October 9, 2018

Here’s another reminder that this Friday, the fact-based film “Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer” opens nationwide.

You can see a trailer and find out more about the film and its stars and where it will be playing near you at  

I will also have the film’s director and star, Nick Searcy, as my guest on next weekend’s episode of “Huckabee” on TBN.  I hope you will support this film because it is a very important story that reveals the truth about the horrors of abortion clinics that hide behind the mantle of “protecting women’s reproductive rights” in order to dodge the most basic oversight and hygiene standards while committing genocide on unborn children. 

NPR turned down a sponsorship by the film, and Facebook blocked ads for it.  It seems that both mainstream media and social media don’t want you to see it.  Hollywood certainly doesn’t: despite a highly-credentialed cast (including Dean Cain) and production team, no studio would fund it, so it became the most successful crowd-funded film campaign in history.  A lot of people think this film needed to be made and put their money where their morals are.  

Now, it’s up to you to turn out and see it and learn the truth about the Philadelphia abortionist now serving life in prison, who might still be practicing his evil, deadly ways if the pro-abortion politicians and media who covered for him for years – and in a way, continue to do so -- had their way. 


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  • Marti Mills

    10/12/2018 11:11 AM

    Dear Mike, thank you for promoting this film. I pray it is an “ultrasound” for the minds of pro-abortion believers, resulting in a change of hearts and minds. That it is coming out prior to the midterm and national elections is huge.

  • Michele Miller

    10/10/2018 05:10 AM

    Governor Huckabee, Thank you for highlighting this film. It is so atrocious that I don't want to see it, but because "Gosnell" is a true story about the common atrocity of abortion, I believe it needs to be seen. Ticket sales will support the work, the cause, and the impact of the film. For those of us that are pro-life, based upon the trailer, it appears that it will undoubtedly inspire a greater fervency in prayer, as well to be more actively engaged in the pro-life movement and agenda in both direct and indirect ways. Abortion activists and those that strongly support abortion "rights" will likely boycott the film, and seek to dismiss it as emotionally manipulative pro-life propaganda involving the exploitation of an extreme case. I think the moderately pro-choice, as well as the abortion ambivalent, that see "Gosnell" will be in disbelief. I hope the disbelief will lead them to do some fact-checking, and in so doing, that they will become decidedly pro-life. We have been witnessing the viciousness and unbridled rage that abortion advocates employ to protect the business of abortion, and with the upcoming elections, I think the timing of the release of "Gosnell" could not be more ideal.