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August 26, 2021

We had hoped to bring you updates from the White House and State Department this afternoon --- not that we trust anything they say, but we’d wanted to be able to report it --- but they’ve essentially gone silent. Their update earlier today was that there was no update. I am not kidding.

But we do know that the situation keeps changing, hour by hour, and that it just keeps getting more grave. At the time of this writing, we can confirm that there two bombs were detonated. According to initial reports, four U.S. Marines were killed, but the death toll is now up to at least a dozen service members.

The suicide-bomb explosion closest to the airport entrance is described as a “complex attack.” The other explosion was outside the Baron Hotel, where Americans, Britons and Afghans had been told to gather in recent days in order to be evacuated. The only thing we’ve heard from the White House at this writing is that the President “has been briefed.” For more details on this poor excuse for an “evacuation,” here’s an excellent report.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby did come out at 3PM Eastern Time to read a prepared statement and then take questions. He said they think there are “about a thousand” American citizens still in Afghanistan. He maintained that some of them do not want to leave. (!!!) He said they’ve screened “over 104,000 people.” He expressed pride in the actions of our service members and coalition partners and acknowledged that some evacuees have experienced “profound suffering.” In answer to a question, he said that, yes, they anticipated more attacks, perhaps rocket attacks. (Sure enough, later in the afternoon there were reports of another explosion.)

(We pause for this editorial comment: Hey, I thought the Taliban said they wouldn’t attack before the August 31 deadline! Does this mean they LIED? Ah, but, in breaking news, the attacks have been attributed not to the Taliban per se but to ISIS “K,” although this looks to us like a distinction without a difference.)

A bipartisan group of legislators has called on President Biden to extend his August 31 deadline to pull out U.S. forces. An excerpt from their statement: “As Democrats and Republicans, we stand united in our commitment to protecting U.S. citizens, diplomats, intelligence officers, and our foreign partners who are currently attempting to flee Afghanistan.” We’ll see if there’s any response to this from the White House, or if the President is just going to abandon all those people just to be able to say he obeyed the Taliban’s order.

In another update just before our deadline, a reported 60 people have been killed in these bombings, including children.

Also, the White House announced mid-afternoon that our esteemed Commander-in-Chief will make an appearance later in the day, in which he will blame everyone but himself for this travesty. I made that last part up, but that's our prediction. We’ll have an analysis of that and full updates in our Friday morning newsletter.

In the meantime, our Thursday report wouldn’t be complete without this: Taliban fighters joyriding in a Black Hawk helicopter. Just a little something they picked up at Kandahar Airport.

Video appears to show Taliban taking joyride in US Black Hawk helicopter

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Comments 1-6 of 6

  • Gloria Seehafer

    08/29/2021 02:47 PM

    Suspicion always haunts guilty minds and Biden & family are so guilty. You may have many degrees but lf you have NO common sense you have nothing.

  • Gloria Seehafer

    08/29/2021 02:45 PM

    Suspicion always haunts guilty minds and Biden & family are so guilty. You may have many degrees but lf you have NO common sense you have nothing.

  • JER ZE

    08/27/2021 11:21 AM

    We all sit and say, we need to do this and we need to do that, what CAN the American people do at this time. Our President and this administration needs to be STOPPED....NOW. This is more than evil what he and his administration are doing! I feel so helpless. Our country has NO LEADER! And Harris is definitely not capable nor is Pelosi. So now what do we do? This is definitely a curse on our country. This is only a 'tip of the iceberg' of God's wrath on this country. I know 'God is still in control' but what can we physically DO to protect our loving country from this administration!

  • Mary Higgs

    08/27/2021 10:00 AM

    My question is why isn't Biden and his Merry Band of Morons being charged with Treason? Abandoning Americans, and our allies behind enemy lines just boggles the mind!
    Treason Definition & Meaning |
    Treason is any attempt to overthrow the government or impair the well-being of a state to which one owes allegiance; the crime of giving aid or comfort to the enemies of one's government.
    And if gifting the Taliban a huge arsenal of weapons to use as they see fit isn't "giving aid or comfort to the enemies of one's government" isn't an act of treason, I don't know what is?

  • Chris Bender

    08/27/2021 06:39 AM

    Mike the two choppers you showed making rescues were loaded with soldiers. Couldn't pick up any more ???

  • Norma Brown

    08/27/2021 05:35 AM

    Re Afghanistan. The war is over. Americans do not want to go back. That is my key thought. But how he ended it defies belief for sheer malice toward all and unfailing incompetence. It was shameful. In first place, it was so contrary to military doctrine that you wonder who was advising (instructing) him and why they would advise such a course. It seems to suggest the master-mind behind the last great humiliation of America despises us and dreams of a post-American world. It was the act of a madman and the denouement is beyond tragic. America. We are sinking into a mire our "leaders" created for us with senseless and aimless and destructive wars we supported. Having botched the withdrawal in every sense, there is no reclaiming anything. To go back is to go back into a war almost all of us think was a waste of time, money, and human beings. There cannot be at this point a "strategic hit," because the forces now rampant in Afghanistan will retaliate against their own population and our citizens, of whom there are MANY more than 1000, since we only evacuated under 5000. No choices left for us. We cut them off. It will be a continuation of the endless war; or this horrendous, shameful exercise in cut-and-run. And please, can Biden stop plagiarizing? Did he not lift wholesale G.W. Bush's phrase, "at a time and a place of our choosing"? Sheesh. What a loser.