April 5, 2019

A Tale of Two Cities: 

In Washington, DC, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos proposed cutting $18 million in funding for the Special Olympics.  She said the organization already has plenty of financial support and didn’t need the federal money, and with a  $20 trillion national debt, we’re doing young Americans no favors by borrowing against their future.  The proposed cut was greeted with outrage and furious condemnation.  President Trump replied that he would not implement the cut, but that didn’t stop the continuing outrage and condemnation of him as cruel and heartless. Special Olympics International President Tim Shriver gloated, “In some ways the most powerless, vulnerable, forgotten people in the country brought to their knees the most powerful people in the country.” 

In Albany, New York, the Democratic legislature and Gov. Andrew Cuomo cut state funding for the Special Olympics by $50,000 (a 25% reduction) while giving themselves a lavish pay raise (Cuomo’s $70,000 raise will make him the highest-paid Governor in America.)  After some mild protests, Cuomo reversed the cut and was showered with praise and thanks.  Shriver declared, “Special Olympics New York is grateful to the Governor for his generous support during a difficult budget year.”

I guess the deference to Cuomo is because Albany is facing a difficult budget year and Washington isn’t.

Speaking of difficult budget years, all New Yorkers are going to be facing a lot more of those, thanks to that very same Democratic government in Albany.  Michael Goodwin in the New York Post calls it “the slow-motion disaster undermining New York’s economy.”


While Republicans still held the Senate, they were able to keep the brakes on some of the worst inclinations of the left.  But New York voters, in their wisdom, handed the entire state government over to Democrats, and they just finished crafting their new economic plan.  It includes fat raises for all of them, plus $100 million worth of public funding for political campaigns, and lots more spending (a 4% increase in an already-bloated budget), paid for by a host of new taxes and fees on just about everything they could think of. 

With the new $15 minimum wage law causing the first drop in restaurant jobs in 20 years, and the already sky-high taxes driving high earners to move to other states, this will likely just accelerate the exodus of taxpayers and leave an even bigger budget shortfall, which the Dems will try to offset with even higher taxes and fees, which will drive even more people out.

Red states should start preparing for the New York tax refugees’ arrival now by creating newcomer welcome brochures that explain why this is a place you wanted to move to, so don’t come here and vote for people who espouse the same idiotic leftist policies that just caused you to leave the place you fled.

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