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January 20, 2023

In yesterday’s installment of the Biden classified documents scandal, we made the case that some of the documents at issue likely contained information about Biden selling out his office to Ukraine as son Hunter raked in the cash.

One connection among various players involved the Election Integrity Project (EIP), which got its start-up funding with a big check from George Soros and was originally headed by former FBI investigator and Senate staffer Daniel Jones.  The Ukrainian organization AntAC --- Anti-Corruption Action Center, which was (haha) being investigated for corruption --- also was funded by Soros.

From 2017 to 2019, Jones was a fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School’s Carr Center for Human Rights Policy, where we found this brief bio:   

Jones is now president of the Penn Quarter Group.  That sounds intriguingly like the PENN Biden Center, which received all its funding from the University of PENN-sylvania, which, in turn, received a whopping $50 million in funding from the Communist Chinese.  Could there be any connection, or is this another amazing coincidence?

We went to the PQG website to see if they had a physical address, wondering if it might be the same as for the Penn Biden Center (101 Constitution Avenue), but there’s only a P.O. box.  Surely if they actually shared the office space being searched by Biden’s attorneys for Obama-era top-secret documents, we’d have heard.  But who knows?  So far, we haven’t even heard why they were searching in the first place.

According to the bio of Daniel Jones at their site, Jones was not just any staffer but a staff member for the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.  This would’ve been when California Sen. Dianne Feinstein headed the committee. 

So, what does the PQG do?  They say they “fill information gaps.”  Specifically, they “work with executive boards, organizational leaders, creative departments and other data-driven agencies to fill information gaps and solve complex problems.”  We’d say that any organization whose mission it is to “fill information gaps” is, in itself, a complex problem.

To fill those gaps and solve those problems, they assemble diverse teams consisting of “open source specialists; public policy experts; financial analysts; media specialists; marketing professionals; business and not-for-profit leaders; academics; and experts in social media analysis; as well as former elected officials [editorial aside:  we’re betting Donald Trump and Devin Nunes are not among them]; investigative journalists [editorial aside:  we’re betting John Solomon and Paul Sperry are not among them]; government investigators; and intelligence professionals.”

Jones founded another nonprofit called Advance Democracy Inc.  Like other nonprofits, it calls itself nonpartisan, which is hilarious when you go to the “Program Areas” page that lists the issues they’re involved in…

ADI “investigates entities undermining the global consensus on climate change.”  That’s just for starters; if you read the whole page, you’ll really get the idea of what they’re about, and it’s certainly not REAL election integrity, nor is it the First Amendment.  As expected.

ADI is typically the kind of organization funded by George Soros’ Open Society Foundations, and as Jones received his start-up money for the Election ‘Integrity’ Project from Soros, we thought we’d go looking to see if Soros still has the checkbook out for him.  We didn’t find a list of donors.

According to, Advance Democracy “investigated the dissemination of QAnon conspiracy theory and social media messaging in the 2020 U.S. Presidential elections.”  What, Twitter and Facebook and the FBI couldn’t handle that job all by themselves?  Apparently not, since ADI “called on Twitter and other social media companies to do more to combat QAnon-related content and accounts.”

We’d note that conservatives as a group are typically targeted as QAnon believers by organizations like this one.  As I’ve said repeatedly, when leftists first started in about QAnon, we had to look it up because we even didn’t know what it was.  And we’re pretty darn conservative around here.

As for Daniel Jones, Influence Watch says, “After leaving the U.S. Senate, Jones founded Advance Democracy Inc. in January 2018, four days after Jones was identified as a partner of Fusion GPS and its investigation of the Trump-Russia collusion claims.”

Ah, Trump-Russia collusion --- whatever happened to that?  Anyway, Jones also became a partner at Fusion GPS, creator of the Steele “dossier” --- ironic since his “nonpartisan” organizations have purportedly fought the influence of Russian disinformation.  What would he call the Steele “dossier”?  Okay, it wasn't really Russian, but it certainly was disinformation.

This information overlaps with what they have on the Election ‘Integrity’ Project.  Soros gave Daniel Jones at least $1 million to start that.

Here’s the entry for Jones as an individual.  He professes to be pro-democracy and anti-disinformation, but he seems to be a pro-Demo-CRAT who is trafficking in disinformation.

Connections among Jones/EIP, Soros, Fusion GPS, Christopher Steele and others are laid out here in the WASHINGTON EXAMINER.

If you’d like to know more, in general, about what George Soros does to influence elections, here’s some related reading…

After all this, here’s what we’d still like to know:  Is there any connection between Jones’ PENN Quarter Group and Joe Biden’s PENN Biden Center?   Maybe that’s just a coincidence and there’s nothing to it.  But we need some intrepid investigator to find out.

Closing note:  Speaking of intrepid investigative reporters, in our searches of John Solomon’s work at THE HILL, we ran across a number of scathing reviews of his work there, specifically his reporting on Ukraine, from publications such as the WASHINGTON POST.

Remember the controversy at that time about his reports?  Solomon got into hot water over not disclosing that sources Joe DiGenova and Victoria Toensing had also been his attorneys.  Also, as WAPO reported, “THE HILL said the central idea Solomon advanced about Ukraine and Biden was flawed in many ways and ‘disputed by officials in both Kyiv and Washington.’”

So, Trump-hating officials in Washington DC and Ukraine --- individuals such as Andrew Vindman and others at the U.S. embassy --- had disputed Solomon’s reporting.  My, my.  Given what we know today, Solomon’s reporting on Ukraine looks more solid than ever and is especially timely now.  He was over the target then and still is.  Here’s an example from 2020…

As Biden’s attorneys rush to conceal classified documents relating to Ukraine (and China), old critiques of Solomon such as this one from 2020 provide the kind of unintended amusement we love.

THE REPUBLIC called his columns “right-wing fever dreams,” which is funny, too.

“Never mind climate change or gun control,” Libby Watson wrote in 2019 (“The Rot on THE HILL”), after Solomon stepped away to start his own service, JUST THE NEWS.  “Now you have to spend all your energy figuring out which Ukrainian is the good prosecutor and which is the bad one, and remembering the details of why Joe Biden really is innocent in case your uncle starts shouting at you about it over the spaghetti.”

I guess keeping track of all that stuff was too hard for her little brain.  She should have listened to her uncle; he was right.


RELATED READING:  According to CNN, President Biden’s younger brother Frank was still actively trading on the Biden family name after Joe was in the Oval Office.  The Biden family business remains operational, they say.  And Frank was pretty blatant about it.

We do know for sure now that Hunter Biden had easy access to areas of his father’s home and garage where top-secret documents were stored.  And, yes, this would have been when he was in the middle of negotiating a deal with Chinese energy company CEFC…

Highly recommended:  Jim Geraghty at NATIONAL REVIEW asks the question, “Who Ordered the Review of Papers at the Penn Biden Center?”  Special counsel to President Biden Richard Sauber claimed that classified documents were discovered when Biden’s personal attorneys were packing files in a locked closet to prepare to vacate the office space.  But it doesn’t make sense that those attorneys would be doing Biden’s packing for him.  Would YOU pay movers who charged up to $1,000 an hour?

And we don’t know why they were vacating, when the university had said the plan was for the Center to stay in operation after Biden himself moved on.

The lawyers even went into a file marked “VP Personal,” where the first classified document was reportedly found.  Someone had to have been looking for something.

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