March 1, 2018


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Today's Commentary: Reacting to tragedy -- Supreme Court to rule on political Fashion Police-- Ban sitting duck zones -- A Monster --Media mess -- The View-- Additional Mike Huckabee commentaries


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In the wake of the tragic school shooting in Florida and news that the shooter bought one of his rifles from Dick’s Sporting Goods, the CEO announced that the chain would no longer carry AR-15 rifles. This made headlines, even though there’s less to the story than meets the eye. For instance, the rifle purchased at Dick’s wasn’t used in the shooting. It also wasn't an AR-15. It couldn’t be, since Dick’s already stopped selling those in 2012. This latest announcement applies to Field & Stream, an outdoor and hunting goods chain owned by Dick’s. You could tell that the people celebrating the news were clueless about what they were celebrating by how many of them on social media referred to the rifle in question as an “AK-15.”

WalMart also announced that it will no longer sell firearms or ammunition to anyone under 21, among other new policies that won’t make any difference in deterring criminals and school shooters. It puts them in the unique position of refusing to sell any gun, or even a toy gun that resembles a military weapon, to a 19-year-old Marine who handles real military weapons for a living, but then, logic isn’t what most gun control policies are about. They’re usually based on what make people feel safer, not what actually makes people safer.


Mike Huckabee

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Supreme Court to rule on political Fashion Police

By Mike Huckabee

Should the Fashion Police have the power to control what voters wear to polling places? That’s what the Supreme Court will determine after hearing arguments Wednesday in the case of Minnesota Voters Alliance v. Joe Mansky, which challenges a state law against wearing “politically-charged” clothing or accessories to the polls. Nine other states have similar laws.

It all started when Andrew Cilek, founder and executive director of the Minnesota Voters Alliance, went to the polls wearing a shirt with a picture of the Gadsden Flag (“Don’t Tread On Me”) and a small Tea Party logo, plus a button that featured the phone number and website address of Election Integrity Watch. He was stopped in his tracks and forced to cover up before he could vote. So, is this law a necessary provision to stop blatant electioneering as people are casting their votes, or it is a violation of Andrew Cilek’s free speech rights?



Ban sitting duck zones

By Mike Huckabee

It remains to be seen what that “comprehensive” gun law package will eventually contain by the time it gets out of Congress, if it does. The NRA is fine with strong background checks. Some other proposals will likely do nothing but create more cost and inconvenience for lawful buyers and sellers. Congress already banned “assault weapons,” a nebulous term without an actual meaning, and it was allowed to expire because it had virtually no effect, but why not do it again? The idea of banning gun sales to people on the terrorist watch list makes obvious sense, but only if you don’t know the problems with that list, that people can easily be placed on it by mistake due to incompetence or partisan spite and have their Constitutional rights taken away for no good reason. That’s a reform that should only be passed once the list is reformed. And other proposals that might be in it would run afoul of the Bill of Rights and surely be challenged in court. So far, the only change I see that might actually have prevented any of these mass shootings is the one liberals vehemently oppose: banning designated “gun-free zones” (or as I call them, “sitting duck zones.”)


A Monster

By Mike Huckabee

While Americans often get frustrated with “gridlock,” we forget how fortunate we are that the Founders created a system that has so much built-in inertia. They knew that it was easy for the masses to get swept up in the heat of the moment and want to hurry and pass laws or change the Constitution when they’re not thinking rationally. So they created a system that requires long, drawn-out debate and multiple steps to pass a law, and even more hoops to jump through to change the Constitution. Maybe in the end, this will result in new gun laws. There’s nothing wrong with that, as long as what finally emerges are laws that help prevent further tragedies while not infringing on the rights of law-abiding citizens.

Just two weeks after the horrifying shooting in Florida, Americans are still grieving and searching for answers, but there are signs of a backlash already building against those who would seek to exploit our grief for political advantage or to shift blame away from the killers and onto their hardware. Americans are smart enough to realize that when the Frankenstein monster went on a rampage, it wasn’t the fault of the people who made the bolts in his neck. It was because he was a monster.


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Media mess

By Mike Huckabee

In the middle of so much tragedy and serious discussion of guns, it was nice of CNN to put out this video to help us all find something to laugh about. It’s one of their reporters trying to file a scary report on the AR-15 rifle but demonstrating the most hilarious incompetence since the heyday of the Three Stooges. The comments on Twitter were nearly as funny as his wildly uninformed narration and his attempts to handle the AR-15.


If it’s any consolation, at least he didn’t say anything as laughably clueless as MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell, who seriously claimed that a handgun is useless against an AR-15 because bullets from a pistol don’t travel fast enough to kill someone.

You know, Larry, there’s a reason why being “faster than a speeding bullet” means you’re Superman and not just any random jogger.



The View

By Mike Huckabee

I enjoy sparring with the ladies of “The View,” but I was taken aback recently when Joy Behar suggested that Vice President Mike Pence, and anyone who thinks that Jesus has spoken to them, is mentally ill. That’s the kind of statement that can come back to bite you, and not just when your time is up on Earth. It’s also pretty uncomfortable for a liberal talk show host when someone points out that the god you do believe in – the great and mighty Oprah – believes in all sorts of New Age spiritualist ideas, and she even said she asked God to tell her whether to run for President. When you depend on the approval of “The View’s” audience for your livelihood, you may be able to get away with insulting Jesus, but not Oprah.

Personally, of course, I don’t think anyone is mentally ill for seeking the guidance of Jesus in deciding what political policies to pursue. Seeking guidance on how to run the country from “The View” -- now THAT’S crazy.



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