July 27, 2018

Reader Philip Crane, after seeing my Thursday commentary about the move in Congress to impeach deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, had this to say:

“Governor...landing a man on Mars this week would be more probable than this action --- it’s not going to work.  He needs to be FIRED by the President, along with all the other conspirators.  They must be tried for treason or sedition...whatever.”

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Although the word “treason” should be used judiciously, I agree wholeheartedly on the “Mars” part.  Sure enough, the resolution was tabled and, since Congress recesses this Friday, it won’t be taken up for at least five weeks (if then --- a lot can happen in five weeks).  For now, Rosenstein isn’t budging from his official perch, as inappropriate and fraught with conflict it might be.


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People who wince at the very thought of impeaching Rosenstein seem to me to be FROM Mars.  Yes, there’s good reason the bar is set very high; impeachment is supposed to be reserved for “high crimes and misdemeanors.”  I should mention I’m not a lawyer (many of whom will disagree with me here), but what about OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE?  “Obstruction” must be a very serious crime, because I hear the President’s enemies talking about impeaching him for it all the time, even with no evidence at all.  Disregarding subpoenas and withholding evidence, as the Department of Justice has absolutely done, is surely obstruction.

Come to think of it, though, Hillary disregarded subpoenas and withheld evidence and she didn’t face any charges at all.  Perhaps former FBI Director James Comey, if he hadn’t been canned, would do the same for Rosenstein as he did for Hillary and argue he didn’t INTEND to ignore those subpoenas.  Case dismissed!

Congressional investigators have been denied evidence that may very well be exculpatory for President Trump and others caught in the “Crossfire Hurricane,” and perhaps damning for his accusers.  Falsifying a document that requests permission to spy on an American citizen and signing off on the application (which we know Rosenstein and others did) --- wouldn’t that be criminal?  Again, I’m no lawyer, but it seems to me that it would be.

As I’ve said, impeaching seems to be the only card left to play.  A contempt of Congress charge means nothing --- just ask Eric Holder, who suffered no consequence and probably still considers it a badge of honor.  Jeff Sessions won’t fire him because he recused himself from anything concerning Russia.  Trump would love to fire him but has no doubt been advised by his lawyers to stay out of it rather than risk charges of obstruction.  (See, the bar has been set much lower for impeachment of a President!)  Somebody tell me:  if no one will impeach or fire Rosenstein, and Sessions can’t do the job, how do we go back to having a real attorney general again?

Meanwhile, the special counsel has announced it’s expanding its investigation to include (I am not kidding) President Trump’s TWEETS.  He’s going through the President’s Twitter feed to determine if Trump tried to “intimidate key figures in the Russia probe, like Jeff Sessions and James Comey, something that could amount to obstruction of justice charges.”  Legal experts speculate that Mueller’s looking for “a larger pattern of behavior.”

Good lord, has it come to this?  At least it proves my point that Trump’s lawyers have good reason to advise him to stay uninvolved and certainly not to fire anyone.  You can bet they’d like to take his phone away from him, too, and maybe whack it with a hammer for good measure, just to keep him from using it.  Hammer time!

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Hey, why not?  Hillary’s aides took a hammer to HER phone --- destroying evidence --- and nothing happened to them, or to her.

Finally, here’s another comment from reader Tom Willis, this one more positive:  “Yes, Trump could issue demands and start firing people.  Is he ‘playing them’?  The more they redact and it’s found subsequently that redactions have nothing to do with national security, then the DOJ and FBI look more untrustworthy and incompetent.  I also suggest that it moves people away from the DOJ and FBI camp into the Trump camp.”

 I tend to agree.  And the news that Mueller is stooping so low as to investigate Trump’s tweets (which lawyer Jonathan Turley called “the evidentiary dregs”) won’t be going over well with any thinking person.  It strikes us as weak, unconvincing and desperate, because it is.



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  • John Moore

    08/10/2018 05:23 PM

    Clearly, the problem must lie in Obama's stacking the country's courts with leftist judges. Why else would his attorney's be afraid of "obstruction" charges.

    Taxpayers are fed up with paying the circus fees. Fire them all and sanction CNN, NBC, New York Times, Bloomberg and on an on...…..

  • Dianne Roberts

    08/10/2018 10:09 AM

    I am so very angry about thus huge waste of federal resources and tax dollars. So much filth, lying, corruption, plotting, hate driven decisions against our rights as citizens and NOTHING CAN BE DONE ABOUT IT!


    07/27/2018 05:12 PM

    Just maybe these idiots who think it won't work had better read the Constitution. It is spelled out there that the House has the power to use impeachment against official who do not comply with the law!

  • Steve Sega

    07/27/2018 02:32 PM

    I would imagine Trump's lawyers are telling him to hold off firing Rosenstein until after the midterm elections. If Republicans pick up a few seats and/or replace some RINOs then President Trump will have the support he needs to fire Rosenstein even if impeachment charges are filed and I would welcome an impeachment, it is handled like a court case and evidence would have to be presented. All those bias texts, Podesta's emails, indictment of a Russian business that does not exist, one of the indicted Russians challenged and they had ZERO evidence against him, the convictions they did get had ZERO to do with Trump or Russia or the 2016 election, etc show it has always been a witch hunt and finally it would be broadcast live to eliminate media bias, people would hear it straight from the proverbial horse's mouth to finally see Democrats, the FBI, the DOJ and the media have been lying to them. Plus with having the votes already to keep from impeaching President Trump in place already, and you can not be tried for the same "crime" twice so it would (as Obama said to Putin) give him more "flexibility". An impeachment hearing would put Trump in a position where he shines like he did in debates against Hillary.

    Furthermore, President Trump could replace Sessions as AG since the current Senate said they will not vote for another AG. By then the obstruction from Democrats and RINOs would be gone or weakened enough to finally proceed, so this country can get back to running the way it is supposed to be. With a proper AG, who could then clean house after all this BS has ended. Drain the swamp!!

  • Joseph Aponik

    07/27/2018 02:31 PM

    Common Sense question - President Trump is in trouble if his son told him about a nothing meeting with some Russian with dirt on Hillary. Hillary pays for a FRAUDULENT Russian Dossier which is the BASIS for a special council investigation costing over $20 million, no problem. Just how much blatant CORRUPTION and LIES will it take to force a RESPONSE!

  • Philip Adanu

    07/27/2018 02:23 PM

    Why is it that most Republicans would enter a debate with superior facts & arguments, while Dems & leftists will want 2 shut it down with emotionalism, half-truths & outright lies?


    07/27/2018 01:57 PM

    Gov., why don't you offer a service like many and charge a modest monthly fee to get "Ad free news". initially yor news was ok but now I don't want to read it due to too many ads and superfluous pictures.

  • Amelia Little

    07/27/2018 01:25 PM

    I had read somewhere about how it is actually helpful to Trump's administration to keep the mueller witch hunt going. Several problems with that--first and foremost to me is the amount of tax payer dollars paying the people on this panel--how much does each person get each week? Probably as much as many people make all year!!! I think there are better things to spend our money on. (A long list--veterans, homeless, to start.) Another problem is--do not the American people get tired of the digging and digging and digging--and the only charges made by the counsel is against a person for things not related to Russian collusion and in fact took place well before any involvement in a political way? And to hear of all the liberals who have been found to be involved in wrong doing? Well, gee, we aren't investigating the FISA thing, so we aren't going to look any further into that.....of course, I'm betting those millions of people who only watch msm have not even heard about the FISA, or anyone, any agency that have been screwing up the FBI and DOJ--they probably don't even know documents were subpoenaed--or, if they have, they have probably only heard the great (cough cough) hosts on msm telling them (proudly) that no congressional committee is going to mess with these great agencies! Nope, no investigation into anyone liberal, and the agency they lead (no matter how corruptly) but, since we have not, in all this time, found any Trump/Russia collusion, we will continue to snag anyone who is associated with President Trump, oh, and maybe, just maybe, we'll find a tweet from 2010 (or whenever tweet started)--ONE TWEET---let's see if we can do something with that!! It's all a farce, and I'm tired of my taxes going to pay for them to continue.

  • Michael J. Waltrip

    07/27/2018 12:18 PM

    Hey Mike. Great article. I had wondered if impeachment was wise with no crime, but there is crimes. You laid it out clear. This wasn't clear in the news of the articles of impeachment. I play guitar, we should jam sometime! Take care and God be with you and your family.

  • Wayne McKinney

    07/27/2018 11:58 AM

    I am completely exhausted by the entire situation with the foot-dragging DOJ and I suspect that is what they are trying to accomplish. I hope you and your followers can keep your foot on the accelerator and wear them down.
    I believe that the coming election will be the most consequential of all time and what happens following will shape the political landscape for many decades. If the Left successfully gains control then all the cover-up events of the past 25 years will be swept so far under the morass of classified documents that they will never be disclosed.
    Governor, please stay vigilent and help us save this remarkable republic.

    Wayne McKinney

  • Dennis Davis

    07/27/2018 11:07 AM

    Hi Mike,
    So what can be done to remedy this Rosenstein, Mueller, and piece of work Sessions obstruction of and delaying facts needed to show Americans the corruption that is being hid? It appears our DOJ took the advice of criminal Eric Holder who told them just to denounce/object to anything Congress oversight demands from them. Contempt means nothing to them, threats do nothing, now they finally file articles for impeachment and looks like nothing going to take place. It is depressing that our elected officials can't do NOTHING! I wrote my elected officials who are all Republicans and so far they have silent lips on this subject although one fights (Grassley) but still he can't get them to do what we need. So Mike since you know more about the political arena what can be done or what should be done? I am baffled on this issue.

  • Robert Pierro

    07/27/2018 10:50 AM

    This article by this person is spot on.... I completely agree as well as probably millions of others do.... We are so sick of knowing all this information and obstruction with no action taken by our gutless representatives, it is disgusting.... So much as I like and believe the Fox News channel of being un-biased by having opposing views on, I find myself turning the channel because I am sick of hearing all about this stuff and no action taken......