This verse was recommended by L Garrison.

14 if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

2 Chronicles 7:14 NKJV


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1.Two more stories show reach of Hillary's tentacles:

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Jerry Dunleavy at the Washington Examiner has an excellent piece in which he spells out the significance of the first of these two stories. He points out that the potential legal conflicts faced by Igor Danchenko wouldn’t matter to the court unless Durham were looking specifically at Hillary Clinton and those dwelling in her inner circle for the origin of the phony Trump-Russia hoax.. (We suspect that certain members of the Brookings Institution, particularly longtime Clinton crony Strobe Talbott, figure prominently.) It's really starting to look as though Durham has put the pieces of this monumentally complex puzzle together, knows exactly what he’s dealing with, and is methodically bearing down on Hillary. Go get 'er.


Today I bring you two stories that one might not think would necessarily involve Hillary Clinton, but it turns out they do. It really does seem that all roads lead to Hillary.

First, can anything else be said about Hillary Clinton’s connection with the Christopher Steele “dossier” and the Trump-Russia hoax? Actually, yes!

I tell this story simply as an amusing anecdote that testifies to the incestuous nature of Washington DC politics and law, which should be news to no one. Gosh, it’s really challenging for a Democrat in Washington DC to find legal representation that doesn’t have some huge conflict of interest. It’s amazing they can find conflict-free representation at all, though I have to say it must be even harder for Republican associates of Donald Trump to get representation, as some DC law firms won’t even take those cases. If memory serves, top firms in DC refused to represent Trump during his impeachment(s). Apparently there was concern among their attorneys that they might be excluded from certain circles and not get invited to the right cocktail parties if they did. I digress.

Anyway, consider the case of Igor Danchenko, the Russian-born “sub-source” who has been indicted and pleaded not guilty on five counts of making false statements to the FBI about the information he provided for Steele that was used in the fictional “dossier.” Danchenko has already had to replace one defense attorney, Mark Schamel, because Schamel also happens to be representing one of the Georgia Tech computer scientists, Manos Antonakakis, who has been identified as “Researcher – 1” in Special Counsel John Durham’s “speaking indictment” of former Perkins Coie partner Michael Sussmann. As you’ll recall, Sussmann was indicted for lying to FBI general counsel James Baker in 2016 when he failed to disclose he was working for Hillary’s campaign when he came around peddling the fake story of Trump Tower and supposedly Putin-connected Alfa Bank communicating through computer “pings,” which turned out to be totally harmless marketing emails. By obtaining Sussmann’s billing records, Durham found proof he was “on the clock” for Hillary while telling the FBI this bogus story.

So after he dropped Schamel as his attorney due to this conflict of interest, Danchenko went to the law firm Schertler & Onorato to engage the services of Danny Onorato and Stuart Sears. But now we see that this might not work out, either, because it turns out that another lawyer from that firm, identified as Robert Trout, has deep ties with Hillary’s 2016 presidential campaign. (Note to Danchenko: I think it might be very hard in Washington DC to find a law firm not associated with the Clintons in one way or another.) Durham has put his concerns about this potential conflict into a court filing, asking a federal judge to determine if there’s a problem.

A prosecutor certainly wouldn’t want to discover some major conflict of interest in the middle of a trial –- it might even lead to a mistrial –- so he has to anticipate such scenarios and try to head them off. And this kind of situation could arise even though Trout isn’t directly involved in the Danchenko case. ”The interest of the Clinton campaign and the defendant might diverge,” Durham wrote to the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia. “For example, the Clinton campaign and the defendant each might have an incentive to shift blame and/or responsibility to the other party for any alleged false information that was contained with the [Steele dossier] and/or provided to the FBI.”

To complicate this matter even further, Trout hasn’t just been involved in the Clinton campaign but also personally represented John Podesta, the former chairman of her campaign, during his December 2017 testimony before the House Intelligence Committee. So Danchenko may have to keep looking to find a DC attorney who's not tainted by some entanglement with the Clintons. Good luck with that!

Durham said it’s possible for the court to waive this conflict of interest, but it was his responsibility to bring it to their attention.

But I saved the more compelling story for last: Did you know that in spite of her determination to destroy inconvenient or even incriminating emails from when she was Obama's secretary of state, some communications have turned up from June of 2009 that show she was aware then of the threat posed by Chinese bioweapon research, specifically at the Wuhan Institute of Virology? At that time, she warned in an email to embassies that such activities could lead to “biological weapons proliferation concern.”

She wrote: “The U.S. believes participants would benefit from hearing about your [France’s] experiences assisting China in setting up a Biosafety Level 4 (BSL-4) laboratory at the Wuhan Institute of Virology from the export control and intangible technology transfer perspectives. We are particularly interested to know how China plans to vet incoming foreign researchers from countries of biological weapons proliferation concern.”

This went out in preparation for a meeting coming up a few months later of the Australia Group, an “international export control forum” whose purpose was to prevent the spread of technologies and research that could be used for chemical and/or biological weapons. Members included the EU, France, India, Japan, South Korea and others. China, Russia, Iran, North Korea: NOT members.

Read more details about this communication at the link. It would be very interesting to see if the Australia Group seriously addressed the concern about the Wuhan lab at their meeting.

The State Department cable that contains this information was posted by Wikileaks. Here’s the full communication; the part about Chinese bioweapons is in point #9.

So, the danger posed by Chinese research into bioweapons was at least on Hillary’s radar screen in 2009. But then, the issue appears to have been dropped. A decade later, when the pandemic hit, Hillary responded to suspicions that COVID-19 had leaked from the lab with accusations of racism by President Trump against Asian Americans --- “the recent rise of anti-Asian bigotry fueled by Donald Trump’s racist rhetoric,” as she tweeted at the time.

What a crock. Hillary must have known good and well, in her first year at the State Department, that the Wuhan lab posed a legitimate threat to public safety around the globe, but she had let it drop years before the pandemic hit and no doubt wouldn’t want anyone talking about that. So she used a bit of misdirection and painted Trump as a racist for daring to implicate the Chi-Comms. With a little help from the media, that’s what the conversation became. But we know the real story now.

2. A DC Education:

Apparently, someone at a public elementary school in Washington, DC, thought that Critical Race Theory wasn’t divisive and offensive enough to parents, so some third-graders were forced to reenact Holocaust atrocities in a library class. A student who was forced to play Hitler is reportedly still traumatized. Even worse, it wasn’t just a history lesson but reportedly included anti-Semitic comments from the instructor. The story was so offensive that even the Washington Post was appalled by it.

The school librarian denied the claims and said there was some “misquoting” going on, and she would wait for the results of a school investigation before commenting. That’s fair, but parents who don’t trust the in-house investigation want an independent investigation. I’d say that’s even more fair. We’ll have more on this once we know more for sure.

3. From Our “Be Careful What You Wish For, You Might Get It” File:

The Washington Post was at the forefront of liberal papers that were willing to print anything, no matter how suspiciously sourced, if it helped get rid of Donald Trump. Well, Trump is out of office…and since then, WaPo’s readership has been doing a perfect imitation of a Mexican cliff diver. They appear to be fast on their way to becoming CNN that you can wrap fish in.

The Wall Street Journal reports that as of October, unique monthly visitors to WaPo’s website were down 28% from one year before. Other politics-oriented sites such as Politico showed similar or even greater declines.

To be fair, there was no word on whether the print edition of the paper showed similar declines, but it has an advantage over the website in that it’s really expensive to put laptops on the bottom of your bird cage every day.

4. “And another one down, and another one down, another one bites the dust…”:

This week, two more House Democrats, no doubt fearful of being drowned in a red tidal wave, announced that they will not run for reelection in 2022.

Rep. Stephanie Murphy, who represents a swing district in Florida, and Rep. Albio Sires of New Jersey bring the total of Democrats who are getting out while the getting’s good to 22 so far. Sires’ district reelected him in 2020 by 74%, and it went for Biden over Trump by 73-36%, but as the recent election showed, things can change very fast when your party proves to be this destructive and incompetent.

I would ask the last Democrat to leave the House to turn out the lights, but since the main thing they seem to care about is global warming, I’m sure they don’t need to be reminded.


Images of America's cities, landscapes and people.

5. A Simple Christmas:

Back in 2011, inspired by my book “A Simple Christmas,” I asked listeners of my radio show “The Huckabee Report” to share their own favorite family Christmas memories. Some are heartwarming, and some are hilarious, but all of them are inspiring and wonderful.

In recent years, as the news slows down around the holidays (and let us pray that it does this year!), my staffers and I have taken a break around Christmas and New Year’s week to share some of these stories from the archives so we can spend a little time with our families. We’ll be starting tomorrow. I hope you find as much entertainment, joy and meaning in these stories as we do. And rest assured, if anything major happens that we feel we have to pass along, we’ll do that. So please keep reading every day!

With continuing or renewed lockdowns in some places, the ongoing supply chain crisis and spiraling inflation, many people may find it hard to be with their families or they might have fewer gifts under the tree (if they can find one) or some traditional dishes missing from the table. Many are also dealing with the heartbreak of an empty place at the table due to COVID taking a loved one. But even though many of us have to scale down our celebrations, I refuse to let the ongoing problems “cancel” Christmas. As the Grinch learned, Christmas is not something that comes from a store, Christmas means a whole lot more.

While many young people find it hard to believe, Americans have lived through worse times than these, from the Civil War, to World War I and the Spanish flu, to the Depression and World War II to 9/11. We have always survived, come together and overcome the most difficult problems. I’m hopeful that Americans are finally seeing through the lies and propaganda and now know what the real cause of our current miseries is, and they’re getting ready to remove it. We will “build back better” the way we always have: by doing it ourselves, together, not relying on the government to do it for us.

Previous bad times caused us to have far humbler Christmas celebrations than we do now, but that doesn’t affect the meaning of Christmas. It just reminds us all the more of the extremely humble surroundings at the birth of Jesus, and that Christmas is about the joy of knowing that hope and renewal are always within our grasp when we discover that “God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth on him should not perish, but have eternal life.” (John 3:16)

These wonderful stories and memories are a perfect reminder of what Christmas means and how important it is, especially in hard times, when memories are created that last a lifetime. I hope that some of them will also remind you that even if you’re feeling down because this year’s celebration is sparser than usual, most of us are still incredibly blessed. When we stop dwelling on our own problems and share with those who have even less, that’s the best way to become filled with the joy of the true meaning of Christmas.

I hope you enjoy these stories, and from all of us at the newsletter, my TBN show and, have a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year!

6. I Just Wanted To Say:

Thank you for reading today's newsletter. 


Today's Christmas Carol is recommended by many readers.


1 We three kings of Orient are;

bearing gifts we traverse afar,

field and fountain, moor and mountain,

following yonder star.


O star of wonder, star of light,

star with royal beauty bright,

westward leading, still proceeding,

guide us to thy perfect light.

2 Born a King on Bethlehem's plain,

gold I bring to crown him again,

King forever, ceasing never,

over us all to reign. [Refrain]

3 Frankincense to offer have I;

incense owns a Deity nigh;

prayer and praising, voices raising,

worshiping God on high. [Refrain]

4 Myrrh is mine; its bitter perfume

breathes a life of gathering gloom;

sorrowing, sighing, bleeding, dying,

sealed in the stone-cold tomb. [Refrain]

5 Glorious now behold him arise;

King and God and sacrifice:

Alleluia, Alleluia,

sounds through the earth and skies. [Refrain]

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“I have a friend who in her early 50's was diagnosed with brain cancer. She is facing a mighty ongoing struggle. I covet prayers for her!”

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“For Luke who has a rare disability after surgery on his hands. His doctor has done all he could. Pray that God's peace to overcome his frustration. Also pray for Jinny to know God's presence as she undergoes cancer treatments.”

“My daughter needs prayers. She recently separated from her husband he and his family have poisoned the minds of her 18 yr old son and 13 yr old daughter. There is of course much more to this situation however she is heartbroken. Please say a prayer for her healing. I personally can not believe anyone would do such things to children.”

“Pray for my neighbor D. who has beginning Alz. -Another neighbor and her son w Covid. They are having a hard time with it. It's already been 2 weeks. The other son and husband have recovered. -And for a healing of Mast cell syndrome & ehlers-danlos syndrome which make it hard for me to walk and take care of my organic gardens , orchards, and herbs. I love working them and eating what's produced a W the excess being donated to the local food pantry. If I could walk more easily and securely I could do more.”

“My husband, Allen Meyers, needs a kidney and I'm praying constantly for help to stop his suffering.”

“Please pray for my estranged children (2 that do not have anything to do with me since their dad died) my prayer is to someday, if it be God's will, we will be reunited as a family. I lost 3 people 5 years ago, my husband, who went home to the Lord and my children who abandoned me when I needed them the most. Thank you.”

“My name is Kevin space L please pray for my wife Meg. She’s having problems with her blood pressure she’s on three different medication‘s it is still elevated please pray for God‘s healing because he is the great physician”

“Please pray for (me Nan) I am believing God is healing my throat and voice without any invasive procedures. Also believing for Minon complete restoration from breast cancer without surgery. Thank you and believe the promises of Psalm 91”


“Prayers for my sweet friend Flower. She believed in the Lord with all her heart, now she’s with him.”

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  • Gary Stilwell

    12/21/2021 09:55 PM

    Re: hilary-
    Now we have a little more incite into the Wuhan Lab(please note this is the ONLY Chinese establishment that is advertised on their building that is in -----"English")
    Backtrack to 2008--Langley gets caught doing bioweapons research-obama - in his apologetic rhetoric, suspends the illegal research, and uh, sends it off to to the "friendly" chinese, funded by gates/fauci in the form of $ "grants" to the research--and they come up with what? --covid 19--the illegal research results in "accidental" leaks of the illegal manufactured virus-designed to eliminate old folks(mostly conservative baby boomers) who would die to keep the US free(well this virus can be designed to eliminate those), and the pharma groups can be enabled to foist a worthless so-called vaccine to stop this "manufactured" "pandemic" of the 'flu'----Known since 2005- and easily treatable with over-the-counter theraputics in existance since 1953--but those "cures" were supressed by fauci and gates--nothing like removing your funding to cowtow to our narrative), or using that same funding removal to force suppression of the real cures)---and the real purpetrators of this massive manipulation go unpunished--avoiding the natural implictions that they engineered the deahts of thousands of US citizens in the interest of gaining $ for their failed treatment(s) "vaccine"---"Read the definition of a "real" vaccine"--this is an experimental treatment-pure and simple--it didn't even pass the FDA protocals for how many folks it killed during testing--50 deaths--this "jab" killed more than 1500 people--=but it somehow got the pass anyway

  • Robert Stephenson

    12/21/2021 06:11 PM

    Jeez Gov, do you have to lead today’s issue with a picture of Hillary? Too early in the day for that…
    Regards, Bob

  • LaVon M. WALKER

    12/21/2021 05:00 PM

    The Federal GOVT needs to be moved to the Midwest - like Kansas ..........there is no separation between anybody ................... they all participate the same "sex capades" "drinking and drug orgies" and apparently they have all LIED for the Clintons at sometime ................. Fed GOVT is so contaminated - and with all the "hit pieces" on JNJ ...........obviously JNJ did not pay enough $$$ to the "right people" .............. and then Feds wonder why citizens reject vaccines ?????

  • Firewagon

    12/21/2021 04:40 PM

    John Durham is creeping closer to Hilary. LOL! I'm just hoping to live long enough to see ANY of these criminal Clintons do the perp walk. They have already lived long past their "use by date" and shutting them off from their ill-gained perps at this stage is all but laughable. Americans have become so dumbed down over decades that they now can not recognize that they are being handed their keisters daily!

  • Paul Kern

    12/21/2021 03:40 PM

    I would like to share my story about the season. Every year my dad would go in the woods and chop down a tree. One year he got two. He drilled holes in one and put branches from the other one in it
    We went to a little Baptist church. After the Christmas Eve service my older sister walked us the few blocks home.
    For east Texas it was a cold and clear night. I saw a light streak across the heavens. When asked, my sister said " it was the Star of Bethlehem " The little kid in me ( am now 69) still wants to believe it was.
    It is so very important to me to hold on to these childhood memories
    We can only enter His Kingdom as children! memories.

  • Jerry Korba

    12/21/2021 02:48 PM

    I have rid myself of the paper years ago I wanted to rid my home of it years before that however my wife wanted to cling unto it till I finally refused to pay for it more getting the paper in and taking out the paper which was trash for a long. I Had wondered a long time ago who or what paid for the NYT and those Democratic papers that filled the minds and landfills with trash. I figured years ago the enemies of this country were funding the papers as they are funding our universities colleges and High Schools it is a shame my tax dollars pay these communists teachers to fill the kids to minds to hate and teach them how to elect an evil man and woman to the White House. for instance I listened to a WH press release for a few moments and had to leave the reason i got rid of the paper was to not read the garbage it wrote and having listened to this albino Jen Psaki for a few moments I had to vent my frustration on why I extremely dislike Communism and how it is ruining America from the halls of Congress and the Oval Office.

  • Wendell Harkleroad

    12/21/2021 02:38 PM

    Very interesting commentary about the continuing saga of poor Hillary Clinton. Thanks for the newsletter. Concerning Christmas, I come from a small formerly coal mining town, Whitwell, Tennessee. We were so poor one Christmas that my Dad managed only, to get a basket of fruit and nuts, and we sat before the roaring fire on Christmas night, My Mom and Dad, my brother and me and ate fruit and nuts and enjoyed each other's company! We did not feel poor; we were Christians. I excelled in school and went on to the Air Force Academy where I played left guard on the 1962-64 Academy falcon football teams and graduated in 1965. I achieved my dream of being a pilot and flew for some 4500 hours over 21 years of active duty and National Guard flying. I am a staunch Patriot, and I love my Country. I am now 79 years of age, have two great children one, my daughter, a Pshchological Therapist, and my son a rocket scientist for Lockheed. My wife was born in Germany to immigrants displaced by WWII, one Polish, and one Ukrainian; both became freedom loving Americans. I love your newsletters and your love of Freedom and Liberty. Thanks, Wendell Harkleroad, Lt.Col., USAF Retired

  • Floyd A Unger

    12/21/2021 02:24 PM

    Thank you

  • William Fuhrer

    12/21/2021 01:39 PM

    The person who ran Hillary's campaign should be asked what he or she learned from the superior campaigning of PRESIDENT JOSEPH BIDEN

  • Sharon Faulkner

    12/21/2021 12:19 PM

    Admit it : you own stock in Pepto-Bismal, Milk of Magnesia, Alka-Seltzer, Roll Aids and Tums right?
    Otherwise your constant afflicting on your innocent readers of THOSE FACES doesn't make sense.