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June 14, 2021

Good evening! My Evening Edition for today contains the following:

  • Daily Bible Verse
  • Ned Beatty RIP
  • The High Cost of Trusting the “Experts”
  • The Corrosive Effects Of Critical Race Theory Fanatics
  • Covid-19 Updates
  • What A Choice
  • Lawsuit Dismissed


Mike Huckabee


And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

Rom 8:28 KJV


Ned Beatty RIP

By By “Huckabee” pop culture guru Pat Reeder (

Once again, the sad duty falls to me to report the passing of an actor that many of us grew up watching on movie and TV screens: Ned Beatty died of natural causes Sunday at home in L.A. at 83, surrounded by friends and loved ones.

Beatty was one of those “I know the face, but what’s his name?” actors, and he once admitted, "For people like me, there’s a lot of ‘I know you! I know you! What have I seen you in?’" In his case, the answer was, “Practically everything.” Beatty once said he preferred being a character actor to being a star because stars become part of a brand and get predictable, and he liked to surprise the audience with the unexpected. He said, "Stars never want to throw the audience a curveball, but my great joy is throwing curveballs."

Influenced by the church he attended as a kid in Lexington, Kentucky, he originally aspired to be a priest, but his high school play, “Harvey” gave him the acting bug. After nearly two decades as a stage actor, he auditioned for movie director John Boorman. Boorman told him the part had already been cast, but changed his mind after seeing Beatty. That’s how he got his breakthrough role in 1972’s “Deliverance” as the unfortunate city slicker who met a fate in the backwoods that still makes viewers cringe.

By the time he retired in 2013, he’d racked up an astounding number of varied movie, TV and stage roles, including “Nashville,” “All the President’s Men,” the first two Christopher Reeve “Superman” movies (as Lex Luthor’s bumbling henchman), “Toy Story 3,” Broadway’s “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof,” a detective on “Homicide: Life on the Streets,” John Goodman’s dad on “Roseanne,” and possibly his most memorable role: the corporate CEO in “Network” who thunders to the errant news anchor, "You have meddled with the primal forces of nature, Mr. Beale, and I won’t have it!” He then explains that there is no America, no democracy, "There is only IBM and ITT and AT&T and DuPont, Dow, Union Carbide, and Exxon. Those are the nations of the world today."

It was a shocking and chilling vision of the world in 1976. Today, it sounds like everyday reality. Just throw in Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and Twitter.

The High Cost of Trusting the “Experts”

By Mike Huckabee

While studies now show that shutdowns made little or no difference in the spread rate of COVID-19, they did make a huge difference to our economy by destroying 37.5% of small businesses in America. That includes over half of businesses in the leisure and hospitality industries.

However, by allowing big box stores and major chains to stay open while forcing small businesses to close, even if they followed the same safety rules, the shutdowns resulted in a huge transfer of wealth from the middle class to the rich. You’d think that because of that, so-called “progressives” would agree with me that it’s way past time for all the lockdowns to end. Yet many, like California Gov. Gavin Newsom, continue to resist letting people reopen their businesses.

The only conclusion I can draw from this is that no matter how much leftists talk about the suffering of the poor and middle class or the unfairness of wealth inequality, all that becomes perfectly acceptable if it means increasing government power.

The Corrosive Effects Of Critical Race Theory Fanatics

By Mike Huckabee

This is a must-read article about the corrosive effects of Critical Race Theory fanatics, written from a unique point of view.

The author is a woman from China who married a Caucasian man from North Carolina, and they now live in the US. As an interracial couple with biracial children, they are naturally concerned about racism. And the writer thought that the focus on racism in the wake of George Floyd’s death was a good thing…until, as is always the case, the fanatics took it too far and became the thing they allegedly hated.

She asks, if you’re going to judge everyone by their race, and say that all white people are oppressors and all non-whites are oppressed, where does that leave her marriage to a white man? She cites the long struggle to repeal laws banning mixed marriages, and worries that CRT is undoing all that progress. She believes that way of viewing the world erases her love for her husband, “it erases my humanity.” And what does it do to children, to be taught that their parents’ marriage isn’t a loving relationship between two equals but a battle between oppressor and oppressed?

She declares, “I traveled half a world to settle in America. I will raise my family here. I will not allow misguided teachings to tarnish the sanctity of my marriage, invalidate my experience, and create divisions and chaos in my family.”

Read the whole article. It’s rare to hear someone with such personal knowledge of relations between different races explain so clearly the toxic effects of the CRT movement and how it's harming the people it claims to be helping.

Covid-19 Updates

By Mike Huckabee

It’s hard to keep up with all the news about the origins of COVID-19 (especially when so many news and social media outlets decided they already knew the objective truth and decided to censor and vilify anyone who questioned the narrative.) So here’s a handy round-up of what’s happened so far that should bring you almost up to date:

And to bring you completely up to date: despite the adamant denials by EcoHealth Alliance president Peter Daszak and the World Health Organization, and claims that it was a “conspiracy theory” to suggest that there were any bats in the Wuhan virology lab, Sky News Australia obtained explosive video that reportedly shows live bats in cages inside that very lab.

Of course, some are still insisting that it’s more likely that the virus somehow leaped from bats to humans and wasn’t altered in the lab. But since an Oxford study just confirmed that there were no bats or pangolins at the Wuhan wet market, I wonder how that happened? Did someone who wanted to make bat soup knock on the lab’s door and ask to borrow a cup of bats?

What A Choice

By Mike Huckabee

I’ve had disputes with a number of President Biden’s appointees, whom I’ve found to be rabidly partisan, seriously unqualified or both. But they pale in comparison to his choice for director of the Bureau of Land Management whose resume reportedly includes actual collaboration with eco-terrorists.

Lawsuit Dismissed

By Mike Huckabee

Saturday, a federal judge in Texas dismissed a lawsuit by 117 employees of Houston Methodist Hospital who were defying a requirement that they take the COVID-19 vaccine by June 7th or lose their jobs. About 99% of employees have complied, but the plaintiffs argued that the vaccines are dangerous and experimental.

The judge disagreed, saying that they had been approved by the FDA for emergency use (that caveat about "emergency" use was one of the plaintiffs’ arguments against it.) He also dismissed their claim that it’s a violation of the Nuremberg Code barring experimentation on people without their consent. The lead plaintiff, nurse Jennifer Bridges, said she’s not an anti-vaxxer, but that it’s “just insane” to force people to put something in their bodies that they’re not comfortable with in order to keep their jobs.

The attorney for the plaintiffs said this is just the first of many such battles in a long fight, and he expects it to end up in the US Supreme Court. I assume that will be long after this pandemic is over, and let’s hope, not in the middle of another pandemic from that place that must not be named.

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Comments 1-10 of 18

  • Judy Radley

    06/15/2021 01:44 PM

    When Typhoid Fever, Diphtheria, Cholera, Listeria, Polio, et al, and the Black Plague were at their worst, where did they all originate from? And the worse areas infected by those illnesses, are overpopulated and overcrowded areas.

    Could it be that China, specifically the CCP and other communist ruled countries, originated all those deadly illnesses too? And the Black Plague, doesn't that come from rodents? And aren't bats, rats, mice, possums, etc., all rodents? Is this 'test' the Chinese Virus, the start of more communist controlled health systems' ways to destroy humanity? And replace them with chimeras? This is just my own opinion and thoughts of how evil and ruthless humans can be toward other humans, especially those they truly hate?

    Mental illness seems to truly be the real pandemic, and could that mental illness be caused mainly by humans who worship being vegans? It is true that human beings need protein from meat and not just vegetables, to develop and keep healthy brain matter. Look at the living things that are only vegetarian, deer, dumb animals, sheep, dumber animals, cows, dumbest animals, etc. And conversely, look at the living things that are smart, eagles, omnivores, rats, omnivores, bats, omnivores, human beings who are made to be omnivores, and eat meat and veggies, very smart and more mentally stable then those who only eat veggies.

    The correlation seems to be, to be at one's best health, you need both to be nutritionally balanced and mentally fit. It also seems that mental illness has worsened since vegetarianism has become more commonplace than the exception. And look at the children born to vegans, if they are that many who survive, it also seems like there are more birth defects now as the mothers do not fully appreciate that good nutrition comes from both meat and veggies, especially when pregnant, don't be selfish, think of your unborn child first. Despite the fact that more expectant mothers do not drink nor smoke while pregnant, there are still more birth defects like autism, ADD, ADHD, and blood disorders, etc. Protein from meat products help develop healthier blood, brains, immunity against illnesses, etc.

  • Floyd A Unger

    06/15/2021 01:27 PM

    Thank you

  • Vernon Thompson

    06/15/2021 11:17 AM

    Speaking of trusting experts! Here is the text from my letter to my Senator. (3rd of a series) Can the Green New Deal cause more damage than COVID-19?

    Re: Climate Change Revisited Again

    In 2018 you wrote a Las Vegas Sun Op-Ed “We cannot afford to ignore climate science” I commented on your article (September 2018) and asked a number of what I believe to be pertinent questions. I wrote you again in January 2020 and repeated my concerns. As is the case in most of my correspondence to you, I received no reply. Let me try again as the issue continues to become more important. I firmly believe that when you take a position you should be able to defend it and convince others to adopt your stance.
    The Crescent Dunes Project near Tonopah is a Failure
    This project is now a documented failure as the project is bankrupt and there was a $200M settlement made recently (See attached).It appears that the project was plagued by some of the same forces that affected Ivanpah. The project was supposed to cost about $1B (?) and used a unique technology that uses molten salt to store heat so power can be generated 24 X 7. Crescent Dunes began operation in September 2015 [but went off-line in October 2016 due to a leak in a molten salt tank. It returned to operation in July 2017. It was shuttered in April 2019 never producing more than half of the projected output.
    As you drive US 95 between Las Vegas and Carson City as I did recently you will note the “monument to stupidity” just north of Tonopah, This is the direct result of an irrational exuberance about renewable energy in an effort to solve “man-made global warming” nee :”man- made climate change.’ The degree to which the man-made portion contributes to the phenomenon is not defined nor is the impact of the proposed solution. Yet, you support massive changes that will turn an already ailing economy upside down and negatively affect the lives of every American.
    The Obama Administration spent somewhere in the neighborhood of $150B on projects like Solyndra, Ivanpah, and Crescent Dunes. What did the American people derive in return? Were there any successes or were they all like the three cited? The American people deserve some answers.
    There are some questions that I asked previously about Crescent Dunes:
    1. Who approved the project without first checking the level of sunlight near Tonopah?
    2. Who are the politically connected who have benefitted from the infusion of taxpayer money?
    3. What was the original "cost to produce per megawatt" in the study used to get the project approved?
    4. What was the true current "cost to produce per megawatt?" (when operating)
    5. Have they been able to keep it online? (answered- offline April 2019)
    I have one more question. Will there be an investigation and if warranted will there be a criminal referral??? There never seems to be any accountability if the wrongdoers are sheltered by the D.C. bubble!
    In Congress there are the two resident climatologists and economists (Rep. AOC and Sen. Sanders) telling us we only have 9 years to the point of no return. Even former VP and Presidential Candidate Biden is singing the same tune. Where is the proof???? They are proposing the “Green New Deal” to solve all of our problems. Where is the plan? Looks like a government takeover of American life – Communism on Steroids under a different colored flag. How are you going to convince us this is the right thing to do?
    In your correspondence you talk about science. I asked “what science?” NO ANSWER! Science is usually pretty accurate looking backward to tell us how we ended up where we are. Any of these geniuses ever look at the “Ice Age.” What caused the Ice Age? What caused the planet to come out of the Ice Age? Even closer, what caused the mini Ice Age in Europe in the 1700s?
    Please go back and read my prior correspondence where I gave you ample opportunity to earn your keep! One of my suggestions was, ‘There is a group of scientists now questioning the validity of the studies predicting our demise. There is another group of scientists questioning whether CO2 emissions are really a concern. This is where Congress could perform a worthwhile service – bring the competing factions together and openly debate “climate change – cause, effect, and solutions.” In addition, the proposed solutions, their cost, and impact should be openly debated. The American people deserve it!”
    Further I suggest that you read “Apocalypse Never” by Michael Shellenberger, a former leader (and still active) in the “global warming” and “climate change”, alarmist crowd. He exposes all of the misinterpretations by scientists, distortions by environmental and political groups, and biases by financial interests. And, I would add, a push for a “New World Order” by those who seek power as we are witnessing “at any cost.”
    I am sure that you are not surprised that you continue to disappoint me and probably many of your constituents. You write Op-Eds, send emails apparently to draw attention to yourself so voters will remember your name not your lack of accomplishment. You take positions but never are prepared to defend them. When Dean Heller was Senator, he never failed to respond directly to any question I posed. I may not have always liked the answer but he had the guts to respond! Senator, YOU ARE A COWARD!

  • Stephen Russell

    06/15/2021 10:51 AM

    Trusting Experts: NOT only those in field IE pilots, cops, techs, service reps, Joe & Jane employee, etc vs "CEO" types.
    Must vet for next plandemic IE No more Fauci for next one

  • Stephen Russell

    06/15/2021 10:50 AM

    Ned Beattys best role: corrupt sheriff in White Lightening movie 1973 & Delieverance

  • PAUL Schaber

    06/15/2021 09:47 AM

    To change the subject on what is in these articles.

    This latest idea from Biden about National Terrorism and having the NSC and FBI and Justice
    Department to counter that attack is like the watching the KEYSTONE COPS falling over each
    other. If Wray and the intelligence people knew and what to look for , they would discover
    that since 20 January 2021, several terrorist groups have moved people across the border
    to join their sleeper cells already here and most likely and finalizing their attack plans.

    But instead they are locking up people who where at the Capital peacefully protesting about
    the election. It has been reported that the CAPITAL POLICE OFFICER involved in the
    shooting had lost his gun in the mens room. But Wray and the Justice Department cannot
    figure that, but instead are chasing innocent people who where let in by the Capital Police
    and nothing has happened to them.

  • Jerry

    06/15/2021 09:06 AM

    Biden is a compromised president and is to blame for the ills of the country China is getting its revenge thru Biden for trumps being tough on China every American value is being terminated because China says so and Biden has to enforce china’s demands. Does anyone remember the leftist pelosi saying Russia has trump compromised at that time they knew China has the left bought and sold with Americans came first the contrast today is China comes first do to Biden being the slave of China thanks again Biden voters you cut your own throats

  • Kathy Spradlin

    06/15/2021 06:02 AM

    I just thought you would like to know about government control of land we Americans are paying taxes on. We were recently on vacation coming across Colorado. We decided to stop at Rocky Mountain National Park. Little did we know that there is a timed entry now, and you have to order online the timed entry ticket to get in, that is separate from the fee to get in. These go fast so an expansive outdoor park we wasnt a le to go into because of safety measures. Where is the America we love.!!!!

  • Paul Kern

    06/15/2021 03:38 AM

    Living in Vancouver Washington I see all too well the evil perpetrated by the governor's on the West Coast. People getting injected and still masking up and driving in cars. Government allowed domestic and Marxist terrorism from BLM and Antifa. Taxing businesses to death. Allowing a Mexican cartel pushing Fentanyl to set up shopm now trying for a gun grab. Mandating the transgender agenda and the 1619 project. Pushing for higher taxes also. There is a building uprising taking place.
    Normal people are angry!!! Tired of the insanity and the growing eco-terrorism. More good police leaving
    Many churches now both woke and racist. The Clan has been out here since the end of the Civil War. Confederate soldiers brought their racial hatred and it became the norm, even in black and multi- ethnic churches.
    If you want to see what the left is attempting visit the West Coast. A sanctuary for illegals, addicts and out of control mentally ill.

  • Don Ray

    06/15/2021 12:04 AM

    What is happing with the Arizona vote count? Please keep us informed.