October 5, 2017

In these days when the left has turned being male into a hate crime, recent terrible events have shown that traditional American males do still exist, whether they are risking their lives to save their neighbors from floods and hurricanes or sacrificing themselves to protect their loved ones from a madman’s bullets.

At the link is the moving story of 54-year-old construction worker Jack Beaton of Bakersfield, California, who was celebrating his 23rd anniversary with his wife Laurie when he recognized the gunfire at the Las Vegas concert. He told her to get down on the ground, then shielded her with his own body. His last words were, “I love you, Laurie.” His wife said he wasn’t the kind of man who would’ve wanted publicity, but she wants the world to know how he had protected her, just as he always had. She said, ‘‘I knew every day that he would protect me and take care of me and love me unconditionally, and what he did is no surprise to me, and he is my hero.”

In case you’re thinking I’ve already told this story, no: the story from yesterday was about another husband who sacrificed his life to shield his wife from bullets. They were from Tennessee and celebrating their first anniversary.

The left may bray on about “toxic masculinity,” but that kind of love, bravery and self-sacrifice is the very opposite of “toxic” to the people these men gave their lives to protect. Even more amazing is that despite what you hear in the media, they are not an anachronism or the last of a dying breed. Recent events have proven that America is still filled with heroic men like these, of all ages. And thank God for that.



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  • Joe Hodges

    11/05/2017 10:11 PM

    God bless those two brave men who was only doing what God's word instructs every head of his house to do, and that is to protect your wife and kids. This country is so political correct that in their eyes there's something wrong with men being protector and provider for their families. With all of this evil and non-sense that's going on in this country and world that there are guys out there not a shame of their God ordain role in their families. I extend my prayers and my condolences to these wives. And by the way Mike you're doing great work. So keep it real and continue to push godly conservative viewpoints. God bless.

  • John S. Hallman

    10/10/2017 12:52 PM

    Thankful for such men. I pray more manifest to prevent such occurrences

  • Alice Hogan

    10/07/2017 09:45 AM

    Mike, I would never be obnoxious to LGs,
    however, our family want to vomit when we see the agenda of the radicals for example Food Network, which has in the last 10+ years begun to proselitize viewers including innocent young kids.
    We turn off shows like that, it is offensive and disgusting to flaunt that behavior.
    Statistcally children of gay parents are beginning to come forward to voice their feelings about how upsetting it is to be raised in such an environment. I suppose it isn’t any worse than all the people who beget innocent children and they are not
    parenting them, have no intention to be
    a healthy loving family! It is all about
    instant gratification, immorality and we know sometime they will be held accountable. This world is sooo out of control.


  • Alice Hogan

    10/07/2017 09:20 AM

    First of all, Mike, we love you! We also love that you are kind and support our Potus!

    The shootings were beyond horrendous.
    God Bless all those people, their families,
    and friends whom were/are affected.
    I am so glad that she survived and so sorry for her loss.
    We have been married 48 years, and I am
    thankful that my husband would also
    protect me and our family. May God watch over all of “US”.

    We are looking forward to your show.
    We all are proud of the strength and tenacity that Sarah exudes. We know you
    and your wife deserve much credit.
    We always love your positivity and smile,
    it makes my day.

  • Nancy Halpin

    10/06/2017 08:21 PM

    So sick of the nongender craze. I love your romantic story, and thank God we still have heroes. Sick of white males getting a bad rap. So few of them are left on news shows, weather, even sports news or stars in action movies. Commercial about how great women are: because they EAT and OWN it. What does that even mean??? They're fat? As a woman I find this commercial insulting and the most ridiculous excuse to praise women I have ever heard. In all of the schools I go into as a sub teacher, there are mostly women. Do men complain and file suits of not getting hired? No. Women whine and complain Much more than men.. Bring you daughter to work day? Bring your DOG to work day? But never Bring your son to work day.....

  • Kathy Blackwelder

    10/06/2017 07:36 PM

    My husband would do that for me, I know he would.

  • Carol Gaglione

    10/06/2017 05:47 PM

    I have always admired you and I think Gad wants you serving our country in the ways that you do. Not as President (even though I would vote for you in a heartbeat). It is difficult to watch our country and the world fall apart. You bring us the good news and help us look at things with a more positive outlook. I pray for all the victims of the massacre in Las Vegas. American men and women are good and brave and always look out for one another. Can't wait to see your new show tomorrow night 10/07/2017 at 8pm. Keep going Governor.

  • Marian Ivey

    10/06/2017 05:03 PM

    Thank you for reporting and commenting on these beautiful stories redeemed from the ashes of disaster.

  • Dorothy Lamar

    10/06/2017 04:44 PM

    Yes, we have many brace and honorable people in America, including our men and women fighting and serving in the milatary. How any American could disrespect our flag and veterans is beyond me.


    10/06/2017 03:47 PM


  • Diane Smith

    10/06/2017 02:42 PM

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful story. As much as the MSM and the left want us to believe that there is no hope and the world is doomed - it is always so nice to read your emails daily. Stories like this will never get the recognition that a good old Russian conspiracy would, unless of course you share them with us Governor. Thank you for all that you do.

  • Kathleen S Rasmussen

    10/06/2017 12:31 PM

    What a touching story. It makes me want to cry, which I am doing as I read this. Thank you for sharing this story, Mike. I appreciate your newsletters too & look forward to reading them!

  • Michael Egbert

    10/06/2017 09:39 AM

    Jesus said no love is greater than one who will lay down their life for another. People will do amazing things in the face of adversity, things they likely never dreamed they were capable of. Those of us who "weren't there" can only react with awe at these acts of bravery and sacrifice and hope that we too would have that same strength in us if we are ever forced to face a horror like that. We can only shake our heads in pity at those "arm chair quarterbacks" at their extreme displays of stupidity with their moronic thoughts and comments....

  • Jan Nahorski

    10/06/2017 09:06 AM

    I agree with Carol Denardo, you would make a perfect President-Christian foundation and a staunch Fair Tax advocate!

  • Wendy Hause

    10/06/2017 08:53 AM

    Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13 May God bless every person involved.

  • Martha House

    10/06/2017 08:24 AM

    Greater love has no one than to lay down their life for another...John 15:13. I am weeping. Even though this was a husband & father protecting his wife, this powerful account brings home to me , once again, the enormous sacrifice of all who put themselves in harm's way so that we may sleep soundly at night. Their courage and sacrifice can never be recognized enough. They tell us "We've got this!" Thank you for sharing!

  • Safrona Finch

    10/06/2017 04:36 AM

    Thanks for Newsletter and always your Christian Stand! We need more politicians like you

  • Sandi Rog

    10/06/2017 12:44 AM

    Brings tears to my eyes.

  • Carol Denardo

    10/06/2017 12:40 AM

    You would have made the perfect president because you are a decent, honest Christian. We need people in authority who can get us back to God and His word. Under the Obama regime, he and his cronies thought they were gods, thus our moral societal mess.

  • Carol Denardo

    10/06/2017 12:39 AM

    You would have made the perfect president because you are a decent, honest Christian. We need people in authority who can get us back to God and His word. Under the Obama regime, he and his cronies thought they were gods, thus our moral societal mess.

  • Beverly Sylvia

    10/05/2017 11:43 PM

    God Bless those wonderful masculine men who still love and care for those they love and those strangers who need help! AND what we do without you Governor, to bring these wonderful stories to our attention!
    May God help those who lost a loved one and bless and help those who were injured and for all who attended that concert and experienced the madness of the shooter. How can they ever forget those agonizing 10 minutes when we who didn't attend can not! WHat is happening to our beautiful country! God Help Us!

  • Johna J Meyer

    10/05/2017 11:34 PM

    Bless them will pray for their families

  • Alecia Tisdale

    10/05/2017 11:17 PM

    I thank God for real men like these and like my husband. Praying for the families that lost their loved ones.

  • Jeffrey G Gura

    10/05/2017 10:56 PM

    I hope and pray that I would respond in the same way...


    10/05/2017 10:53 PM

    I read a story a couple weeks ago where the author was stating that only a dog will love you unconditionally. I left a comment in objection: A man will love his wife and family much more than a dog ever could. My heart pours out for these people.

  • Elena Brady

    10/05/2017 10:29 PM

    A very heartwarming story. I am sorry for the loss of these lives. God bless them.

  • Peter Muth

    10/05/2017 10:07 PM

    Thank you for publishing and sharing the positive side of this life - we ALL need to be reminded of the good within all of us!

  • Beverly H. Daws

    10/05/2017 10:00 PM

    Mike, how I love the wonderful emails you send! What a wise man you are! I've shed lots of tears since Sunday night reading the heroic stories of those who died saving their loved ones, as well as the guardian angels who risked their lives to save the injured they had never met. I can't even imagine the horror those innocent people endured during that rain of gunfire!!! Praying for the families of those who didn't survive as well as the recovering injured. My prayers will continue for what the survivors will have to endure over time to mentally adjust/recover from the hell they went through. May God bless them all!

  • Robbie Mize

    10/05/2017 09:56 PM

    Thankful for men who are still men......God Bless them all!

  • Chris Rubino

    10/05/2017 09:54 PM

    I hope these stories can be captured in a song written and sung by Jason Aldean & Big & Rich.....they are beautiful stories!

    Chris Rubino

  • Julie Wiemeyer

    10/05/2017 09:36 PM

    Amen !

  • Carol Almand

    10/05/2017 09:33 PM

    Greater love has no one other than this, that someone lay down his life for friends. John 15:13

  • Joana Lehman

    10/05/2017 08:36 PM

    Mike, thank you for bringing these heroes to our attention. These are real men who "did what Jesus did," and demonstrated their love tangibly. God bless them and their families.

  • Donna Kole

    10/05/2017 07:52 PM

    Thank you Governor for sharing the truth with us. You are one of a special handful that God is using to keep us informed when the media can no longer be trusted.
    God bless you!

  • Tammy Igo

    10/05/2017 07:46 PM

    My heart breaks for these people. I've been praying every day for these people since I heard of the events in Las Vegas. I struggle to understand the incomprehensible - I cannot imagine what these people are going through...

  • James E. McCra

    10/05/2017 07:46 PM

    Just shines a bright light on the stupidity of those who think they know everything a bout men, in my heart I believe I know them, they never thought about themselves, but only the need to protect those they loved. Jim McCrea


    10/05/2017 07:44 PM

    I am at awe of the many people who have God's love reigning in their heart. Love doesn't strut but we see hate everyday boasting.

  • Kathy Freeman

    10/05/2017 07:25 PM

    Someone forgot to tell men that it is wrong to act like a man and to be proud of their masculinity. While many women criticize a man for holding the door or helping her on with her coat, etc. I will happily allow a man to do this for me. To find a man who would give up his life for me would make me the luckiest woman on earth even though I would be devastated to lose someone like this. When will the liberal women who refuse even the basic consideration from a man realize they do not have to give up their rights to remain a woman. The women who lost husbands who protected them during the terrible massacre are in my prayers as is everyone who died at the hands of that madman. I hope someday they can accept what a wonderful person God sent them and that these men will continue to protect them only in a different manner.

  • William Burt

    10/05/2017 07:09 PM

    "Greater love has no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends." (John 15:13)

  • Karen Sparks

    10/05/2017 06:52 PM

    Thanks for sharing the good news!!!

  • Sandy Ronecker

    10/05/2017 06:47 PM

    Heartwarming to say the least! Thank you for sharing.

  • David dwinell

    10/05/2017 06:40 PM

    Globalism requires the wussification of the American male. Please be advised the Democrats and their platforms all require the neutering of everything " male".

  • Michael A. Deihl

    10/05/2017 03:29 PM

    There was a couple from Shippensburg, PA, celebrating their 20th anniversary. He also died protecting his wife. There were many hero's there that evening.