October 5, 2018


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Today's Commentary --- With Kavanaugh, Leftists show us what they really are -- The impact of the Kavanaugh hysteria -- A guest post from Doris D. -- Reader comment of the day -- Brett Kavanaugh's Op-Ed -- Huck PAC invests in conservatives -- Evening Edition - Daily Verse


Calling all sane people.  We have to stand up, draw the red line, make America sane again.  Because the Left will never stop.  Even after Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed (at this writing, it seems likely to happen on Saturday), they will do anything they can to get him off the Court or delegitimize him.  Since there is no corroboration whatsoever of any sexual misconduct on his part, they’ll try to impeach him on allegations of over-indulging in adult beverages when he was a teen and lying about it.  That’s quite a stretch, because it seemed to me that he was quite forthcoming under oath about his great fondness for beer as a teenager –- maybe even going a little overboard on that point.  But it doesn’t matter.

Or they’ll try to get him for his very understandable rant --- his "temperament" --- when he was called before the Judiciary Committee to defend himself against unsubstantiated allegations of attempted rape.  (And, of course, he couldn't win.  If he'd been calm, they'd be saying an innocent man would have been angry.)  He has written an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal explaining his “emotional” and “passionate” reaction to his youthful behavior being “ridiculously distorted” in front of his family and expressing the hope that he would be evaluated on the merits of his usual calm demeanor.  Leftists are already ridiculing him for writing it.  His usual calm demeanor doesn’t matter.



Mike Huckabee


The impact of the Kavanaugh hysteria

By Mike Huckabee

Remember, all of the angry protests and unhinged rhetoric you’re seeing and hearing over Brett Kavanaugh’s SCOTUS nomination is based on the premise that women never lie about sexual assault allegations.  Tell that to this teenage boy, who I hope had no dreams of ever being on the Supreme Court 40 years from now.  



A guest post from Doris D.

By Doris D.

I would like to speak out about women who make assault claims against men years after the event occurred. I believe I have the right to speak on this, as I was a victim of a brutal attack in October of 1972.

When I was 17, I went to a haunted house. I was at the end of the line as we passed through the first room, and just before I went through the second doorway, a man who was working for the haunted house reached up, grabbed my right arm, twisted it behind my back and pulled me down in a pit. I screamed my head off, but everyone else in the building was screaming, too. (what a perfect set up for a pervert) 
As soon as I figured out the Calvary was not coming, me and this guy began to fight like two junk yard dogs. (I forgot to mention I was a farm girl with an older brother, so this was not my first knock down drag out fight) I found a board in the darkness and smacked him right across his face, I kneed him in the groin at least twice, found the board again and cracked him across the knees and the back of his shoulders. He had me by the neck and was shaking me for a while, he pulled out a chunk of my hair, ripped my shirt to shreds and left long deep scratches down both of my arms. Finally I body slammed him up against the wall and was trying to climb out of the pit, when he grabbed me by the waist and pulled me back in, and I proceeded to kick and hit and bite until he decided I was more trouble than he had bargained for, and he threw me through a door where I tumbled down some concrete steps and came to rest on the lawn. He came out of the house and was standing on the porch under a light, and I still can’t tell you what he looked like, other than he was about 6’ tall, blonde and was wearing a local college sweatshirt. I know my first swing of the board got him good, because he had blood running down his face and it was all over my shirt as well. I jumped up and took off running for my car, locked all the doors, bawled n squalled for a bit, then drove home to get my dad!!! 



Reader comment of the day

By Laura Ainsworth

From Nicholas B, in response to Laura Ainsworth’s commentary on hysterical female activists setting women back decades:

“Could not agree more.  It’s embarrassing.  As a somewhat recent divorcee, I have little interest in wading through the screaming, man-hating idiots out there in hopes of finding a decent woman again. Celibacy, and, frankly, being a hermit, is seeming very attractive these days.”

From Laura:  Thanks, Nicholas, for proving my point.  You are Exhibit A.  But there are some decent women left out here.  (Hint:  look for conservative women.)  The current hateful environment is making lots of rational people, male and female, think about becoming hermits. 


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Brett Kavanaugh's Op-Ed

By Mike Huckabee

Brett Kavanaugh has written an op-ed apologizing for getting too emotional in his testimony (as if he didn’t have plenty of reason to) and saying things he shouldn’t have said (like calling it a partisan smear campaign by Democrats, which is like apologizing for saying the sky is blue), and promising that he will decide cases in a thoughtful, impartial way based on the Constitution and the law – just as he’d done for the past 12 years, earning him a sterling reputation for integrity until some Senate Democrats pulled a Hail Mary pass and tried to claim that he was a drunken gang rapist. 

You can read the entire article at the link, but I think I both summarized it and annotated it pretty well in one sentence.


Huck PAC invests in conservatives

By Mike Huckabee

Huck PAC continues to support conservatives nationwide.  Today we are sending an additional $22,800 to candidates, bringing our totals this year to: $30,000 for U.S. Senate candidates, $70,000 for U.S. House candidates and $37,300 to local candidates.  



Evening Edition - October 4

By Mike Huckabee

A wrap-up of all the news you might have missed yesterday!


Daily Verse

"Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believest thou this?"

- John 11:25-26

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