June 3, 2019

Wouldn’t you know it?  President Trump just announced tariffs on Mexico if they don’t do more to fight the flood of illegal immigrants into the US, and already CNN is trying to panic Americans by warning that this could cause the cost of a burrito at Chipotle to rise by a whole nickel.

Funny how little coverage we hear from liberal news outlets about the effects of imposing a $15 minimum wage on fast food outlets, but that extra nickel per burrito is the last straw.  (I should mention, they also try to panic Americans into not asking for straws at Chipotle.)



If you listened to some people, you’d think that the Trump Administration hates immigrants and wants to build a wall around the entire country.  But as I’ve said many times, the left can’t win an argument using the facts as they stand, so they have to create their own set of facts and constantly redefine words.  This is how, in their parlance, “illegal aliens” became “immigrants” and violent, drug-pushing criminal illegal aliens in the MS-13 gang became “all Mexicans.”  It’s meant to paint Trump as a racist/white supremacist just for trying to enforce immigration laws that both parties passed, and it’s worked with a lot of people.

But if you’re one of those rare folks who is still concerned with actual facts, you might find this interesting:  A narrative-shattering new report from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services shows more people became American citizens in fiscal year 2018 than any time in the past five years. (Reminder: that timespan includes the Obama Administration.)

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USCIS, which is part of the Department of Homeland Security, released a statement reading, “In the last fiscal year, USCIS adjudicated more than eight million requests for immigration benefits, which is a 28 percent increase over the last five fiscal years. USCIS also helped make the American dream become a reality for 757,000 new citizens, a five-year high in new oaths of citizenship.”

The numbers reflect a 6% increase in the number of naturalizations from 2017 to 2018, as well as a 61% increase in the number of immigrants granted asylum. Wait, I thought that when immigrants requested asylum, Trump personally ripped their children from their arms and put them into dog pounds? Well, maybe that slander stems from this stat:  the Fraud Detection and National Security division also followed up on 149,300 leads in 2018, a 14 percent increase over 2017.  Detecting fraud is not something many Trump critics are too keen on, whether it’s asylum claim fraud or their own fraudulent claims and investigations. 

Speaking of fraud, the charge that Trump hates immigrants is plainly fraudulent, as proved not only by these numbers but by his own actions and words.  At the link above is a video of him hosting a naturalization ceremony at the White House where he warmly welcomed new citizens.  He told them: 

“By taking this oath, you have forged a sacred bond with this nation, its traditions, its culture, and its values. This heritage is now yours to protect, promote, and pass down to the next generation and to the next wave of newcomers to our shores. Our history is now your history. Our traditions are now your traditions. And our Constitution is now yours to safeguard, celebrate, and cherish.”

Immigrants who gladly go through the entire difficult process of becoming US citizens understand that, which is why it’s insulting to assume that they’ll vote for anyone who supports illegal immigration by giving the rights they worked so hard to earn to people who disrespected and evaded our system.  I have talked to many who see that as a slap in the face to them and to their adopted home. 

As Trump said, these immigrants love America and want to adopt our culture and traditions as their own.  Knowing better than natural-born Americans what it’s like to live under socialism or other systems that don’t respect individual rights, they fervently want to safeguard, celebrate and cherish the Constitution. 

Going by that, I’d say it’s no wonder Trump’s critics want to redefine the word “immigrants.” They have very little in common with immigrants as traditionally defined.



Sunday, Americans across the nation took part in a day of prayer for the President.  I talked about this on my TBN show this weekend.  The idea was suggested by the Rev. Franklin Graham.  Naturally, it was attacked and misrepresented by the left, but it was not a partisan political event or an attempt to claim God’s support for any particular policies.  It was just to ask God to bless and guide the man who leads our nation, that he will be safe and make good and wise decisions in these dangerous times.  As Graham said, “The Bible instructs us to pray for those who are in authority,” and if the President succeeds, we all benefit, while if he is torn down and fails, it harms our entire nation.

On Sunday, President Trump was in Virginia Beach and took time to attend a local church to pray for the victims of Friday’s horrific shooting.  The pastor invited him to come up, and he gave a wonderful example of how to pray for a President that is not partisan or political but that reminds us all of what is truly important. It was a prayer for wisdom, safety and guidance, not just for the President but for his family and for all officials in Congress and the courts.  This is what it looks like when we put aside the partisan hatred and divisiveness and let what Abraham Lincoln called “the better angels of our nature” take the lead.

At this link are some excerpts from that prayer and a must-see video.  Imagine how much better off America could be, and how much less hatred and divisiveness we would feel, if only everyone would just listen to these words and bear them in mind every day instead of taking their cues from angry Twitter tweets and 24-hour “news” channels.


President Trump is in Great Britain for a state visit, and this link has a good round-up of what happened there, in words and images.

It was a visit that featured impressive and reassuring moments of solidarity between the US President and Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles and top political leaders.  But being a Trump visit, of course, it was also marred by attacks and hostilities, chiefly from the publicity-seeking mayor of London, Sadiq Khan.  Trump responded in typically Trumpian fashion, referring to Khan as a “stone-cold loser;” as incompetent as New York’s Bill DeBlasio, only shorter (Khan is 5-foot-6, to save all the “fact-checkers” the trouble); and a mayor who should be concentrating on fixing London’s many problems instead of attacking him.

Khan’s spokesman fired back that Trump’s remarks were “childish insults which should be beneath the President of the United States," a complaint that might be reasonable if Trump hadn’t been asked to respond to Khan’s call to ban him from visiting the UK on grounds that he’s a “fascist” and “one of the most egregious examples of a growing global threat.”

Trump has a point: before lecturing us about growing global threats, maybe Khan should deal with the growing threat of being unable to walk around London after dark without getting robbed or knifed.  Apparently, he thinks that getting knifed instead of shot reflects an improvement thanks to his sterling leadership.


MY MONOLOGUE June 1 2019

Let me begin by mentioning that I’m joining with Franklin Graham for a special day of prayer for the President this weekend, for Sunday, June 2.  Franklin, who is CEO of the truly wonderful Christian relief organization Samaritan’s Purse, invited people around the world to simply pray for the President on Sunday, June 2.  The Bible commands us to pray for our leaders, even if we didn’t vote for them, so it’s not a political statement you’re making to other people, but a spiritual statement you’re talking about to God.  Over 250 faith leaders from around the nation are signed on as sponsors, and I hope you will be part of the day of prayer. 

Now, Let me assume for a moment you don’t like President Trump and voted for Hillary.  Let me assume that you don’t like his tweets, his blunt style of speaking, or his policies.  I’ll even assume—just for discussion sake—that you honestly believe that the record job numbers for African-Americans, Hispanics and women, and the hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs that are back in the last 2 years are the result of the Obama policies, even though President Obama said those manufacturing jobs were never coming back and that the current 3 plus percent GDP growth was something we’d never see again.  Let’s just assume that the income increases seen by people at the bottom of the wage scale are also because of the policies that happened when President Obama was in office.  And the record stock market highs for the past 2 years also have nothing to do with President Trump.  So let me assume you actually believe all of that.  Now let me ask you an important question:  We’ve been hearing for 3 years that Russia interfered in our elections.  So just to make something clear—who was President when the 2016 elections were underway?  Clue:  It wasn’t Donald Trump.  He was a mere private citizen and candidate.  It was Barak Obama.  And the people who were being paid by your tax dollars to protect us from foreign interference were FBI Director James Comey, Assistant Director Andrew McCabe, high level agents Peter Strozk and Lisa Page, Department of Justice officials like Attorney General Loretta Lynch, high level official Bruce Ohr, and national security and intel officials like John Brennan and James Clapper.  THEY were the ones who actually were responsible for stopping foreign meddling.  So why on earth are they on TV every day, not to apologize for the disgustingly inept job they did, or for launching an illegal spying operation on a Presidential candidate, but to blame Donald Trump for the so-called Russian meddling.  I’m simply asking you to explain how a man not in office was responsible for the things that happened when his predecessor was in office, but the things that happened AFTER he was elected that truly improved our economy and jobs for minorities somehow were solely because of the people who no longer were in office.  Does that make any sense to anyone other than the Trump-haters or the media, but I repeat myself. 

I’m not trying to make you love or even vote for Donald Trump.  That’s a decision you should make.  I AM hoping to make you think about what you’ve been told and sold by the media, the left, and the DC swamp creatures from both Democrat and Republican parties and realize something just doesn’t add up. 

So, do your own math.  And make sure you can explain how people in office weren’t responsible for the bad things that happened while in office, but somehow were responsible for the good things that happened after they packed up and left.  And how people not in office were responsible for the things that happened while they weren’t in government, but once they got in and things got going right, they had nothing to do with it.  As Ricky Ricardo would say to Lucy, “You’ve got a lot of ‘splainin” to do!”



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  • Amelia Little

    06/04/2019 10:11 PM

    I've never eaten at Chipotle's, so don't think the price of their burritos will bother me. I tend to like my own that I make at home--simple without all the extras!! And, I don't eat avocados, including guacamole and salsas that contain them, so the price of those aren't going to bother me either. I'm sure there will be those who will die without a Chipotle burrito or anything avocado. Of course, they could reduce their intake of these and pay the higher price? lol. I guess there might be those who think their being able to buy these items at current prices is more important than the health, not only of the illegals as they travel in their caravans and after they cross the border, but also the health of all those affected--especially in sanctuary cities where they increase the homeless base by the thousands. And, of course the mounds of human waste, used drug needles, and all other garbage which we recently learned has increased the rat problem expotentially, AND, of course, diseases associated with all that. Sure, these days we have drugs to combat these diseases--can you imagine the cost that is going to incur? And, who will get treatment first? The illegals? Will insurance (for those who have it) cover the cost? If not, will the tax payers get to foot the bill, or will these people just be sh33 out of luck?

  • Waylon Bush

    06/04/2019 05:54 PM

    Has anyone noticed that the Republicans are constantly on defense? Despite the mueller "whatever it was", and despite the prophecies of "something big is coming" by many conservatives, the Republicans remain having to play defense. Something tells me, they will remain in a perpetual state of "being on defense". Defense may win ballgames, but methinks in politics, you have to continue to pound the ball down the opponent's throat. The dems understand the playbook.

  • William J Douglas

    06/04/2019 09:34 AM

    Read your blog regularly. Thanks for the 'splainin'.

  • Jerry Korba

    06/04/2019 01:18 AM

    Mike when U mentioned those obama cartel I said to myself what a bunch of unfit members of the government agencies ripping me and American taxpayers off and that is the lease bit of our worries they have undermined the military, lives lost, the military personal that lost limbs, all the personal anguish our military people brought home with them just to protect our freedoms that these insane bastards are trying to destroy. How do they look at the 75 years since D day will they cheer the lost of life as our military stormed the beach or got shot out of the sky it is so sad I even think they could do that but this is a shameless bunch they tried to undermine our President so I can not give them a pass they have done so much damage and they are going to mess that up also; call them loser, that they are but for me that is not enough I call them an enemy of this country. While here on Earth I can not forgive them they know what they are doing forgiveness is not an option. By the looks of some of them they will be looking for forgiveness soon enough they will be judged by God who has blessed this nation with many gifts and many great people one being our President ; God knows he was not perfect but God needed to give the President a look at other side of good so he could deal with the Obama Bunch; the President is looking to restore all the blessings God gave us God bless our President. ONE NATION UNDER GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Only way to Live.......

  • Tom Claycomb III

    06/03/2019 11:54 PM

    Great article, Tom

  • Janice Brink

    06/03/2019 11:42 PM

    Mr Mike, you are the best at explaining what is going on, with all the things that are going on!
    Keep on , we love you!!

  • Milton Woodham

    06/03/2019 10:32 PM

    Hi Mike:

    If you ever decide to move away from politics then you could have a great career as a deadpan standup comedian. Wait, maybe it's only conservatives like me who see the humor in the liber hypocrisy that you describe so well.

    Milt Woodham


    06/03/2019 10:26 PM

    I saw you on Hannity tonight, always love your commentary. Just wanted to mention something regarding homelessness in LA, and other big cities, these are sanctuary cities also. I lived in LA for 40 years. When I moved there in 1979, the homeless problem was nothing like it is today, over 60,000 people live on the streets. Not to long ago there was a ballot measure that took away the ability of police to move or remove these people from the streets. I had a homeless encampment a half a block from my home, the police told me the only way they could remove them was if they were drinking in public, and then after a few days, they would be right back! This is disgusting. So after my husband passed, I moved, I moved to Nevada, much better where I am, cleaner, etc. and we are working on providing housing for the homeless.
    Oh, some other item regarding California, over the weekend I read in our local paper where California will ALLOW the electric companies to just shut down if there is a threat of a wild fire! Just shut down their electricity! Imagine hospitals, government offices, the poor, police and fire departments and hundreds of others like people on respirators and more ! I am so glad I left. Check this out it's more then horrible, it should be illegal! And the story went on to say that this could happen for an indefinite time! Can you just imagine ?
    Carmen Price
    Reno, NV

  • Bebe Macdonald

    06/03/2019 09:33 PM

    I have seen that David Platt apologized to his church for praying for the President. What’s up with that? He should feel honored that God put Trump in his church in order for him to pray for him. Platt is in a liberal part of the country and it would probably serve him well to do what God wants not his congregation. The Bible says pray for our leaders.

  • Elaine Liming

    06/03/2019 09:29 PM

    I am with you; truth and facts to back that truth , speaks for itself. However those who continue to wear blinders and have cover their ears to hear the truth are a danger to our Constitutional Republic. I think our justice system needs to do their constitutional duty and bring all the deep state people to account for their crimes. This truth is necessary to bring us together. However to make this a reality we must pray like we have never before and make our voices heard that this evil in our culture today must be stopped. I always like the story in scripture where the lady needing flour late in the night, knocks on her neighbor's door till he finally comes to see who is at the door. ( It may seem like a simple thing for him to do, his family is already asleep, and yet knowing he will wake them all up; he meets the women's needs. We have to keep knocking and praying. God will answer our prayers.


    06/03/2019 08:50 PM

    Mick st is very refreshing to read your writhing , it like a fresh air. America need that because all the rest is garbage.

  • John Lewis

    06/03/2019 07:11 PM

    Thanks Mike! I copied your last few paragraphs to send to some of my Trump hating friends who seem to think that CNN is the only truthful source of news! (I actually feel sorry for them )

  • Beverly Corl

    06/03/2019 06:48 PM

    I pray for our president every day. I pray God gives him wisdom making the decisions he needs to make for the good of our country and for us citizens. I pray for a hedge of Angels to surround him, his family, his staff, and also for our vice president and family too. I commend President Trump for his tenacity to keep going in running our country and getting things done inspite of all the turmoil and hatred that is thrown at him on a daily basis. I believe God put him in office for this time in our history. We needed a man with integritry and tenacity and love for this great country. I have a difficult time with all of lies, hate, fasle accusations, and our new congresswomen who do not even know our country's history Also our untruthful and hateful media. All they give is lies, lies, and more lies. What is happening to our country, Governor Huckebee? It has gone crazy. I know God has a plan. But it is so difficult to put up with all of the stupidity evil that is going on in this country. God help us! May God give grace to our country. For we surely need it. One more thing, my heart brakes for these innocent babies that are being torn from their mother's womb. I am so appalled at what some women are asking for, the right to kill their own baby. Can't they here what they are saying? It's unbelievable what is happening in our country. God have mercy on us!
    So glad we have a pro-life president in office. I pray he wins the election again in 2020. I plan to vote for him again!

  • Ann Weigler

    06/03/2019 05:59 PM

    Dear Mike,
    I agree with you completely. Facts are facts. How to get to the non-believers? I wish I knew, but I hope and pray you keep trying!
    Never give up!

    Ann Weigler