September 8, 2018


TV ratings for this year’s Eagles-Falcons NFL season opener plunged to the lowest level since 2009. Cheer up, NFL: You still have all those residuals from the sale of team gear made by Nike. Oh, wait…

I keep hearing football fans say they’re so turned off by leftist politics and anti-Anthem protests that they’re watching college football instead. That’s how bad the NFL has gotten: it makes today’s universities look patriotic by comparison!

"Huckabee" preview

Be sure to join me tonight for another brand new, jam-packed episode of “Huckabee” on TBN. Terrorism expert Brigitte Gabriel will talk about what we all can – and must – do to defend Judeo-Christian values against the two-pronged assault of radical Islamists and leftists. Christian music legend Eddie DeGarmo will talk about his amazing career. We’ll have a fantastic song and a sit down with 12-time Grammy-winning gospel artist Cece Winans. Plus visit “our kind of town,” and check out some crazy news “in case you missed it.” All that and more is coming your way tonight at 8 and 11 p.m. EST (7 and 10 CST), repeated at the same times on Sunday. For a handy channel locator and full episodes of previous shows, visit


 Heating up

The economy isn’t just heated up, it’s burning down all previous records. The new jobs report for August shows that the US added over 201,000 new jobs, far more than expected. Unemployment remained at 3.9%, with near-record lows across almost all categories (black unemployment hit 6.3%, the second-lowest ever recorded. The lowest was 5.9% in May.) More good news: lower-paid workers are finally seeing some read wage increases. Average wages rose by 10 cents an hour in one month, the highest rate of growth since 2009 (they’re up by 77 cents an hour since a year ago, or as Nancy Pelosi might call that, crumbs of crumbs.)


Obama takes credit

Naturally, the President stepped up to pat himself on the back and take credit for the great economic news. I’m referring, of course, to ex-President Barack Obama. Obama has finally emerged to break yet another American tradition, the one of Presidents not criticizing their successors. In a speech this week at the University of Illinois in Champagne-Urbana, Obama blasted President Trump and tried to credit his own policies for the recent burst of job creation and economic growth, mocking his Republican critics by citing the good news and saying, “Thanks, Obama.”

I’ve written before about the terrible luck Democrat Presidents have with the economy. According to the Democrats, Jimmy Carter suffered the same lousy fortune: he set up the policies that created the so-called Reagan boom, but was voted out before he could reap the benefits. The fact that it took a couple more years to get rolling, and only after Reagan ushered in massive changes to Carter’s policies, just made the unfairness more bitter.

And now, poor Barack Obama gets the same raw deal: he had only eight years, not nearly enough time for his policies to really kick the economy into overdrive. Then along comes that lucky duck Trump, and despite him reversing every Obama policy, the Obama recovery still takes flight, and who gets the credit? Trump! Oh, unjust and fickle fate! Democratic policies always result in great economies, just never until a year or so after they leave office.

Does anyone seriously swallow these bull leavings? It’s like an anchor taking credit for keeping a boat afloat. One of Obama’s boasts in that speech was that he insured that wealthier Americans paid their “fair share” in taxes to “help folks coming up behind them.” Yes, of course, that’s what makes the economy boom and jobs flourish: the government sucking money out of the private sector and "redistributing" it.

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Obama also based his claim on the fact that we’ve had a years-long streak of job creation. Except that under him, we were creating low-paying service and part time jobs that didn’t replace the good jobs we’d lost from the recession and outsourcing. And naturally, lots and lots of government jobs! It’s also true the economy grew under Obama, but only because America’s economy is such a strong ship that not even the heaviest anchor can hold it back completely. In the last quarter, GDP growth hit 4.1%. In the last two quarters of 2016, after two terms of Obama’s policies, GDP growth averaged around 1.5%. Thanks, Anchor!

Of course, Trump will also take credit for the latest good numbers, when the fact is that the government doesn’t create jobs with its policies. Jobs are created by the private sector when the government gets out of the way. However, Trump does deserve much credit simply because his policies of cutting regulations, mandates and taxes and taking the shackles off of energy producers and entrepreneurs are evidence that he understands the importance of getting the government out of the way.

I can’t imagine what’s going through the heads of anybody who’s actually considering voting back into power the very people whose policies kept them working three part-time jobs just to put food on the table. The Democrats’ slogan should be “The economy is on fire – and we’re the fire extinguisher!”

There are more details at this link, along with President Trump’s pretty hilarious response to Obama’s speech.



One side topic worth mentioning: one of the ways in which Obama slammed Trump was by saying, “The privileged…want to keep us divided...because it helps them maintain the status quo and keep their power and keep their privilege.” He added that Trump is “a symptom, not the cause,” and that the dividing of Americans to promote a political agenda “did not start with Donald Trump.”

Does this mean he’s finally taking credit for something he actually did?


 Another benefit to a hot economy

Another great benefit for workers of the hot economy and low unemployment (initial jobless claims haven’t been this low since 1969) is that layoffs are at record lows because employers are desperate to keep good workers and to hire new ones. When you have ten employers competing for one worker instead of ten workers competing for one job, the worker is in the catbird seat.

For liberals who claim that conservative policies that boost business don’t help the workers, which would you rather have: ten employers fighting for your services or a slightly larger unemployment check?


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 North Korea Update

About that snickering by elites that President Trump got snookered by Kim Jong-Un, who has no intention of destroying his nukes: that’s not what Kim told the President of South Korea. After a meeting with Kim this past week, President Moon Jae-in said that despite the recent verbal jousting over negotiations, Kim’s trust in Trump is unchanged, and he wants to keep his word to denuclearize while Trump is President.

That’s good news, indeed, for everyone except the professional Hate Trump industry. And as I’ve pointed out before, even if Trump’s attempt to try something different falls to pieces, leaving us with a North Korea that’s building nukes and testing missiles, how would that be the slightest bit different from the situation he inherited from all the Ivy League diplomacy savants who are currenty sneering that he doesn’t know what he’s going?



 Corey Booker's grandstanding

Sen. Corey Booker seems to think that grandstanding at the Brett Kavanaugh SCOTUS hearings will launch his presidential campaign into the stratosphere, but it might help if he’d quit aiming his rocket at his own foot. Aside from his over-the-top badgering of Judge Kavanaugh, he compared himself to Kirk Douglas declaring “I am Spartacus!” for defying Republicans by releasing a confidential White House email written by Kavanaugh, only to have it revealed that it wasn’t confidential and the email only proved that Kavanaugh opposes racism. And that makes him Spartacus?  I am Dubious!

Now, the latest Booker bloviation blunder: Wall Street Journal reporter Bryon Tau asked him if his actions were a stunt as Booker was heading toward the hearings, and Tau claims Booker warned him he was violating the Constitution by being in his way.

It will take greater Constitutional scholars than I (or better amateur psychiatrists) to ferret out what in the heck Sen. Booker was talking about. I always thought one of the main reasons for the First Amendment to the Constitution was to give reporters the right to ask politicians a question without being threatened with federal charges. The best anyone can figure is that he was referring to the clause which says that Congress members can’t be arrested on their way to session or "in going to and from [session]…shall not be questioned in any other Place.” Most scholars always assumed that meant they couldn’t be blocked from entering Congress and questioned by the police, not by reporters. That expansion of the meaning of "questioning" must be what liberals mean by “a living Constitution.”

Judging from the way Democratic politicians defend reporters who yell rude questions at President Trump even when he’s in the middle of a completely unrelated international summit, I guess they think the “no questions” interpretation of the Constitution applies only to Congress members. Tell you what, here’s a compromise: let reporters ask Congress members anything they want, and we’ll ask law enforcement officers to hold off on interrogating them until after they’re finished with their Congressional work day.



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Comments 1-25 of 33

  • Andy Stirrat

    09/10/2018 09:55 AM

    Hi Mike - thank you for continuing to bring us the truth!!! I feel like someone should be asking if this anonymous op-ed might not be more Russian interference into our mid term elections!!
    You are still our first choice for President!
    Keep up the great work!!!
    ~ Andy

  • Barry Dyer

    09/10/2018 09:54 AM

    Google is a giant bully and monopoly, with anti American hatered ozzing out of it's every action. I turned off every google app on my phone and they then started by throughing endless adds at my phone whitch even intrude on phone calls and you cannot get rid of these unwanted intrusive ad's!

  • Mary Frances Ayars

    09/10/2018 09:00 AM

    All this political posturing is such a waste of time and money. Corey needs to do his campaigning on his time not the taxpayer's time. I wonder if he ever looks at the "replay" like they do in the NFL. He would have been sited for many penalties but especially looking ridiculous, petulant, and a poor excuse of a gentleman. I applaud Judge Kavanaugh for retaining his cooler and much more intelligent head when all around him are exploding!

  • Paul Travis Kern

    09/09/2018 05:55 PM

    I noticed there's no edition for September 9th.

  • Beverly Gould

    09/09/2018 05:41 PM

    I am so discussed by the Democrats actions and comments during the Kavanaugh hearings . such badgering, rudeness, arrogance I have never witnessed in my lifetime. I thought, where is common decency gone? Booker was the worst! I thought, are these are leaders> Trying to crucify a man who is everything this country has stood for and so qualified. . So sad that in order to qualify to be elected to office they have to support killing our unborn and not have faith in God and not hold to the constitution. How far we have come from our founding principles! I am so tired over how the dems and socialists and athiests are trying to destroy our President and our country . Lord, we need you desperately. I am also discusted by the protesters- they sound like psychos. get out and vote Red!

  • Barbara Wilson

    09/09/2018 03:57 PM

    Thanks, Mike, for another great Evening Edition. Will you be running for President again? President Trump has been an outstanding President with very little credit in most sectors of the media. I will be voting for him again if he decides to run again. However, we, conservatives will be looking to others after the next election, and I'm hoping you will be in the fray then. God bless you.

  • rodney burke

    09/09/2018 01:35 PM

    we don't have to make any campaign commercials. Just take existing footage of all the creeps dems and run it continuously, showing their true nature. They have so much out there that is downright treasonous that we can keep them on the defensive 24/7 and let the voter see why they should vote RED!

  • John Parker

    09/09/2018 01:32 PM

    Writing while watching my New Orleans Saints play the Buccaneers in the Super Dome. My Daddy took me to the first Saints spring training camp 50 years ago. The Saints are essential to the economy of New Orleans. Team members like Drew Breeze make huge charitable donations to our City. So you and your president keep fighting the NFL. And poor Sarah wondering who she probably interacts with every day is the Op-ed author. She has such an exciting life. Hellish, but exciting. REPENT!!

  • David L Borchers (Ret)

    09/09/2018 07:39 AM

    Muslim Obama's speech to his pals in Democrat stronghold of IL and Liberal university setting, was nothing but to try and save his tarnished legacy!! To try and claim credit for what President Trump has done is despicable!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sharon Farmer

    09/09/2018 05:24 AM

    Also enjoying reading all your articles. Thanks

  • Joe Lyddon

    09/08/2018 11:22 PM

    Obama doesn't know his A$$ from a Hole in the ground...

    Obama is not allowed to Lobby for anything in Congress...
    ... they should also NOT be ALLOWED to Lobby for people running for Public Offices... :)

    Obama makes me SICK... When I hear his voice, I MUST CHANGE the channel...

  • Kathy Wingate

    09/08/2018 11:13 PM

    Re the Times Op-Ed, I wouldn't be surprised if it were totally fiction, or even put forth by Omarosa, who has by now, elevated her status to a "high level" official. I don't believe a word of it, and only the Trump haters will want to believe's a bunch of blooey, and should be off the news discussions, except for the Fake News, which is enjoying a new fake story to put out. I'm not listening.

  • Don Renninger

    09/08/2018 11:03 PM

    Can't help wondering how you find the time to write so much interesting stuff (both morning and evening) each day and also have time for the other essentials of life like eating, sleeping and other miscellaneous activities. Several "ghost writers" under your supervision, perhaps?

  • Mike Scoggins

    09/08/2018 10:01 PM

    Mike, my frustration with all governmental employees is there is little no accountability for violating the law or poor performance . We continue to uncover crimes committed by HRC, Comey, Strock, Fusion GPS etc... yet no one is sitting in front of a grand jury! Makes you feel like the whole thing is rigged!

  • Peter Pfefferkorn

    09/08/2018 09:59 PM

    Like a few other leaders of the so-called Democratic party Corey Booker is a certifiable idiot! What amazes me is that so many voters vote for folks like that.

  • BeeGee Johnston

    09/08/2018 09:55 PM

    I don't know who BeeGee Johnston is, but, that is the info that comes up each time lately I want to give a comment.
    Anita Barker.

  • Lance E Brown

    09/08/2018 08:53 PM

    Obama takes credit:
    Glade to hear that he has embraced some common facts. If he is going to wrap his arms around the Economy then he has no choice but to shoulder up the load of the border problem, family separation at the border, the intentional divisiveness of politics, the lack luster performance of GOVT. in general, the angst we are feeling as a result of poor foreign politics. like him or don't, Trump is attempting to make the world LESS HOSTILE. an olive branch for Russia, N. Korea, Iran. these are positive steps if he succeeds. Honestly how can one man cherry pick like that? how can he claim the good while finger pointing when he talks about the negative. That is just not how it works.

  • Debbie Baxter

    09/08/2018 07:56 PM

    I love reading your daily updates / highlighs. There are only a few sources that I trust to be factual, and you are one of those. Thank you for working to share the truth with your readers. I also love the daily Scripture that you share. God bless you and your family.

  • Carol S Clark

    09/08/2018 07:42 PM

    I have long enjoyed your intellectually stimulating commentary with large doses of truth along with generous portions of humor. Bless you!

  • Brenda Rodgers

    09/08/2018 07:23 PM

    I support Donald Trump 100%! However I do wish he would drop the subject of the New York Times article. He has more things to worry about! Sarah does an excellent job! Thanks!

  • Dusty Hickey

    09/08/2018 07:15 PM

    Have to love it Pres Obama out taking all the credit for this latest economy and jobs give me a break. Stay home with your wife and daughters and shut up. His latest on Benghazi is he kidding? I saw the movie 13 hours and no way was that attack faked. The left side is so upset over this Pres now and will say and do most anything to try to take down Pres Trump anyway they can. So far Russia is not working, so far a porn Ho is not working, so far going after Manafort and Cohen over their business practices really. Go after every business person in New York and tell me about their business . It was suppose to be RUSSIA and Pres Trump led this for the election.
    NFL no more for me and today only college. Nike I bought a pair of Converse . Put that idiot on their products is so disgusting. So wrong to our flag.

  • Sylvia Reece

    09/08/2018 07:10 PM

    Why Facebook keeping all your post hidden

  • Bob Horn

    09/08/2018 06:54 PM

    Imagine how many cities we could power with the eruption of steam coming from the left and their media lapdogs if a Republican Senator told a reporter he was violating the Constitution by standing in front of him and asking a question!

  • MC Hernandez

    09/08/2018 06:48 PM

    Thanks goodness you keep us all informed...I would be sick if I listened to Fake News all of the time! You are the best, Mike! And I love the way your daughter handles the most difficult job in the world!


    09/08/2018 06:30 PM

    I believe that our President should start pointing out the fact that our ex President is the biggest liar and remind everyone that he said Hillary was the most qualified presidential candidate ever, We should also be remind the about IRS scandal, Benghazi, Iran's payoff of 2 billion dollars, and a lot of his other lies. Obama has no integrity and we should point this out.
    Make Obama face up to being the worst President in history.