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March 1, 2023



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8 It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man.

Psalm 118:8 KJV

Wray, in FOX NEWS interview, says sky is green and trees are blue

No, that headline is not from the BABYLON BEE. Rather, it’s the best way to describe the interview that FBI Director Christopher Wray gave to FOX NEWS’ Bret Baier Tuesday evening. Be honest: when you heard Wray was going to be doing an interview on FOX NEWS, the first thing you thought was, “Wow, THIS is going to be a gigantic waste of time…”

The second thing was, “He’s going to lie and completely deny reality, contradicting all those ‘Twitter Files’ and whistleblower reports showing how the FBI inserts itself into politics and targets conservatives.”

The third thing you thought was, “Hmm, he must’ve had a reason for doing this interview right now.”

And you were right on all three counts! Yes, if you watched it, it was a colossal waste of your valuable time, just like every other interview with Christopher Wray you’ve ever seen. Sadly, the FBI has lost all credibility. On sensitive issues, Wray is definitely not there to enlighten you, and he doesn’t.

Also, he did lie and completely deny reality. Here are just a few examples:

“You know,” he said, “I hear these claims of politicization, and I can tell you that the FBI is, and is gonna stay, independent. And that means following the facts wherever they lead, no matter who likes it. And I add that last part because what I have found in today’s world is that far too many people use as their standard...whether they like the result. Whether their side won or lost...We are not on either side.” Hogswallop.

In response to Baier’s question about whistleblower claims of an internal effort to shut down the Hunter Biden laptop investigation, he said: “I have not found anything like that.” Well, okay, then!

When asked about what Matt Taibbi turned up from the Twitter Files, he said: “The FBI does not and is not in the business of functioning as the Truth Police. We don’t ‘tell’ social media companies to censor ban accounts...What we do is tell social media companies about information that we have about foreign disinformation campaigns...and those companies then make decisions about what, if anything, they want to do about it.”

Bret Baier let that stand, but we are not that easy. Wray’s answer flies in the face of much documentation and direct testimony from people at both Twitter and Facebook. If we’d been conducting that interview, this would’ve been the time to ask him why, if the FBI was simply bringing “disinformation” to Twitter’s attention, they PAID TWITTER $3.5 million for the trouble of taking it down. Of course, Wray would have weaseled out of that one, too, but the entertainment value would have been huge.

As for that now-infamous “classic earmarks” letter about the laptop, Wray actually said this: “I can’t speak to what former officials of the intelligence community may or may not have said. I can only speak to what we do. And, unfortunately, as you would expect if we’re gonna do this investigation in the right way, that means I can’t talk about the specifics of that investigation” and blah blah blah. Ask John Paul Mac Isaac what he thinks about that answer.

When asked about the FBI’s inconsistent treatment of Trump and Biden over classified documents, Wray said: “Our standard for approaching those investigations [involving classified documents] is the same, no matter who it is.” They start with “the least intrusive means” but if frustrated in their effort, might have to use “other legal tools.” That answer glosses over a tremendous number of factors. And again, Wray closes down when it’s conveeeeeenient, by using that “ongoing investigation” dodge.

He likewise dodged Baier’s question about excessive use of force in arresting nonviolent people, by saying, “Those decisions are made, as they should be, by the commanders on the ground, in the field office, who have the expertise about when to conduct operations safely and securely...and to my knowledge, those processes were all followed…”

Baier did continue to press him on this dichotomy, mentioning other issues such as the persecution of parents who expressed anger at school board meetings, but Wray insisted: “All I can tell you is we have one standard, which is irrespective of ideology, of politics…” and that they were not “in the business of policing speech…” He said they were only responding to threats of violence. Director Wray, that is NOT what we are seeing.

For example, here’s Miranda Devine, thanking God for the FBI whistleblowers “exposing the FBI’s blatant political bias.” Wray might want to read it and you should, too.

And this, a report on the sentencing of FBI agent Babak Broumand, convicted of taking bribes from an organized crime figure. At his sentencing, Broumand’s attorney said, “Knowing where to draw the line and when to return to reality can become an exceedingly difficult task when your very life depends on your ability to live a lie.” That quote might explain a lot about the FBI.

Here’s the FBI continuing to pursue Pennsylvania Rep. Scott Perry, getting a judge’s go-ahead to look through thousands of messages on the congressman’s phone. Perry committed the cardinal sin of voting to delay Biden’s electoral certification in 2021. No, the FBI isn’t political at all. This is a must-read.

And here’s a new whistleblower story --- look for a more detailed analysis soon --- about another of Hunter Biden’s business associates who is “ready to name names” after being detained on what he says are “politically motivated” charges. “DOJ is trying to bury me to protect Joe, Jim and Hunter Biden,” Gal Luft says. His attorney claims that Luft provided information about Hunter to the FBI in 2019. (Ah, that was when they got the laptop that we were told was a Russian fake.) This is also a must-read.

Wray repeatedly and proudly mentioned the FBI’s “long history.” Actually, as we’ve discussed here, the FBI has plenty of baggage in its long history. Some of it we know; some we’ll never know. And they’re piling up plenty more now, as you can see by the stories we included here.

Finally, yes, of course there was a reason for Wray to do this interview at this precise time, and it likely has to do with their conclusion on the origin of COVID-19. Wray said his agency’s determination is that the “lab leak” theory is almost certainly true, and that the Chinese government “has been doing its best to try to thwart, and obfuscate, the work here...”

“So here,” he said, “you’re talking about a potential leak from a Chinese government-controlled lab that killed millions of Americans, and that’s precisely what that capability was designed for.”

Byron York said later that this is “clearly the big headline from the interview, in part because it completely cuts the legs out from under so many people who were still clinging to this ‘animal transfer’ theory of COVID.” Just the previous day, the Energy Department had spoken in support of the Chinese “lab leak” theory, too. That can’t be by accident.

“I think it has now become pretty much the position of the U.S. government,” York said, “whether they’re gonna come out and say it in that many words or not.” And that will be the big take-away from Wray’s interview, because the rest of it was just the same-old same-old.

York did note something quite interesting: Wray never pointed specifically to “domestic terrorism” as THE big threat facing America, as he once would have. Maybe he knows that doesn’t really fly any longer.

Lightfoot out

When Lori Lightfoot was elected mayor of Chicago in 2019 by a 3-1 margin, the media trumpeted how “monumental” it was that she was the first black woman and the first lesbian to be elected mayor. In yesterday’s election, she came in third in an eight-candidate field, failing to qualify for the runoff (unless by some miracle, she can make up the gap with mail-in votes, and never dismiss the chances of a Democrat coming from behind to win if the vote count can just go on long enough.)

Lightfoot, whose tenure has been marked by a deadly crime wave and the resignations of many police officers, drew just 17% of the vote. Radio host Clay Travis joined a chorus of media figures cheering her ouster, noting that over 80% of Chicagoans voted against her, and “That level of incompetence is tough to pull off for an incumbent. Congrats to her."

Let’s hope former Georgia Rep. Vernon Jones is right, and that this shows “even liberals are tired of being unsafe.” Maybe this is a welcome sign that voters are finally starting to realize that the only identity box that should really matter when choosing leaders is the one labeled “Competent.” I also pray that it means residents of blue cities are finally having that “Eureka!” moment where they make the intellectual connection between the boxes they check on a ballot and all those people who keep robbing, raping, shooting and carjacking them.

The Supreme Court is skeptical of Biden administration student loan plan arguments

Monday, the Supreme Court heard arguments in the case of six states suing to block President Biden’s $400 billion student loan payoff scheme. While liberal Justices such as Elena Kagan seemed sympathetic to the idea that Congress gave Biden that power, the majority conservative Justices thankfully were skeptical of his attempt to rewrite the law, the Constitution and the English language.

They were right to be skeptical, since Biden himself has previously said he didn’t have the power to do this unilaterally. Also, the law he’s citing that allows the Education Department to forgive student loans was called the “Heroes Act” and was limited to military members fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan after 9/11. Biden is trying to expand it to any college loan borrower earning up to a six-figure income.

I’m not a lawyer, but I would submit as evidence a photo of a US Marine in Iraq and a photo of a nose-ringed gender studies major and ask the Court, “Which one of these people do you think Congress meant when they said ‘Heroes?’”

Hopefully, the SCOTUS will kill this naked power grab, an attempt to usurp Congress’ Constitutional power to determine major spending in order to buy votes from a key Democrat constituency: under-employed college grads with useless degrees. It’s also a huge transfer of wealth from poor working class taxpayers to wealthy degreed professionals. And once again, a Biden spending plan would supercharge inflation. Tuition at private colleges is already up by 150% since 1995, and if colleges think they can charge any amount and the government will pay it off, what do you think that will do to tuition prices in the future?

One sticking point is that the SCOTUS might refuse to rule based on the plaintiffs not having “standing;” that is, not being able to show that they are directly harmed. “Standing” has become a too-common method in recent years for courts to dodge their responsibility to protect the Constitution. If allowed to stand, this program will harm every American taxpayer and every citizen who doesn’t want Presidents to rewrite laws, ignore the Constitutional separation of powers, and rule like kings. We should all have “standing” to oppose it.

Of course, the more entertaining show was going on outside the Supreme Court, where all the protesters were gathered to demand that we pay off loans they voluntarily assumed.

Yes, that woman giving the crazy rant is the president of our largest teachers’ union. This is the person leading the people we pay to teach our children! Instead of paying off those student loans, maybe the students should demand a refund from the schools.

I couldn’t help thinking that since there are 11 million jobs open in America right now, maybe if those protesters would just take one of those, they could start paying off their student loans and then they wouldn’t have their Mondays free to hang out on sidewalks, demanding that other people pay their bills for them.

Afghanistan Reconstruction

As President Biden reportedly gears up to announce his reelection bid, the media are doing their best to bury his many failures. In the day-to-day struggle to survive inflation and other problems, the tragically botched pull-out of Afghanistan is being memory-holed, and that cannot be allowed. I won’t let my readers forget the American soldiers who were killed in a bombing due to the Biden team’s bad planning, or our Afghan allies who were left behind to the Taliban, or the Afghans who fell to their deaths while clinging desperately to planes, or the loss of billions of dollars’ worth of our military equipment to terrorists.

Fortunately, all those things are once again being dragged back into the spotlight thanks to a congressionally-mandated report by the special inspector general for Afghanistan Reconstruction.

As Rick Moran at PJ Media reports, both the Trump and Biden Administrations come in for criticism over the Doha withdrawal agreement, but it was Biden’s weak leadership and mistakes and his “abrupt and uncoordinated” pullout that allowed the Taliban to rapidly take over and turn it into a chaotic and deadly rout.

There are more details at the link, and I urge you to read and share it. Also please note that the inspector general’s office makes plain that the Afghanistan pattern of pouring American money into a corrupt government with little or no oversight also has “enormous implications” for US aid to Ukraine.

In a related story, here’s how the Taliban is doing exactly what we were assured they wouldn’t do and that anyone with a brain knew they would: they’re using fingerprints, gun records and all sorts of other data to identify and track down Afghans who helped Americans. You know, our brave allies whom we promised to help relocate for their safety before the pullout, but the Biden Administration just couldn’t get around to processing the paperwork fast enough.

A legitimate scandal

Speaking of scandals that aren’t being talked about enough, you’ve probably heard about how the confidential military records of former U.S. Air Force Commander Jennifer-Ruth Green showing that she was sexually assaulted were illegally leaked to a Democrat opposition research firm that gave them to the press when she was running against Indiana Democratic Congressman Frank Mrvan in 2022. Well, as Katie Pavlich at reports, she wasn’t the only Republican candidate whose confidential service records were leaked.

Daily Caller editor Vince Coglianese tweeted, “This is a legitimate scandal. The DCCC paid a Dem oppo shop which stole the identity of military veterans running for office – including full Social Security numbers – so they could rifle through their service records. More and more victims going public.” They include former GOP candidates Sam Peters and Kevin Dellicker, who say the Air Force has alerted them that their records were improperly released during the campaign. Freshman Rep. Anna Paulina Luna believes she was also a victim and she’s expanding a congressional investigation of the military leaking private records of political opponents to Democrat operatives.

Under any circumstances, stealing and leaking private records is both criminal and reprehensible. The idea that it was specifically being targeted against US military veterans makes my blood boil. I want the people who did this not only identified and prosecuted to the full extent of the law, I want each and every one of these slimeballs dragged into the House for public interrogation under oath so that every last ugly, disgusting detail of what they did will be put into the Congressional Record for everyone to see for all eternity. And if the questioners happen to uncover any personal, private, embarrassing information in the course of their that into the Congressional Record, too.


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  • George A Reynolds

    03/02/2023 08:53 PM

    I agree with you, Gov, that the "leaking" of military confidential data to Dems to do opposition against their opposing candidates is reprehensible. But I am sorry to say that, given the current state of affairs, with the entrenched bureaucracy, when all is said and done, more will be said than done. The bad guys will write books and get rich, and the good guys will be forgotten.

  • stephen russell

    03/01/2023 05:13 PM

    Purge whole FBI ALL
    Or scrap FBI, CIA DIA NSA

  • JC Holland

    03/01/2023 03:48 PM

    Bret Baier is the new Chris Wallace at Fox.

  • Samuel L. Smith Sr.

    03/01/2023 03:42 PM

    Wow! look at how the media is using all the other scandals to get the public off of and put on the back burners of the Biden's crime family. The only way those who leaked those military records will be put on trial will be if the GOP in both chambers grow a back bone and go after those rotten (_} you fill in the blank!