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July 30, 2021
- July 31, 2021

As thousands of illegal immigrants continue streaming across our border, and getting released on the US side with no court dates (only 13% even check in as they’re ordered to), Vice President Kamala Harris finally released her five-pronged plan to deal with the problem. It has to be seen to be believed.

Talk about a fork full of manure. The various prongs are heaped with high-flown liberal fantasies about fixing the “root causes” of illegal immigration into America, like “combating corruption, strengthening democratic governance, and advancing the rule of law” and “promoting respect for human rights, labor rights, and free press” in Central America. All well and good, as future goals. But, maybe, in the short term, we might consider CLOSING THE DOOR!!!

It’s like asking someone to help put out a forest fire that she started, and seven months later, she hands over an essay on the history of combustion. And it’s a D- essay. If she and President Biden really want to know the root cause of our current illegal immigration crisis, they can find it in the nearest mirror.

Meanwhile, a new cry has gone up for Biden to appoint someone else as an illegal immigration czar. Say, I know someone who’d be perfect! He has a proven track record of reducing illegal immigration, and he left his last job on January 20th, so he’s probably tanned, rested and ready.

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  • Clarence Lutton

    08/01/2021 07:43 PM

    P T L ! An excellent report on the Border ! America has to soon act RIGHT NOW or the "swamp" will be to deep to save America ! C. D. Lutton

  • Henrietta Enriquez

    07/31/2021 10:41 AM

    Immigration and our borders is totally out of control and has been day one of the Biden administrartion Kamala has had no intererst just to allow more distruction and votes for the democratic party in the future . We all know this and her credibility as a V.P. Sucks to the moon.
    She is just waitin the wings to take over the Presidency and is now just on eggshells playing V.P. never takng real issues seriously nor getting really hands on .
    America looks pitiful to other countries with Bidens inabilities to even speak or concentrate on a sentence in his public speaking. He appears to have serious issues and the family is in serious denial and have a history of corruption and continues. They are just biding time to distroy this wonderful country our forefathers fought so hard to make great. That is why the immigrants are fleeing here and no place else and they are ignorant enough to take any illegal vote to win over our country to become a comunistic country.
    The are financially provided for so what does that matter to them at all? Nothing .
    We can fight and we need to be vigulant and keep guarding the laws they keep to disrupt for the worst. We need to vote in the true patriots and try and hold the present flim flams accountable in Washington.
    Educate our selfs be aware of daily activities that ago on in Washington and support the good and fight the bad in our states and communities. BE a voice and stand for what is good for our childrens future and not the temporary so called fix .
    Thank you for your newsletter and your constant support for Godly principals and his Kingdom for all mankind.