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January 13, 2021

Facebook has permanently banned a clothing retailer called Patriotic Me for alleged violations of terms of service, but the company can’t get anyone from Facebook to explain what they did wrong.

The business was started by a wife and mother who sells non-partisan clothes with patriotic themes, such as the American flag. A portion of every sale goes to the Tunnels to Towers Foundation, a charity to help injured veterans and first responders (I’ve had the founder of that group on “Huckabee” as a Huck’s Hero:

Sales are down by 94% because Facebook has cut off their traffic, and the owner can’t get through to any live human to explain why so that they can correct it. Let’s hope the increased exposure forces Facebook to respond and relent. In the meantime, here’s the shop’s website, which at least is still allowed to be online.


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Congratulations Greg!

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Comments 1-25 of 78

  • Carolyn Powers

    01/17/2021 06:42 PM

    Truly a said comment on the state of this country.

  • Mike Hammons

    01/17/2021 04:34 PM

    Wow a person doing the right to support veterans gets hammered by a large company with no soul.

  • Jane Casares

    01/17/2021 01:06 PM

    Facebook will eventually rue the day it arbitrarily destroyed people's livelyhood because of politics. Mother taught me you meet the same people going down in this world as you met going up. How you treat them will determine how you are treated. You should be more humble and honor the scriptures either New Testament or Old . God is watching you.

  • Marcia A. Moore

    01/17/2021 07:58 AM

    I hope they can survive .

  • Sheryl Cook

    01/17/2021 06:32 AM

    Love you Huckabee. Keep up the good work!! ????

  • Shelly Bodirsky

    01/16/2021 08:28 PM

    These platforms are biting the hands that are feeding them.... We the people have the power to put them in check if we so chose to. They forget they need us in order for them to thrive, to get paid for advertising, etc.. If we drop certain Platforms and such others they will lose their income and their sponsors and investors, etc.... HIT them where it hurts.. their pockets. Who do they think they are? We are not children to be chastised by who for what? We don't need them.. we have phones we can pick up and actually call and talk like we did in the old days and NOT text.. They want to censor people's speeches, when attempting to share jesus words only dot com, a web site, this platform blocked and claimed it violated their standards and yet the same platform allows others to share videos of people having sex with animals??? When it was reported many times they would not remove and said it did not go against their community standards? People when is enough enough?


    01/16/2021 04:31 PM

    I can not believe that someone hasn't taken out Zuckerberg and his minions (I don't mean "kill" just taken them out of popularity)! Talk about a socialist organization - FACEBOOK IS THE PRIME EXAMPLE!!!

  • Anne Moss

    01/16/2021 11:27 AM

    Sign me up.

  • Laurie Cox

    01/16/2021 10:15 AM

    What happened? My heart aches with the changes in this country

  • Chere Berman

    01/15/2021 11:47 PM

    Bullying and censoring will all backfire on Facebook and other Big Tech giants who want to control the narrative for their own selfish agenda.

  • Gail Broussard

    01/15/2021 09:08 PM

    Have Faith G ok d will open a door keep going dont give up we will not bow down to the demons! In Jesus Name!

  • T D English

    01/15/2021 08:35 PM

    Just posted a link to the Patriotic Me website on my FB page. If more people do that, it will provide exposure for the company.

  • Randi Spaulding

    01/15/2021 05:13 PM

    I am disgusted with division of Americans. Why do these powerful men need to cancel culture? Fear competition? We all need to get along and accept our countrymen differing viewpoints. This makes us AMERICANS, we're TOLERANT to listen to others viewpoints and find COMMON ground. Sick of milk toast same same matchy matchy.

  • Amelia Little

    01/15/2021 09:39 AM

    I quite imagine they don't respond to this and to others because they don't violate any rules, regulations, etc etc etc. Just some low-lever censor decides their products might "offend" somebody, somewhere--or maybe they are offended by patriotism and religion. The higher ups probably never check to see why--so again, they can't answer. If "made in the USA" things offend them, they will need to ban every single person, regardless of their political slant, who was born in the USA--and that would probably include some of them, too.

  • Helen Ilari

    01/15/2021 12:10 AM

    I hate that you forgot where you came from, and now, you think you control the world. You are nothing but a dumbass. In assuming YOU at least have a high school degree. BECAUSE you ARE the dumbasses trying to destroy out beautiful America. If you don’t love this country, then move own AND leave the beautiful remnants of this awesome country intact:

  • Amy Molina

    01/14/2021 10:38 PM

    Facebook I’m disgusted with your dishonesty and bigotry. Censorship is wrong. I will be delete your site

  • Ann Southard

    01/14/2021 09:04 PM

    Mike, This is all just making me sick and I feel so helpless. I feel so sorry for President Trump. He never deserved any of this. If there's anything we can do just let us know. I know my vote counted some but just wasn't enough. I have to split my pills and take half of the meds I'm on to watch our money now so can't donate but will do what a 76yr old lady with copd can do.. Haha Maybe something on the computer. You take care Mike and hang in there..

  • Sherrye Craig

    01/14/2021 08:55 PM

    I searched Facebook for the term “blackout”, and landed on a page of a person who was in the crowd of rioters at the Capitol on 1/6. The posts were from the conspiracy theory folks. Unbelievable that they can post but others are banned.

  • Lillian Oiler

    01/14/2021 07:59 PM

    I never thought I would live to see, free speech attacked the way it is now! It is like we are now a communist country! Lord have mercy on the United States of America!! Still stand with President Trump!

  • Gary Wiegele

    01/14/2021 07:36 PM

    We need to figure out how to eliminate Facebook. Put them out of business. Someone with the means could start a firm to compete. They would win..

  • Les Caldwell

    01/14/2021 06:23 PM

    Always stop and listen when I see tou are being interviewed. Voted for you in A GA primary for Pres. years back. Am a fan.

  • Susan Fisher McClure

    01/14/2021 06:02 PM

    Mike; we all need to get off Facebook. What alternative do you recommend?

  • Adele Randazzo

    01/14/2021 02:29 PM

    This censorship has to stop. I'm sick of these. Libs targeting Conservatives.Karma is coming to Zuckerberg and the rest of them!!

  • Claudia Sangster

    01/14/2021 01:44 PM

    The best way to combat this nonsense is to buy from this company which I just did!

  • J. J. Long

    01/14/2021 01:36 PM

    Facebook, like most of the lunatics on the left, make kneejerk emotional bias decisions instead of waiting for facts or using logic. They are an immature child with money and power.