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October 13, 2021

You might have heard that Google is going to crack down on digital ads from “climate change deniers” to stop the spread of “misinformation” about the settled science of manmade global warming.

Now, you might think that free inquiry to challenge accepted premises and see if they can be disproven is the very essence of science. I always thought one great thing about science was that if every powerful institution on Earth believed something, but one guy with a telescope could disprove it, then the institutions had to admit they were wrong. But no more. We now have Big Tech overlords who have infinite wisdom to determine what is true, just as they determined that COVID-19 came from bats in a wet market that didn’t sell bats and that Hunter Biden’s laptop was just a fictitious creation of Russian propagandists.

Joe Cunningham at believes he knows why Google is taking this censorious stand now, and it has little to do with “misinformation.” It’s more about misdirection, or distracting people from what’s really going on at Google with Internet security and how they monetize mining your personal data. Also, they know Democrats hate anyone questioning apocalyptic climate predictions because that’s their excuse for printing money, and Google wants to stay on the good side of Congress.

Read that and you won’t have to worry about Google censoring content because you’ll be using DuckDuckGo or some other privacy-protecting search engine and browsing with Brave, Firefox or anything other than Google Chrome.

Speaking of the settled science of manmade catastrophic climate change that MUST NOT BE QUESTIONED, two scientists have written a report finding that virtually all predictions of changing climate through the end of this century are based on outdated scenarios and years-old data such as CO2 emissions that are ever-changing and no longer accurate.

It’s a long and challenging read, but well worth it. And I thought I’d better point it out to you because I assume Google won’t.

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