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July 13, 2021

What I believe is the most important story of the weekend (and particularly appropriate, considering we’re winding up our Independence Day vacation) was the video escaping Cuba of massive anti-government protests, despite efforts by the dictatorial government to shut off the Internet and censor the news. I hope you will join me in praying for the protesters' safety and success.

The Cuban people are rightly fed up with being starved and oppressed by a communist dictatorship, and they’re demanding an end to it and chanting, “Freedom!,” “Enough!” “We want liberty!” and “We are not afraid!” Cuban “President” and communist party chief Miguel Diaz-Canel blamed the US for stoking the unrest (oh, if that were only true!) and called on “revolutionary” citizens to fight back against their fellow Cubans demanding freedom. Good luck with that.

I can’t help thinking that if Trump were still President, the White House would be doing more than trying to avoid the subject of Cubans taking to the streets to demand freedom.

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…Or actually trying to convince us that the protesters are just worried about COVID-19. No, it’s the deadly virus of communism that they want to eradicate.

And of course, all our “Democratic” socialists in Congress who claim to speak for the people haven’t made a peep to back up the Cuban people who are risking their lives to demand an end to incompetent, oppressive, deadly socialism.

Finally, Stephen Kruiser at PJ Media has a good round-up of the shameful way in which US media outlets, many of whom spent years shining Fidel Castro’s boots with their tongues, are trying to spin and twist this story. News flash to the New York Times: “Freedom” is not an “anti-government slogan” unless you’re admitting that the government is an enemy of freedom. Second news flash: Cuba's is.

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