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March 26, 2021

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  • Bible Verse Of The Day
  • Biden Meets the "Press"
  • Dangerous Weather
  • Son stood for Second Amendment Rights, not gun control 
  • Hunter Biden News
  • Unconstitutional Racism
  • "DECENT?" No way: Biden tells "detestable lie" about Trump
  • A Reader Writes Back...
  • America The Beautiful


Mike Huckabee



Biden Meets the "Press"

By Mike Huckabee

On Thursday, over two months into his presidency, Joe Biden finally held his first press conference. His media cheering section is trying to defend it as triumphant proof that he’s totally in charge of both the executive branch and his faculties. But while he might have cleared their bar, I haven’t seen a bar set so low since Animal Planet aired the Snail Olympics.

I’ve seen leftists on social media claim that Biden’s clinging to his detailed notes on who to call on and what to say is nothing out of the ordinary, that all Presidents did that. No, they didn’t. They found one photo of Trump holding a note with a message to repeat on it as “evidence,” but didn’t mention that he would stand up nearly every day for an hour or more, answering unscripted and usually hostile questions from anyone who wanted to grill him.

Maybe Biden’s performance seemed better to some than it really was just in comparison to the cringe-worthy job the “reporters” did. After spending four years going after Trump like a pack of rabid wolves, they suddenly transformed into tranquilized poodles, quietly waiting their turns to ask pre-approved questions and await their scripted responses with no tough follow-ups. They made the North Korean press’s treatment of Kim Jong Un look hard-hitting.

The most embarrassing moment came when fawning PBS (your tax dollars at work) reporter Yamiche Alcindor gushingly suggested that the reason so many migrants are flooding over the border is because he’s such a “moral, decent man” that they want to come here and trust him with their unaccompanied minors.

Or maybe they think he’s just so sweet, they want to come kiss his feet to see if they taste like sugar. I’ll bet she thinks that.

Aside from the pre-scripted answers and the sycophantic press, here are a few other takeaways:

1. Biden thinks he’s going to run for reelection in 2024, when he will be 82 years old, five years past the average US male lifespan. This despite him already giving answers like this: “I have never been particularly poor at calculating how to get things done in the United States Senate. So the best way to get something done, if you, if you hold near and dear to you that you like to be able to…anyway…”

2. He ran as a moderate, bipartisan unifier, but he now sees himself as the most “transformative” President since FDR, and he’s willing to do away with the Senate filibuster in order to steamroll a far-left agenda through with only 50 votes plus Kamala Harris to break the tie. Here he is defending the importance of the filibuster in 2005. Does he remember that speech? Or 2005?

He even suggested the Republican Party might not exist by 2024. Personally, I think the Republican Party will exist for the same reason it was founded in the first place: someone has to stand up against the Democrats’ addiction to ordering powerless minorities to shut up and do whatever they’re told. Since Biden claimed to have been in the Senate for 120 years, I assume he remembers that.

Biden claims it’s okay to destroy Senate norms he once defended because he and his party’s radical left programs are popular in the polls. I won’t repeat what I’ve already written over the past few days, but in a nutshell: his net approval rating in the Rasmussen daily tracking poll was -10 points and falling; support for giving illegal immigrants a pathway to citizenship has plummeted 14 points since January to 43%; and majorities of all demographics, even blacks and Democrats, support voter ID laws that are among the election integrity safeguards he wants to abolish.

Since everything that gets in the way of the Democrats’ lust for all-consuming power is now “racist” (even fossil fuels – I kid you not), Biden tried to paint attempts to insure the honesty of elections as racist with one of the weirdest lines ever:

“What I’m worried about is how un-American this whole initiative is. It’s sick. It’s sick. I’m convinced that we’ll be able to stop this, because it is the most pernicious thing— this makes Jim Crow look like Jim Eagle.”

FYI: Jim Crow laws were created by Democrats. “Jim Eagle” is apparently a cartoon character created in Joe Biden’s mind. And is there any idea in government today more racist than the condescending claim that blacks are too dumb or helpless to be able to obtain a legal ID? By the way, studies have found that voter ID laws do not depress voter turnout. The only thing they suppress is vote fraud, which means black and Hispanic voters who voted for Trump would not get their votes canceled out by fraudulent ballots.

3. Biden is either living in a fantasy world or he lies like a rug and the press will never call him on it. The same press that screamed, “Lying liar who LIES!!!” every time Trump told a joke or expressed an opinion sat by adoringly as Biden dispensed whoppers so blatant that I practically had to pry my jaw off the floor after hearing them. Like claiming that there are always surges of illegal immigration at the border at this time of year, or that the surge started under Trump, or that Trump let children starve to death (I discuss that slander elsewhere in the newsletter.)

Here are a few detailed responses to Biden’s phantasmagoria of falsehoods, although they don’t even begin to cover them all:

Western Journal

NY Post

Epoch Times

4. President Unity/Morality/Decency loves to make snide, nasty allusions to his predecessor while taking credit for the vaccines that wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for Trump, and the distribution system which he actually did inherit from Trump.

On that subject, the truly great, unheralded news from the press conference is that the pandemic is over! I assume it must be, since nobody even bothered asking Biden about it; and since he’s letting so many illegal immigrants who are COVID-positive swarm into the US, even he must not be concerned about anyone catching it anymore.

Dangerous Weather

By Mike Huckabee

Last night, deadly tornadoes swept through Alabama and Georgia. At least five people are known dead in Alabama and others injured. Newnan, Georgia, southwest of Atlanta, suffered so much damage, it’s described as resembling a war zone.

The threat of dangerous weather continues, so please take care if you’re in its path. And please pray for the victims and consider a donation to Samaritan’s Purse to help. They’re already on the scene.

Son stood for Second Amendment Rights, not gun control

By Mike Huckabee

Boulder police officer Eric Talley heroically lost his life when he rushed to the scene of the mass shooting at a supermarket. Leftists first tried to paint the shooter as a “violent white male Trump supporter,” but when it was discovered that he was a Syrian Muslim refugee who hated Trump, they immediately switched to using it to call for more gun control laws. But that attempt at politicizing the tragedy has also hit a snag.

Talley’s father, Homer Talley, told TMZ, “My son would have been deeply offended to know his death would be used to promote gun control. Before he was an officer, he enjoyed shooting.” He said his son was a firm believer in Second Amendment rights, and “Just because some wacko goes around shooting people doesn’t mean guns need to be taken away. You can’t take away enough guns to protect this country.”

If your head isn’t still spinning from all the lies at President Biden’s press conference, you might want to click to this story and read Biden's comments about gun control and how the previous ban on “assault weapons” “brought down these mass killings,” and all the data that show that no, it didn’t, which is why it was allowed to expire.

Hunter Biden News

By Mike Huckabee

Not that I expect anyone in government ever to investigate Hunter Biden now, but yet another scandal has emerged. This one involves a carelessly disposed-of gun, lying on a background check form to obtain it, and an allegation of an improper cover-up attempt by the Secret Service. Oh, and Hunter told police investigating the gun’s disappearance from a grocery store trash bin that there were suspicious people working at the store: “Mexican males…probably illegal.”

From rich, white male privilege to the ineffectiveness of gun laws to the slur on illegal immigrants, there are so many layers of hypocrisy around this story, a bullet couldn’t penetrate it.

Unconstitutional Racism

By Mike Huckabee

The ground zero of liberalism, Marin County and Oakland, California, are both launching “universal income” experiments that will give randomly-chosen low income residents regular payments of free government money. But it’s not exactly random, since only people of color are eligible. If you’re white and poor, you’re not eligible for help because of your skin color. Or as we used to call that in a saner era, unconstitutional racism.

So I guess the people pushing this program are correct: there really is systemic racism in California.

"DECENT?" No way: Biden tells "detestable lie" about Trump

By Mike Huckabee

"The idea that I’m gonna say --- which I would never do --- if an unaccompanied child ends up at the border, we’re just gonna let ‘em starve to death and stay on the other side, no previous administration did that, either. EXCEPT TRUMP [emphasis mine]. I’m not gonna do it.”

Ah, so President Trump left children to stay on the other side to “starve to death,” did he? That’s a lie, but c'mon man, it’s good old Uncle Joe talking here, our “decent” (his own word), moral President during his cringeworthy, totally orchestrated press conference on Thursday. Biden went on to say that Trump’s programs “have an incredibly negative impact on law –- international law, as well as on human dignity.”

He said, “Well, look, I guess I should be flattered people are coming because I’m the nice guy, that’s the reason why it’s happening, that I’m a decent man, or however it’s phrased...”

We’ll get to Biden's huge inaccuracies later, but first, I’d like to address Biden’s own record of decency and niceness, since he and his supporters talk about him so often in that light. I'm sure I speak for many who have had enough of this.

There’s an email going around about Biden’s role in the evacuation of Vietnam in 1975, when he was a freshman senator. Of course, with emails like this, it’s important to go back to the source material, if it’s cited, and determine the accuracy of the claims before just forwarding them. (That’s particularly true if they’re fundraising emails.) So that’s what my research staff did with this one.

It talks specifically about Biden’s opposition to a relief package to help in the humanitarian evacuation of Saigon (which did manage to save 1,500 South Vietnamese allies who, if they’d been left behind, would have been slaughtered along with thousands of others by the North Vietnamese). The claims are based on passages in the 2018 book WHEN THE CENTER HELD, by President Ford's Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.

The email also says that Biden, a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, “torpedoed any support” for these refugees once they came to America.

Checking Rumsfeld’s book, we found a passage about the effort by President Gerald Ford to protect the most vulnerable as Vietnam evolved from a military to a rescue operation. There were about 6,000 Americans still in and around Saigon, plus our South Vietnamese allies. “It was a race against the clock to save lives,” Rumsfeld wrote. “President Ford was committed to evacuating Americans" and also “the South Vietnamese who had assisted us and to whom the U.S. had ‘a moral commitment.’”

"Meeting with an influential group of senators,” Rumsfeld wrote, “Ford repeatedly tried to sway them with what he believed deeply was our country’s moral responsibility to help refugees fleeing persecution. Repeatedly, a number of Senate Democrats dissented, including the young outspoken Senator Joe Biden (D-DE).”

On page 163, Rumsfeld reprints his contemporaneous notes. “MEETING WITH THE PRESIDENT, April 14, 1975: ...Senator Biden of Delaware then spoke up and got back again on the delays in getting Americans out. He also expressed hostility towards the idea of bringing out any South Vietnamese.”

So, our “Mr. Decent” when it comes to asylum-seekers was one of those who expressed “hostility” to the idea of welcoming South Vietnamese refugees who had helped us in the war?

Even, while rating the email claims as “mostly false” after giving Biden every conceivable benefit of the doubt, finds this TRUE: “Rumsfeld says in his book that then-President Gerald Ford tried to convince a number of senators to help refugees and claims Biden, along with other Democrats, 'dissented.' Biden did vote against sending financial assistance to the South Vietnamese government toward the end of the conflict. In the end, he did not block the admittance of refugees.”

Well, wasn't that nice of him? Actually, reading the entire fact-check gives the impression that Biden gummed up the works when he could have facilitated the government's assistance to asylum-seekers.

According to Rumsfeld, Biden “EXPRESSED HOSTILITY” to the idea of allowing the refugees, when time was of the essence. The aid package died on the House floor. Later on –- AFTER Saigon fell –- he apparently came around on the issue.

If it seems harsh to hold someone accountable for what he said in 1975, be assured that any conservative would be held to an even stricter standard. Biden apparently was not eager to welcome immigrants from South Vietnam who had helped us there, our allies who desperately needed political asylum and would otherwise be killed. How moral and decent.

Biden is not "nice." We could cite numerous other examples of Biden's lack of civility and common decency. Here's just one.

Of course, none of the reporters chosen to participate in Thursday’s press conference challenged President Biden's lies about Trump’s border policy. Stephen Miller tweeted out real-time about it, though: “Biden replied w/an asinine false choice. He explained that he was resettling minors in the US in lieu of ‘let[ting] them starve to death and stay on the other side’ (Mexico) which he accused Trump of doing. This is spectacularly false & a grave smear on our border agents.”

He described Trump’s real policy: “First off, illegal crossers returned to Mexico are transferred to migration authorities not the desert. But unaccompanied minors were returned to their ‘home countries’ to be reunited with their own families. They were not returned to Mexico unless Mexico was their home. This humane policy from President Trump brought unaccompanied minor numbers to record lows. Biden’s disastrous decision to exempt minors from Title 42 [which allows for expulsion], and to stop the at-home reunification process in favor of domestic resettlement single-handedly created this crisis.”

Miller later appeared on FOX NEWS PRIMETIME with Brian Kilmeade, saying, “What Joe Biden said at that press conference was a detestable lie," and also that it was their policy to "rescue unaccompanied minors and get them safely home."

He said that, for example, if a 16-year-old from Honduras came across unaccompanied, they’d be processed by Border Patrol, put on a chartered flight, “paid for by the U.S. government” and flown back to Honduras, where they’d be met by social services. Our own State Department would work to reunite that young person with family.

Biden’s administration –- “in writing,” Miller said –- terminated the reunification policy of the Trump administration to send unaccompanied minors home. Miller credited the record low numbers of unaccompanied minors in custody last year to Trump’s policy. Either Biden doesn’t know this, Miller said, or his staff is lying to him, “so he then can mislead the country.”

See the whole interview; Kilmeade and Miller also have a good discussion of voter ID as it relates to civil rights.

And since we think President Trump deserves the last word, here’s his response, from Thursday night’s INGRAHAM ANGLE.

A Reader Writes Back...

I hope and pray President Trump starts his own social media! I will drop FB and join it even if I have to pay for the privilege! He has been SO unfairly treated by the Media and social networks, and now we Conservatives will have a Voice! I pray that God will bless President Trump and help him to prosper in every way. Thank you for always supporting him, Governor Huckabee!

America The Beautiful

God's creation is all around us. To learn more about Mount Rainier National Park, visit its website here.

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