December 16, 2019

Rep. Devin Nunes is getting a special Christmas sweet this year: the sweet taste of vindication.  Appropriately enough, that taste comes courtesy of a fruitcake, Adam Schiff.

Remember, it was Nunes who first sniffed out the anti-Trump chicanery going on in the Deep State, and for that, he was smeared, called a crazy conspiracy theorist, falsely accused of ethics violations to force him to step down, and all his (now proven correct) claims dismissed as untrue by Schiff.

Now that the IG Horowitz report has proven Nunes correct, the Congressman released a scathing three-page letter to Schiff, writing that Schiff has a long history of making false statements into the Congressional Record that have enormous implications for his role as head of the committee overseeing intelligence agencies (I’d like to note here that I pointed out the ridiculousness of putting Adam Schiff in charge of intelligence before he even took over the job, and it was one of those jokes that’s funny because it’s true.)

Nunes’ letter lists just a small sampling of Schiff’s blatant false statements, followed by Horowitz’s findings of outrageous abuses and “mistakes” made by the FBI that directly contradict Schiff’s claims.  Even now, with the truth exposed by the agency’s own inspector general, Schiff continues to deny, downplay and lie to cover up for the agency’s bad apples, when it’s supposedly his job to head the oversight committee that protects citizens from these very abuses (Schiff’s new excuse is ignorance, which may be the most believable thing he’s ever said.)

Nunes’ letter also accuses Schiff of “hijacking” the committee and shirking its oversight duty while using it instead "as a launching pad to impeach the president for issues that have no intelligence component at all."

But in the charitable spirit of the season, Nunes says he refuses to believe that Schiff is beyond redemption, and he’s willing to work with him if he will enter a rehabilitation program and start by admitting “you have a problem.”  He says he knows that won’t be easy, after years of spewing lies about the President colluding with Russia and being complicit in the violation of an American’s civil rights by denying abuses by an agency he was supposed to be overseeing.  He says a good start would be to invite Horowitz in for a House Intelligence Committee Hearing, the way the Senate already did.  

May I add, to prove he can break his bad habits, he has to let the Republicans question Horowitz, too.

But a rehab for a lying habit this ingrained is bound to take time, so let’s hope that come November, Schiff will have lots of free time on his hands to think about what he’s done and atone for it, while Nunes returns to chairing that committee once again.  In the meantime, with the committee unwilling to provide oversight, and agencies certainly not trustworthy to police themselves, it’s a good thing John Durham is on the case.  

Here is a link to the entire letter, if you’d like to enjoy a little fun holiday reading.

One more thing: after seeing the odious Schiff be hailed, defended and elevated in power by the Democrats, I never want to hear another fatuous lecture from liberals about how Republicans no longer have the integrity they had when they pressured Nixon to resign (Nixon was actually accused of something real) or see another Hollywood movie about how horrible the days of the McCarthy-era studio blacklists were.  Call me when you stop blacklisting Republicans in Hollywood and when you stop reelecting a guy who waves around blank pieces of paper and claims they’re lists of people in the White House who are really Russian agents.

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  • Kay Dennard

    12/25/2019 08:45 AM

    Show me just one pathological liar who was ever reformed and I will kiss your.... foot in the middle of main street and give you five minutes to draw a crowd. How do you restore his credibility? He has no integrity. He has proven he cares more about accomplishing some rotten end goal no matter what you have to say to do it. He should be charged with obstruction and treason! Replace him with someone who does have integrity and character. He isn't worth the salt that goes in his food, much less any vote of confidence that he will become a decent human being. The only chair he needs to be sitting in is one in a jail cell next to looney tunes Nancy and Mafia mother Hillary!

  • Celeste Andersonom

    12/20/2019 07:27 AM

    Schiff has demonstrated erratic behavior throughout this entire process. He is a habitual liar but a more deeply embedded problem on which the lying is based is his NARCISSCISM! He needs psychiatric care!

  • Margaret Petroski

    12/18/2019 09:20 AM

    Thank God for Devin Nunes!

  • Yvonne Bracamontes

    12/17/2019 02:23 PM

    Glad we are draining the swamp!

  • Mary parker

    12/17/2019 10:15 AM

    I comment here Not just because I am a registered republican, but because I am an American citizen with a fair amount of common sense, a senior who has seen and heard a few things in my lifetime, and who respects the law of the land and our constitution. It is so obvious to most of us that Shiff is a BIG LIER and UNLESS he, Nancy Pelosi and Nadler (along with several others) do not face consequences for their despicable lies, this nation is going to suffer terrible results. They have gotten so bad that I can no longer watch them on TV.... I have to turn it off and walk away. On the other hand, I am very proud of our republican congressmen and women and senators who have called out these liERS for what they really are and for upholding our democracy.

  • Dolores Girard

    12/17/2019 08:44 AM

    The Democrate (s) are BULLIES, we must stand strong together!!!

  • Deborah Cossano

    12/17/2019 08:20 AM

    The best rehab for Schiff is JAIL.

  • Jane Louise Butterfield

    12/16/2019 09:39 PM

    Schiff needs to be charged with Treason ......He is a moron ...thinks he is King !!