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February 2, 2021

From Gregg Z:

I’ll get right to the point, but first know that I am an evangelical believer who loves our Lord, worships Him and His Word, and votes wherever possible for candidates who hold a biblical worldview, where God is the center of Truth; and when we honor and follow His Word we are blessed, and when we continue to disobey and reject Him, we reap depravity.

I’m saddened and disappointed in your continued tact with the election—that it was stolen via widespread fraud. Trump had his many chances in our post-election process to legally challenge the election, and nothing stuck. The fact he had the best legal resources available (and $$) and was not able to make anything stick is indicative of the fact that there really was no evidence of widespread election fraud—and many of those law suits were adjudicated by conservative Republican-appointed judges. Trump truly did not have a leg to stand on, as the wholesale rejection of his lawsuits showed.

The reality is we live in an evenly divided nation right now. Our presidential elections have been razor thin for a while now, not just 2020. We see the split division in the House and Senate as well—and have for years as it also has teetered between Democrat & Republican control.

In the spirit of Romans 13:1-5, and given Trump’s wholesale failure at providing evidence of widespread fraud on a scale large enough to change the election outcome--and this through our entire legal system--it is right for us to “give credence to” the outcome of this election, and stop with the quite harmful seeds of conspiracy theory.

It is time to SWITCH THE DIALOG to the fact that we have indeed put a liberal in the president's office—and lost control of the Senate—all because we are that evenly split as a nation. It’s time to pray for wisdom and influence in promoting a biblical worldview, which is how we will change the evenly balanced electorate away from humanism (liberalism).



From the Gov:

Thank you so much for your thoughtful and reasonable letter. What we were doing with this poll was essentially “taking the temperature” of the approximately half of the country who watched from the sidelines as the election results played out, just to see where we are. Now we know.

If you’re a regular reader of the newsletter, you know I’ve never made the claim that the election was “stolen” or decided by “widespread fraud.” (There is some actual evidence of targeted fraud, but did it decide the election? We’d like to know.) I’ve quoted others who have make those claims, and many readers have made them in the “comments” section, but what I personally have tried to do is bring you factual information about how the election was conducted and what people think about it, people on both sides. The fact that so many believe the election was stolen, and do have reason (as opposed to proof), is a reality that it makes no sense to ignore. It can’t just be swept under the rug.

What I definitely can say is that the election rules were turned upside down in key states and that it was a very opaque process, as opposed to the completely transparent process it should have been. And that causes a natural skepticism.

That begs the question, why wouldn’t the Democrats WANT to allow a full investigation, to make the process fully transparent, as a way of bringing the country together and ending this massive doubt that Biden was the duly-elected President? Why did they go to court in multiple states to slam the lid down on that process? This causes even more natural skepticism.

The courts simply didn’t want to be involved in this and washed their hands of it, so to speak. They “found” reasons not to look at those cases. Most of the dismissals had nothing to do with the evidence that might have been presented, as they never got that far.

Now Trump reportedly wants to use the impeachment trial as an opportunity to present some of that evidence, and he’s running into problems with attorneys who don’t want to use their legal defense in that way. He has some new representation now, so it’ll be interesting to see if he does it. If he has the goods, it might be a way to make the Democrats sorry they made the ridiculous decision to try him after he was gone. And we might actually get to see evidence. On the other hand, would Sen. Patrick Leahy, presiding in place of Chief Justice John Roberts (who declined), find a way to keep his attorneys from presenting it? He’d certainly stop them if he could. But this would cause even more natural skepticism.

You’re right that this is a divided nation. I do think, though, that much of that division is because of what people hear on the news and, well, just about everywhere. We’re constantly warned about “misinformation” on the right, but it demonstrably exists in huge steaming piles on the left, and there’s also a great deal that goes unreported. This affects the way people vote. Recall the poll in which a substantial percentage of Biden supporters –- enough to possibly have changed the election outcome –- said that if they’d known about the Biden family’s dealings with the Chinese, they wouldn’t have voted for him.

Also, many who voted for Biden are shocked now at his shutting down of the Keystone Pipeline with the stroke of a pen, among the 40 (!) Executive Orders he signed his first week. Some of these voters hadn’t been paying attention, others had been watching CNN and MSNBC or getting their news preselected by Facebook and Google, and many just “didn’t like Trump” or had heard he was "a dictator," but this is NOT what they thought they voted for. Yes, we’re divided, but I don’t believe it’s true that half the country is as far-left as the people now in office. Those people aren't "liberals" --- they truly are radicals.

It certainly hasn’t been my intention to promote conspiracy theories, which exist on both the left and right. We are all about evidence here, and we also want to work through the system even though it seems increasingly that the deck is stacked against us. Did you read my answer to reader Loren in the Monday Evening Edition, about examining our own conduct, pulling together and keeping our cool as we work towards 2022? It works in this context as well.

Thanks again for writing.


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