December 20, 2019

I mentioned yesterday that while the media were distracted with covering (and in some cases, celebrating) the impeachment vote, other important stories were being ignored. For instance, you might have heard that the House passed the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2020 (NDAA 2020), blandly described as a “national defense bill” to keep the military funded, protect the homeland and give a raise to our soldiers. Naturally, President Trump is expected to sign it. But he might want to read carefully first.  It's a textbook illustration of the need for a line item veto. 

Here’s what you weren’t told: buried in its thousands of pages were a lot of surprises, including amnesty for about 4,000 Liberian illegal aliens, visas for 4,000 Afghan officials, paid family leave for government employees, and something called the “Fair Chance Act” that bars the government from asking job applicants if they have a criminal record (aren't there enough criminals working in our government already?)

Also tucked away amid all the verbiage is something called the “Parole in Place” act that supposedly helps the families of military members, but that critics say overturns one of Trump’s executive orders tightening immigration law and creates legislative precedent for a future Democratic President to greatly expand amnesty for illegal aliens.

What do programs like this have to do with the military? Only that they’re hidden inside this massive bill like soldiers inside the Trojan Horse.

As Daniel Horowitz in the first article linked above reminds us, this is what James Madison was talking about when he said, “It will be of little avail to the people, that the laws are made by men of their own choice, if the laws be so voluminous that they cannot be read, or so incoherent that they cannot be understood.

On the plus side, another story that was obscured by the impeachment brouhaha was that while the House was doing what it had no business doing, the Senate was actually taking care of business by confirming 13 more Trump judicial nominees in two days (12 on Thursday alone!) That makes a total of 187 Trump-nominated judges so far, far outstripping Obama.

A spokesman for one leftwing legal organization fumed that this was “the most underrated story of the Trump era.” They accuse Republicans of “stacking the courts,” which I guess is only bad if you do it by winning the White House and Senate, but fine when you do it by rewriting the Constitution to bloat the Supreme Court to 18 seats. Since the left's go-to tactic for imposing policies the public would never vote for is to get unelected judges to write laws, it must be terrifying for them to see the courts getting “stacked” with judges who will actually do their jobs according to the Constitution rather than following Nancy Pelosi’s example and just making it up as they go along.

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Comments 1-25 of 425

  • connie harrell

    01/31/2020 03:38 PM

    There should be a bill passed that says only ONE item in each vote. VETO it President Trump! You are the man!

  • Barbara Comeaux

    01/14/2020 03:32 PM

    Remove everything the President would otherwise not sign.....Dems can’t be trusted.....Pelosi and others have to go!

  • Joyce Vanderslice

    01/12/2020 11:41 AM

    These bills must be closely read and all the sneaky added policies must be removed. No more illegals especially Muslims who want to destroy our country!

  • Robert Thompson

    01/07/2020 03:14 AM

    Line veto ????

  • Wilfred D. LeBlanc, jr

    01/05/2020 08:46 AM

    I sincerely hope that your points are brought to President Trumps attention!

  • Carol Cagle

    01/05/2020 07:32 AM

    Evil through and through

  • Joe Taranto

    01/04/2020 04:46 PM

    Just another example of the Deep State entrenchment in our government. Hopefully Trump won't sign this ridiculous bill, and hopefully he will get re-elected and be able in the next term continue to "drain the Washington swamp!

  • jonas Gee

    01/03/2020 11:44 AM

    Thank you Mr. Huckabee for your warning about the hidden agenda . I will call my two Senators.

  • Pat Bolyard

    01/03/2020 10:51 AM

    And this is why they like to "slip it past" the other party without enough time to read the whole thing and understand what is really in it. I agree, LINE ITEM VETO is a must, same as term limits and an easier means of removing congress people when they are working against the best interest of America and disregarding the oath they took to serve and protect the Constitution of the United States. What do they think that statement means anyway. The Constitution is the LAW OF THE LAND, for which it stands. It's time that phrase meant something to us all, again.

  • Paul Ford

    01/03/2020 10:29 AM

    Thanks Governor for the article and the heads up.

  • Valla Stewart

    01/02/2020 10:44 PM

    I hope someone will let the President know about this bill and he vetoes the things that are hidden in this bill. The founding fathers were right to have less pages because you can read them easier. Maybe that is why the corrupt politicians make them so lengthy.

  • Norman Flippen

    01/02/2020 12:30 AM

    We're tired of no-gooders in our Congress, & it's time they work for the American people for a change!!!

  • Louise Williams

    01/01/2020 07:50 PM

    Thank you, Mr. Huckabee for keeping us informed, especially about all the surprises that the democrats added to the NDAA 2020. I know that they have always done such things but it still shocks me that they are such crooked people. Please keep on doing what you are doing. I appreciate it.

  • russell osmianski

    01/01/2020 01:16 PM

    I agree. We need the line item veto and term limits for starters. And lots of prayer.

  • Frances Jessup

    01/01/2020 12:11 PM

    We need much more of this kind of reporting.

  • F. Donald Parsons

    01/01/2020 02:09 AM

    Yep, sure do need those line-item veto powers. One of the things I hate about Congress is that it puts all these unrelated things into so MANY of the bills that get passed. Can't do 'em one at a time, according to their merits! Nasty, as well as dangerous. "Dirty work at the crossroads!"

  • Jerry Guiltner

    12/31/2019 11:24 PM

    I pray that President Trump will be made aware of the baggage in the bill and veto it.

  • Janet pingston

    12/31/2019 10:08 PM

    Please read the book. I Am Mayala It is the outline for the take over of USA.

  • LIssa Eske

    12/31/2019 09:35 PM

    Gov Huckabee, Why doesn't someone write a bill that requires that everything in a bill must serve the stated purpose of the bill and put a stop to all this hiding things in popular legislation?

  • Judy G. Patton

    12/31/2019 09:16 PM

    This bill is not that you think it is President Trump! Please VETO this Bill! Pelosi crammed all the things they have tried to pass these 3 years!
    1. Allowing all illigals flowing into the country! 2. NNDAA fiscal year 2020! 3. Why parole place NDAA!!!! This bill is a Trojan horse, it even overturns President Trumps exectutive orders That tightening the laws involving immigrants!

  • Thelma Metts

    12/31/2019 08:43 PM

    Thanks to you Mr. Huckabee for looking out for the interest of the people. I would hopefully assume that the president's cabinet or staff will go through this information with a fine toothed comb. Everyone surely needs to call their representatives and let their opinions be heard. God bless us all and our president.

  • Raymond Clary

    12/31/2019 08:15 PM

    All this can be undone if we elect a conservative Republican majority in the house in November 2020.

  • Marilyn K Barker

    12/31/2019 08:09 PM

    This is a travesty. Thank You for pointing this out to us.

  • Ed Ferrari

    12/31/2019 07:56 PM

    Trump needs to veto this bill

  • Anne Turner

    12/31/2019 05:39 PM

    The Dems do have a very high ick factor. There is not doubt POTUS has been treated horribly. The problem is he brings so much on himself. Here is my rendition of the beginning of his next Oval Office speech or even for the State of the Inion.
    My fellow Americans, I wish to begin my remarks tonight by saying this: for over three years I havre been vilified time and time and time again. I am admittedly not a perfect man. I have done things in my live that I have regretted but to the best of my knowledge these have been lapses in judgement, regrettable because I have caused hurt to family members, or friends, but not illegal. I have employed certified CPAs to do my taxes and run the financial business if my company. I have done wrong things in my life but not to the best of my knowledge illegal or unethical. For three plus years I have been on the defensive. I was elected to the most powerful position in the world. I have to make many important decisions each day. I have tried my best to do what I think is right for our country. I have tried not to harm to anyone but sometimes I have to do things for the greater good of the country. I want to assure you that I agonize over some decisions. The point of this discourse if that I am done with this whole impeachment thing. Go ahead, do what you will. Hold it up, send it over,, have a trial, don’t have a trisl. . I don’t care. I will continue to fulfill my duty to the country as best I see fit and will no longer allow this vileness to distract me. I now wish to thank my family and close friends, and most especially Melania for your love and support. You make it possible for me to do my duty and wake up each morning with enthusiasm. I hit the jackpot when ?Melania agreeed to .mary me. I am proud of my children, their souses and my grandchildren. I thank my ex wives for raising such great kids.