December 29, 2020

Many conservatives were upset over the weekend at news that President Trump had signed the massive spending bill that he’d threatened to veto. But there’s more to the story.

Trump reportedly signed it because he didn’t want any more delays in getting needed support to Americans still suffering from the endless COVID-19 (Chinese) virus shutdowns. But in doing so, he invoked the little-known Impoundment Control Act of 1974. That gives him the power to “redline” provisions of the bill, such as the countless examples of wasteful spending and giveaways to other countries, and force Congress to reconsider and remove them.

There’s no requirement for them to act, and if they don’t act within 45 days, the bill will go through. But it gives the public up to 45 days to let their Congress members know what they think of this porkulus maximus and hold their feet to the fire.

There’s more information and Trump’s full statement here.

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Comments 1-25 of 38

  • Sandy Morgan

    01/15/2021 06:54 PM

    This country is hurting with the Chinese virus and so many people are out of work. America first and eliminate all the money to foreign countries. It will be laundered back to the Democratic Congress.

  • Nancy Streit

    01/14/2021 11:28 AM

    Great action!

  • Wayne Bryant

    01/06/2021 07:50 PM

    Hopefully Trump will be sworn in and press the dems to strip away the crap. Pelosi dosen't have as much support now.

  • Mark McNealy

    01/05/2021 05:57 PM

    Stop borrowing money to give to other countries. America First. Fix it or you will be tossed.

  • Peggy Carlson

    01/02/2021 12:07 PM

    In agreement with our president,furthmore every bill sumitted be required to list one item only, no add ones. Get red of all special interest conected to any bill. Time to run a country not for individual gain.

  • Carmen Burgin

    01/02/2021 07:29 AM

    Thank you Mt President Trump for thinking of us. I do wish that the 57,000 sum had not been given to the lawmakers as well.....i happy you work so hard negotiating deals for us....we're all praying for 4 MORE YEARS!!!!!!!

  • Annette Siemers

    01/01/2021 10:59 PM

    With all due respect to our government workers, the stimulus bill that Pelosi and her cronies put together, was all PORK,, and the Americans that truly need the money got pushed back....Stop All the money from going overseas and to other countries, and get our Beloved Country, back on it's feet. Thank you!

  • Brenda Viteri

    12/31/2020 06:12 PM

    Those are
    UNTIL USA????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Margaret B Sands

    12/31/2020 11:56 AM

    This is the worst thing congress and senators have ever done . They better take out the pork , giving money to other countries , not Americans, giving themselves raises and to many other stupid things.

  • Rae Baer

    12/30/2020 07:29 PM

    But didn't McConnell block this in the Senate and got itbimped back to the $600?????
    I'm so confused...

  • pate Maguire

    12/30/2020 06:39 PM

    Please take the out the $57,471 raise to themselves they have in the COVID BILL,

  • Ray McCann

    12/30/2020 02:19 PM

    It’s about time our representatives are held responsible and knowing the names of the ones pushing for all this pork. Redlining is a great start.

  • Shirlyne White

    12/30/2020 11:54 AM

    Mr. President you have done a great job, don't know how you kept going when everything you went to do the Democrats acted like brats. They are so jealous because you are so smart. You are the smartest President ever

  • catheran l durham

    12/30/2020 06:14 AM

    Thank you Mr President for all you do, make them remove all the unnecessary stuff that was added to this bill, we should make sure that no American is forgotten, take care of them first.

  • Karen Mccollom

    12/30/2020 05:25 AM

    No funding other countries. Nor giving illegals 1,800.00 to we the people getting a measles 600.00.We demand Term Limits now

  • Jacky Hill

    12/29/2020 11:05 PM

    Stop giving all of our money to other countries. Keep it here, they never include USA in their stimulus packages.

  • Marilyn Ondrovich

    12/29/2020 10:55 PM

    Have voted for Trump twice. I truly believe we need him to be our president. In 74 years I have seen the the deterioration of the Democratic Party. My prayers are for both the President and our country.

  • David A Neily

    12/29/2020 07:40 PM

    Get us the $2,000 checks NOW or watch a wave of bankruptcies and foreclosures filed in January!

  • Donna McDaniel

    12/29/2020 06:30 PM

    How can anyone tack on other unnecessary aide to other countries unrelated to helping legal American citizens in this pandemic! I am ready to start a revolution over this and will stop paying taxes to pay for their whims!

  • Eldred HALSEY

    12/29/2020 05:57 PM

    Cut out everything not related to helping corona virus.

  • Susan L Gaines

    12/29/2020 04:59 PM

    I support President Trump. Decrease the pork in this bill! Do what is right for the citizens of the U.S. We need to add term limits into this bill! They need to keep an ear to the people of this country. I am so sickened by what I've witnessed since the Nov. 3 election. I am ashamed of most of these people who represent our country! They need to grow a backbone instead of a bank account!

  • Sandra Sherrer

    12/29/2020 04:50 PM

    I believe in President Trump, that he made the right decision to invoke the Impoundment Control Act, and I hope he's got his redlining pens stocked and ready.

  • Mickey Webb

    12/29/2020 04:30 PM

    Tennessee congressmen and women cut the spending to other countries and frivolous domestic issues and limit this bill to covid relief for Americans only. This is not the time to support gender studies in Pakistan

  • Agnes Maxwell

    12/29/2020 04:23 PM

    Remove the Pork!

  • David Bahr

    12/29/2020 04:14 PM

    Red line everything that does not have to do with Corona Virus 19 NOW!!