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June 21, 2022



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Day 4 of the January 6 hearings: still full of Schiff

The January 6 committee is scheduled for its Day 4 hearing today at 1PM Eastern Time. (Remember, if you’d prefer to spend your day in more worthwhile pursuits than sitting through a boatload of Democrat propaganda, “we watch the news, so you don’t have to.”) At least watching it won’t be quite so torturous after the fun of watching Tucker Carlson’s Monday night monologue, about the OTHER security breach at the Capitol building by alleged comic Stephen Colbert’s group of “white extremists.” It’s hilarious.

Attorney General Merrick Garland needs to demand an investigation immediately! Sean Hannity would no doubt agree.

But, all right, it’s time to get serious, because, let me assure you, the Democrats are deadly serious about this, as they always are about going after Trump and his supporters. As Michael Anton, research fellow at Hillsdale College, wrote yesterday in COMPACT magazine (by subscription only), “The Committee has brought to light no important new evidence, no smoking gun that points to, much less proves, “insurrection” or “overthrow.” All they can do is scream in America’s faces. That is, until Merrick Garland brings criminal charges against the former President and God knows how many of his associates. That’s the real plan.”

Anton appeared with Laura Ingraham on THE INGRAHAM ANGLE Monday night, saying he thinks that’s what they’re after. “That’s what they would like to do,” he said. “Whether they have the nerve to do it will depend on whether they think they’ve built enough of a case and have built up enough support in the general public, in the bureaucracy of the media...That’ll just be a calculation or a judgment. Many of them have already said –- and I’ve seen new articles every day, saying –- “slam-dunk case, open and shut, Trump is guilty of X or Y or Z; it’s time to try him. There’s a lot of mainstream, grassroots, Democratic pressure on Merrick Garland and the DOJ.”

He called Adam Schiff’s relentless teasing of what evidence he might have (EDITORIAL NOTE: as he did fraudulently with the Russia Hoax) “a desperate attempt to do something about their looming...disastrous, likely, defeat this fall in the House and, perhaps, in the Senate, too. And 2024 --- it’s a long way away but it’s not looking that great for them, either.” They’re trying to change the conversation, he said, when the most pressing problems in the country are issues such as inflation and the border.

“They’ve made it very plain that they’re don’t intend to do anything about any of those problems that would actually work.” Any practical solutions would “go against their ideology and would anger their base” he said. “They’ve got to come up with something, and this is what they’ve got.”

“Nobody LIKED the spectacle of January 6,” he said, “...but most people think it was a protest that went too far. It was regrettable; it shouldn’t have happened. But now that it happened, it wasn’t THAT big a deal; it’s not the second Civil War. It’s not another 9/11.” And it doesn’t outweigh the problems people have in their everyday lives. There’s a “cynical leadership that says, ‘We can use this to whip up our base and we don’t have anything else to do right now; we don’t have anything else to go on.”

He pointed out something we recently reported here: that the percentage of American voters who think Trump was largely responsible for January 6 has actually gone DOWN. A minority now believe he was mostly or largely responsible. We would add that this is one reason they're holding these hearings through the summer --- to try to get that statistic back up. But they are so obviously stacking the deck that it’s more off-putting than ever, particularly in swing states.

Here’s another, albeit minor, example of the two-tiered ‘justice’ system as relating to security at the Capitol. In March, Capitol Police asked federal prosecutors for an arrest warrant for Timothy Hysom, a longtime staffer for Adam Schiff before becoming top aide to Democrat Massachusetts Rep. Jake Auchincloss, who coincidentally is one of the congressmen responsible for letting Colbert’s “comedy” team into the Capitol. Hysom was captured on security cameras defacing posters outside Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s office. He declined to be interviewed by Capitol Police, their report says, and “retained counsel."

Defacing posters. In the congressional swamp, this is the level where Democrat staffers swim.

Anyway, federal prosecutors declined prosecution. Auchincloss’s spokesperson called the idea of prosecuting Hysom for that “ridiculous” but couldn’t resist adding that the real victims were people forced to read Greene’s posters that stated there are only two genders --- male and female --- calling Greene’s message “bullying.” I wonder if prosecutors would have gone after GOP staffers if they had defaced posters about, say, gun confiscation or abortion on demand. I have a feeling the cops would be at their doors with handcuffs and leg irons.

Saving the best for last, here’s David Harsanyi at THE FEDERALIST, saying, “The day Adam Schiff was named to the ‘Jan. 6’ committee was the day we knew the investigation was going to be a frivolous partisan side show.” That’s exactly what it has turned out to be.

Schiff went on TV this weekend to re-use his tired strategy of claiming he had evidence against Trump. When pressed to be more specific, he said he did not “want to get ahead of our hearing.” I’m not holding my breath, and, really, I don’t think anyone is, with the possible exception of a few deranged MSNBC hosts. And Laurence Tribe.

Even CNN wasn’t buying what he was selling.

Harsanyi’s must-read piece goes into a whole series of Schiff’s fabrications. “Schiff’s lying goes beyond the political norm,” he writes, “which, needless to say, is bad enough.” And, of course, when found out, he NEVER apologizes. Pelosi’s appointment of Schiff for this committee is just one more way of showing total disdain for the right. We all KNOW what a serial liar Schiff is, but it doesn’t even matter to the Democrat leadership. They know we know about his lies, and their attitude is “so. what are you gonna do about it?”

Harsanyi says it’s “become insufferable watching the same people who spent four years spinning conspiracies about 2016 lecture us about the importance of honoring the outcomes of presidential elections.” This means you, Hillary –- and, of course, Schiff. “The committee has spent most of its time conflating what looks like completely legal, if often destructive and dumb, actions with the violence of rioting.”  The reason they're able to do this is there are no lawyers allowed in the room who might defend Trump's attempts to stall the certification, or, goodness knows, dare to present a factual basis for at least some of his claims.

Go Vote Virginia

Today is Primary Election Day in Virginia. There are a lot of people in various offices in Virginia who need to find another line of work, particularly those overseeing schools, so if you are in that state and haven’t voted yet, be sure to do so.

Fox News talked to some Virginia voters about their major concerns, and here’s that report:


“A Night of Rage”

As of this writing (early Tuesday morning), it’s still not clear when the Supreme Court will release its ruling that could overturn Roe v. Wade, but time is running short. There are also a number of other important decisions coming soon, from religious liberty to concealed carry to EPA overreach. Bob Hoge at lists a few.

Meanwhile, pro-abortion radicals are keeping up their terror campaigns against conservative Justices, pro-life pregnancy centers and churches. One group is even calling for a “night of rage” where supporters express their anger “physically,” which sounds like incitement to riot and violence, which is apparently a serious crime when Republicans do it. Yet Democratic leaders not only refuse to condemn these unconscionable attempts to interfere with the business of government by threat of force, they’re encouraging it.

And of course, the Biden DOJ refuses to do anything to stop it, despite the fact that such targeting of Supreme Court Justices is illegal under federal law. I’m pretty sure firebombing pregnancy centers is, too, but you’d never know it from Merrick Garland’s lack of interest in finding and arresting the criminals responsible.

It’s time we all recognized that we are cursed with an Attorney General who is nothing more than a federal version of a Soros-backed prosecutor, allowing criminals to run amuck as he prioritizes leftist politics over enforcing the law and securing public safety. Fortunately, the people are finally waking up and starting to throw those prosecutors out of office. Hopefully, Merrick Garland will soon find himself on the unemployment line (or more likely, in the MSNBC green room) with them.

A National Gas Tax Holiday

President Biden is considering something that Obama once dismissed as a “gimmick”: ordering a national gas tax holiday to bring down prices. The national average price did fall slightly in the past few days, to just below $5 a gallon – but it’s still nearly $5 a gallon! The national gas tax is 18.4 cents, so that would definitely help Americans; but even after knocking 18 cents off the price, it would still be nearly $5 a gallon.

Many people, myself included, are suggesting that a more effective way to reduce gas prices would be for Biden to stop trying to destroy the domestic oil and gas industries and go back to the Trump policies that he reversed upon taking office – the ones that had gas down to $2 a gallon. But that would require him to take a holiday from leftist insanity, so don’t count on it.

Travel tips for July 4th

Speaking of the crippling cost of fuel, if you were planning to travel anywhere over the Fourth of July, whether by plane or car, I hope you’ve been saving up. Here’s some information on what costs to expect, plus some tips on when to travel to make it as painless as possible.

Americans agree: Biden is doing nothing

Last night, I appeared on “Hannity” on Fox News to talk about the rolling disaster that is the Joe Biden Presidency. I made the observation that sometimes in politics, when Americans have serious problems they want solved, you can be doing something but it looks to the public like you’re doing nothing, or you can do nothing but it looks like you’re doing something. Biden is unique in that it looks like he’s doing nothing because he actually is doing nothing.

Michael Goodwin at the New York Post describes Biden with the union term, “retiring in place,” meaning people who won’t quit because they like the pay and position, but they just stop doing any work.

And that I think Biden's poll trajectory shows just how obvious that’s becoming to the majority of Americans.

His poll numbers are like a limbo contest: just when you think the bar can’t get any lower, it does and he somehow manages to go under it. The new Civiqs poll shows Biden at his lowest approval rating yet: 32%, with 57% disapproving. Among Independents who swing elections, he’s at 20% approval, 67% disapproval. His approval ratings are dismal nationwide, even in blue states. In fact, there are only two states where his approval is higher than his disapproval – Hawaii and Vermont – but his approval rating in both is still under 50%.

Another poll, the I&I/TIPP poll, found that Americans aren’t buying Biden’s excuse that Putin is to blame for inflation (“Putin’s Price Hike” is the hashtag they hope will trend on Twitter, but it won’t, except among people mocking it.) Americans believe Biden’s policies are to blame by 64-25%. Even Democrats believe that by 53-39%.

Nick Arama at has a graph at the link above, created, surprisingly, by CBS’s “Face The Nation.” It shows that inflation began rising the moment Biden took office, it exploded with the signing of the Democrats’ big-spending “American Rescue Plan,” and virtually all of the increase occurred before Russia invaded Ukraine.

And Gallup finds that only 14% of Americans rate economic conditions as good, compared to 46% who say they’re poor. That’s a net rating of -32, the lowest in any midterm election year. At the same point in Trump’s term, the ratings were 51% good, 13% poor, for a net +38. That’s a 70-point gap between Trump and Biden. US satisfaction is also the lowest of any midterm year at a puny 16%.

Is it any wonder why Democrats are desperate to convince you that the biggest problems facing America are a four-hour riot that happened a year and a half ago and that Trump still can't believe that Americans actually voted for Joe Biden? It sounds from these polls as if a lot of Americans who voted for Joe Biden can’t believe they voted for Joe Biden.

Brain death

You’ve heard of “Get woke, go broke.” Now we have “Get woke, drop dead.”

For many hospital patients, a ready supply of donated blood is a life saver. But during the pandemic, blood donations dropped off, so blood banks are doing all they can to convince people to give blood. People like Good Samaritan Leslie Sinclair of Stirling, Scotland. Over the past 50 years, he’s given 125 pints of blood. So when the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service launched a blood drive, he was happy to help. Except this time, they turned him away and refused to accept his blood. Why?

Because he refused to answer a question on the form asking if he was pregnant or had given birth in the past six months. He said that since he is a 66-year-old man, that question was “nonsensical.” They told him he had to answer it or he couldn’t give blood. He refused and left. Sinclair said it angered him to think of people in desperate need of blood being denied his donation because of an obligation to answer a stupid question that can’t be answered.

A spokesman for the SNBTS released a statement reading, “As a public body, we take cognisance of changes in society around how such questions may be asked without discrimination and have a duty to promote inclusiveness – therefore all donors are now asked the same questions.”

Ironically, it sounds as if he was unable to get a transfusion before brain death set in.


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  • Jerry

    06/21/2022 05:31 PM

    It looks like a massive cover up in Uvaide Police department as questions asked are considered intimidating and camera crews parents and citizens were asked to leave a town meeting what can be so intimidating than just asking questions to an horrible reaction by the police department during the school massacre murder should never be covered up what do the police think they are at Federal Capital Building where a capital police man murdered a woman in cold blood.

  • Sharon Faulkner

    06/21/2022 04:44 PM

    Is it not strange that despite the violence against their Conservative colleagues (including an attempted assassination) and the violence against Americans the Liberal "Justices" say nothing?
    But the fact is the now because of this butt nut Leaker the SCOTUS must send Roe back to the States. Why?
    Because no matter what they claimed about it being merely a draft it would signal weakness and not only embolden the cowardly Left to use threats and violence any time anything they want or don't want is put forward.
    The SCOTUS would be seen as it was when the Democrats packed it with pro Slavers including the infamous Roger Taney -- a puppet and NO ruling would be heeded. There is a reason Christians and Abolitionist burned copies of the Constitution and Church and Court House steps -- not because they didn't honor it but because with that controlled SCOTUS that was what it was : up in flames.
    Red States will not abide the ruling and it will make violence only worse in the Blue Ones.

  • Jerry

    06/21/2022 04:28 PM

    When people age brain matter becomes mushy our elderly "leaders" in DC biden is proof of the mush brain Yellen Head of the Treasury Department doesnt understand when 70% of the US population has to spend the money in their budget on housing Food Insurance Taxes and Transportation with the increase 15 to 18 % of the that budget and to just to make ends meet the thought of buying additional items is not going to happen much without consumer buying people are going to get laid off and economic spiral down ward is coming make no mistake about it Yellen can not grasp that concept and will lie about it happening brain mush and probably just evil as she does not look like a delightful person more of a bitter old person with revenge in her soul.

  • carolyn caudry

    06/21/2022 04:12 PM

    I thought that the supreme court was only litigating on the Mississippi case and thar the Roe vs Wade case was separate and was not being litigated on at this time. ...?...

  • JC Holland

    06/21/2022 01:57 PM


    Is it just me, or is there really a huge influx of new shows and series dedicated to trans and gays on multiple networks and streaming services???

    I travel to Europe frequently and don't seem to see any of this on their TVs. They must be laughing at our stupidity. I'm sure places like China and Russia are.

    I feel like we are already living in the reality of the cult movie Idioatracy.

  • Jerry

    06/21/2022 01:35 PM

    Biden is an American public enemy number 1. Americans were to be able to trust the president to make America first not the globalization of America Americans need to work for Americans first, make sure our shelves are full at our stores, our energy needs are affordable first we can sell our excess abroad this president is doing the opposite of America first we cannot help any one if we are completely dependent on our enemies and competitors for goods and energy biden has to be let go he is a disgrace and incompetent he should just search for shells on the beaches just let him walk miles of beaches and have pelosi get him ice cream and allow a real leader to lead America back to America first

  • Sharon Faulkner

    06/21/2022 12:37 PM

    And one other thing Mike : Trump DID win not Bozo. He is the Rightful President.

  • Sharon Faulkner

    06/21/2022 12:31 PM

    What are we gonna do about it? Toss their asses out of office.
    And NO there will be NO criminal charges against Trump by these cowards because their is no case and because in such a trial Trump could (and would) demand :
    Change of Venue,
    Legal Representation (and he can afford the best)
    Call and Cross Examine "witnesses" and expose their lies.
    So what are they gonna do about it?
    This is all just to try (and fail) to destruct from the Titanic that is SS Biden.