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October 17, 2022

I’ve seen characters in horror movies spend less time running in terror from mad slashers than Arizona Democratic gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs spends running in terror from debating her Republican opponent, Kari Lake. A number of Democrats are dodging debates this year, but Hobbs has turned it into a full-time occupation, prodded by Lake’s persistence in trying to get her to defend her views. Lake was even ejected from a townhall because Hobbs couldn’t function knowing she was in the same room with her.

Hobbs’ aversion to debating Lake has become so chronic that even sycophantic media outlets are starting to notice. Sunday, both candidates were interviewed (separately, of course) by CNN’s Dana Bash. Bash pointed out to Hobbs that Lake had just answered all her questions live, and asked why, if Lake is as “dangerous to democracy” as she claims, Hobbs won’t debate her? Hobbs replied, “That’s exactly what I am doing right now.”

As a veteran of quite a few political debates, let me just say this: “No, you aren’t. You’re talking to a friendly media outlet with your opponent nowhere around. That’s not a debate. That’s an interview.”

But I can see why she doesn’t want to debate if she can’t even handle her puffball shots on CNN. Hobbs was asked five times if she supported any limits at all on abortion on demand, and she dodged the question five times. She also denied that the Democrats bear any responsibility for rampaging inflation, claiming it’s driven by “skyrocketing housing costs.” First, no, it’s not. Second, so housing is more expensive because housing is more expensive?

In response, Lake channeled her inner Dr. Seuss, saying, “I will debate you on a stage. I will debate you in a parking lot. I will debate in a library. I will debate you in a bar. I will debate you in a car. I will debate you on CNN. I will debate you on MSNBC...I’ll even debate you on ‘The View,’ and let Joy Behar and Whoopi ask the questions. But show some courage!”

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