January 3, 2022


1. Memo to Senate Republicans:

Here’s another Biden judicial nominee whom you had better unite to block. Check out her background and public comments, including her claim that her “biggest concern” as an attorney for the ACLU was fighting “voter suppression” by blocking states from requiring showing a photo ID before voting.

FYI: Ask her if she had to show a photo ID before being allowed to enter the Senate for her nomination hearing.

2. MTG gets burned for "misinformation" on Twitter:

Some conservative commentators are saying that the departure of Jack Dorsey as CEO of Twitter has actually led to that social media platform becoming even more biased and censorious, with a new flurry of banning conservative voices. One is Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who was permanently banned for repeatedly tweeting “misinformation” about COVID and vaccines.

This is interesting, considering how much “information” has been spread on Twitter by the CDC and other so-called “experts” that later turned out to be misinformation, and how much “information” has been censored that was later proved correct. Why, it’s almost as if there’s no such thing as “settled science!” Also, I wonder if Twitter is going to ban the New York Times next for tweeting this story about some Israeli scientists warning that too many vaccine shots might actually harm your body’s ability to fight the coronavirus? And will they ban me for quoting the New York Times?

3. Even Hillary Clinton sees it:

How far to the left has the Democratic Party lurched? So far that they’re being criticized for being too liberal by Hillary Clinton!

Of course, this is probably just because she realizes that letting the public know what they actually want to do is ballot box poison, but at least she’s smart enough to know that you don’t come right out and say how much you hate America and want to turn it into Venezuela. And this is the woman who thought it was okay to call half the population a basket full of deplorables!

4. "Edible":

For years, environmental radicals have been trying to convince us that to save the planet, we need to give up beef, pork, chicken and fish and start eating bugs. If you mentioned it, some of them would deny it as a crazy conspiracy theory. But now, a lot of their long-suppressed craziness is out in the open, so the European Union just gave its official endorsement to three types of “edible” insects.

I know you expect me to rail against this, but I’m all for it. I think that every EU bureaucrat and green radical on Earth should go eat a bug while I grill this steak.

5. Good news:

President Biden just signed the 2022 National Defense Authorization Act, which gives our troops a 2.7% pay increase. The bad news: during Biden’s first year in office, inflation rose to 6.8%, which will more than wipe out their entire pay raise.

I'm so old, I remember when Trump was in office and wages were finally rising for real.

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  • Georgette H

    01/04/2022 07:17 PM

    Thanks Mike for working so hard to keep us up to date on what's really happening and for the daily Scriptures & prayer requests. God Bless you & your family .Go Sarah! :)Praying for them.