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December 20, 2022

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  • Colleen Wilkinson

    01/10/2023 01:02 AM

    Hi Mike I just seen your show that you had an Attorney on that helps low income citizens. Can you please connect me to him? I have some cases on my own that I have filed and appealed but the courts have Refused to hear any of my cases where all of my Constitutional & Human Rights have been illegally violated for over five years leaving me and my service animal to be abused, thrown on the streets to starve and not have a place to call home. My health has deteriorated, I was only 27 credits away from getting my BA degree in Music. I Lost my Faith based music ministry business and have had to beg for food and housing. Additionally all my music was illegally stolen from a Video Producer who I had met in Nashville and this Man is impersonating himself in costume using fake names to torture and abuse my service animal and I. I also filed three appeals to the Federal and District Courts regarding my 2020 Elections where my rights were violated. But I've had to do this all alone because I have no income. Congratulations on being new Dog owners as mine has been my saving grace. Without him and God I wouldn't be here. Oh I was recently denied access to go into a church service with my service animal because he was in a stroller and I didn't have documentation that he was trained as a service animal in which they violated Federal Laws. I showed them legal documents from my Doctor that he is a service animal for my PTSD from the loss of my home in Hurricane Irma. I need your help asap as I am currently being wrongfully evicted due to Landlord Retaliation & Negligence and I even filed 137 pages on the case. The Landlord and the attorney both lied to God & the judge. It's been one Domino effect after the next and all of my rights have been taken away from me starting with the right to own a home which is covered under the 9th Amendment and The Declaration of Independence. Please help us as not only is this crimes against humanity it is animal cruelty crimes with my service animal as I need him for my disability PTSD. Oh and I was also wrongfully denied my disability cases twice. It is horrible how I have been treated. Due to the Fraudulent 2020 Election is why I filed my Treaty-Lien against the United States Corporation for not paying me for all my losses and refusing me the rights to be in the 2020 Presidential Debates, not putting my name on the ballot and my denied Grant from the FEC because I hadn't held a previous Political position. We have a sitting President that isn't even qualified to be running our Country along with many other's that can't even uphold to the Constitution, Declaration of Independence & The Bill Of Rights. It's pathetic. Well I hope you can help me get in contact with Brad soon. Please help us My Mom & I are getting very sick physically from all this. All of these people are getting away with Murder. Thank you Colleen Wilkinson - 727-370-9967

  • Daryl Carter

    12/27/2022 05:39 PM

    If the obama / dumbocratic party run government can use the fbi to cover up for hillary clinton email crimes, while at the same time create a spy ring to spy on Donald Trump's campaign and then on his presidency. I think they can keep the hunter biden laptop story from ever turning into the crime investigation it should be. Remember this is the same government that has kept all the facts on the JFK assassination locked up for 50 years. Although they recently revealed some information they are still keeping some secret. This country is suppose to have a government of the people and by the people, they have no right to keep any thing secret after 50 years. Maybe somes secrets for national security, for 25 years, but any longer they are hiding something illegal.