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August 8, 2023



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Why are they doing this?

Why is the American Library Association, which gets millions of our tax dollars, siding with violent thugs who threaten anyone who voices opinions they disagree with, and using “security concerns” as an excuse to try to cancel pro-family literacy events? Kirk Cameron, who hosts "See You At The Library" events for the Christian publisher Brave Books, has seen these attempts to cancel him before, usually at the last minute. I have to assume it’s because the ALA sides with the leftists who want gay porn and drag queens in public libraries (they never seem concerned about security issues at “Drag Queen Story Hours”), but not books with Christian values.

The biggest surprise is that they actually tried to pull this cancellation tactic in Alabama. Less surprising is that it didn’t work. Hundreds of people showed up for the Brave Books event, and only a small handful of protesters. In fact, so many people showed up that they held two events, one at the library and the other at a megachurch that offered its facilities if they couldn’t do it at the library.

That should be a lesson to the American Library Association and to any other organizations or corporations that want to side with the radical leftist cancel mobs against traditional Christian American families: there are a lot more of us than there are of them. They’re just louder. So pick your side wisely.

USWNT is eliminated from the World Cup

The U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team was eliminated from the World Cup when controversial radical leftist Megan Rapinoe embarrassingly lost the game to Sweden by missing a penalty kick, causing the earliest US elimination in World Cup history. Rapinoe took a lot of heat online for appearing to laugh afterward, but I won’t pile on about that. It’s not for me to say how someone should react to such a crushing defeat, particularly since that was her final moment in the game before retiring. She later said, “This is like a sick joke. For me personally, I’m just like, ‘this is dark comedy. I missed a penalty.'”

However, it is on her that her radical antics have infected the team, resulting in some members joining her in taking a knee during the National Anthem when they were there representing America. She's also angered and alienated a lot of would-be fans and fellow athletes by using her celebrity to push leftist causes, including siding with “trans” athletes (males) and claiming they should be allowed to play on women’s teams. She has a point: I’ll bet a man would’ve made that penalty shot.

If it’s any consolation, that blown kick won’t be all that her last game will be remembered for. Fans will also remember that when asked her favorite memory of playing women’s soccer, she didn’t say "representing America" or "team camaraderie."  She replied, “Equal pay,” a crusade she’d been on to get the same pay for female players as for male players.

That sounds like a great victory for “fairness,” unless you’re a male soccer player. As this article explains, by bombing out so early, the women’s team earned just $2.9 million from the World Cup, while the US men’s team earned $11.7 million. But thanks to “equal pay,” the women’s team will get $4.4 million that the men’s team earned, costing each men’s team member about $191,304. I’m all for equal pay for equal work, but was that really equal work?

Related: As Meghan Rapinoe disappears over the horizon, there’s another welcome sign of the world waking up from its delusional dream state and coming to its senses. The British Rowing Association just became the latest sports organization to rule that people who are born male cannot compete in women’s events.

Trust the Experts!!!

Here’s a round-up of some of the latest stories about COVID-19 that should teach people never again to give up their freedom on the say-so of alleged “experts.”

Remember the “Pandemic of the unvaccinated?” According to new official figures from the UK government, 92% of people who died of COVID in 2022 had received three or more shots of mRNA COVID vaccines.

Study: Almost no in-school COVID transmission

Despite government agencies shutting down schools and teachers’ unions fighting to keep them closed indefinitely, causing irreparable harm to students, a study of four Massachusetts school districts with 34 schools and 18,000 students in fall 2021 found only 44 potential cases of in-school COVID transmission. None involved infections of teachers or other staff members. As this article concludes, schools “were among the safest possible places for students and teachers” during the pandemic.

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New classification?

In a study published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences, researchers urge regulatory agencies to classify mRNA shots as gene therapy products, not vaccines, so they can’t bypass the more stringent regulatory standards. They cite safety issues associated with the rapid approval of COVID-19 vaccines.

Elon has your back

In a move that could strike a huge blow against cancel culture and in defense of free speech – and that should have a lot of corporate executives who kowtowed to leftist Twitter mobs quaking in their expensive loafers – Elon Musk announced that he would pay the legal bills of anyone who was unfairly treated because of something they posted or liked on Twitter. He later added, “And we won’t just sue, it will be extremely loud and we will go after the board of directors, too.”

That could run to a big legal bill, considering how many people have been fired or otherwise punished by employers for daring to say something that the rabid left didn’t like. One cited in that linked story was a woman fired by a gaming company simply for following the Libs of TikTok account on Twitter. And that account didn’t even comment on crazy leftists, it just retweeted crazy things they voluntarily posted and shined a spotlight on their self-exposed lunacy.

Two other high-profile victims of cancel culture are also mentioned who could have afforded their own legal bills yet didn’t sue, but maybe Elon’s offer will set off a tsunami of lawsuits that will encourage them to join in. They are actress Gina Carano, formerly the most popular actor on Disney+’s “The Mandalorian” and comic Roseanne Barr, kicked off her own hit show by ABC (owned by Disney.) Disney is already facing massive losses on numerous fronts, largely due to its takeover by in-your-face woke/LGBTQ+++ activists. The last thing they need is a couple of expensive, high-profile lawsuits. But if this is what it takes to get Disney to fire all the angry woke termites and groomers and go back to being an entertainment company, maybe it’s the thing they need most.

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Yet another tragic story involving an electric vehicle’s lithium ion battery pack.

“Fact-check” admits the facts, inadvertently

The Cleveland Reporter ran a “fact-check” that attempted to debunk the idea that leftists are trying to put porn into elementary schools, but inadvertently admitted that leftists are trying to put porn into elementary schools.

Sad News:

John Gosling, the keyboard player for the iconic British rock band The Kinks in the 1970s, has died at 75. He played on 10 Kinks albums, including their big hit “Lola,” about a man who unwittingly picks up a girl in a bar who (might be) a man in a dress. It was funny back then, but Ray Davies probably didn’t realize he was predicting life in 2023 (“Girls will be boys and boys will be girls, it’s a mixed-up, muddled-up, shook-up world…”)

In J6 indictment, Jack Smith goes full-throttle Trump Derangement Syndrome

Meanwhile, regarding the Trump persecution---er, prosecution:  Special Counsel Jack Smith, bent on trying and convicting President Trump before the ‘24 election, might be confident of how his case plays in DC, but fortunately there are judges who can see through some of his tactics and are questioning them.

As FOX NEWS reported Monday, Judge Aileen Cannon of the Southern District of Florida, presiding over the so-called classified documents case brought forward by a Miami grand jury’s indictment of Trump in June, has denied the DOJ’s request for sealed filings, striking two from the record.  She voiced concern about the prosecutor’s continued use of an out-of-state grand jury (the DC grand jury, STILL) to investigate the case.

Maybe Smith can do whatever he wants in DC, but his antics might play a little differently in south Florida.  Judge Cannon’s brief addresses “the legal propriety of using an out-of-district grand jury proceeding to continue to investigate and/or to seek post-indictment hearings on matters pertinent to the instant indicted matter in this district.”

The NEW YORK POST explains Judge Cannon’s ruling very clearly.

The special counsel’s filing had to do with their attempt to get an attorney off the case over potential conflict of interest.  The attorney, Stanley Woodward, represents Waltine Nauta, a Trump aide listed as co-defendant, but also other individuals who might be called to testify.

We’ve talked about Woodward here.  He has alleged he was spoken to by Jay Bratt, chief of counterintelligence for the DOJ, about his pending judgeship in the context of having his client “flip” and testify against Trump.  Woodward has a sterling reputation.  Conflict of interest or not, if his allegation about Bratt is true, no wonder Smith wants him far away from the case.

Of course, the Mar-A-Lago “classified” documents case isn’t the only case Jack Smith is diligently working on to put Trump behind bars.  As you know, law professor Jonathan Turley has had plenty to say about the charges Trump faces relating to January 6, mostly concerning the violation of his First Amendment rights.

“The most jarring thing about this indictment is it basically just accuses him of disinformation,” Turley observed.  “It said [Trump] was spreading falsehoods, that [he] was undermining integrity of the election --- that is all part of the First Amendment.”

In other words, Turley is arguing that the First Amendment covers falsehoods.  It does, but I would say the case can also be made that this argument shouldn’t even have to apply, that Trump was (once again) right, or at least partially right, and that many falsehoods came from the other side.  I find the statement that “the 2020 election was the most secure in all of American history” laughable and arguably the result of determined propagandizing.  It’s akin to the line from THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE, “Raymond Show is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I’ve ever known in my life.”  If an impartial investigation can ever be done, I’m betting that history will prove me right.  Certainly, it won’t prove me wrong.

Remember this reporting from Atlanta at the time?  We still aren’t aware of all these issues being resolved.  (Look for Trump’s next indictment, out of Atlanta, to be handed down any time.)

Anyway, Turley did note that one charge absent from the J6 Trump indictment is that of “conspiracy for incitement” or “seditious conspiracy.”  He said, “Those were the claims the Democrats used in the impeachment and said the evidence was absolutely clear.  People like Adam Schiff and others were saying [Trump] is clearly guilty of those crimes.  Well, they’re not in here.”  He sees “serious legal problems with this indictment.”

And legal analyst Andrew C. McCarthy said Smith brought “a lousy case.”  Details here.

If there were any doubt that this indictment sprang fully formed from a TDS-infected mind, Matt Taibbi of “Twitter Files” fame erases it.  Jack Smith, he says, writes it “in the relentless, redundant style of an MSNBC broadcast or a WASHINGTON POST editorial.”  Taibbi rips the indictment to shreds as a “deranged authoritarian fantasy.”

“Unless I’m missing something,” he says, “they’re aiming to prove intent without introducing evidence of Trump’s thoughts, which seems bananas.”  Highly recommended reading.

But the judge in the case might eat up Smith’s anti-Trump hyperbole with a spoon.  Read this about Judge U.S. District Court Judge Tanya S. Chutkan, and see if you don’t think she has clearly shown extreme bias, even before getting the case.  She should be removed.

As for Smith’s effort to obtain a protective order against Trump seeing evidence against him (!), Alan Dershowitz said Sunday that Trump has a First Amendment right --- WE have a First Amendment right --- to see it.

So much anti-Trump lawfare is converging right now that REDSTATE put together a handy summary of what took place just on Monday.  This’ll cross your eyes.  It seems the preferred way to stop one’s political opponent is to sue the living daylights out of him.

Whether or not President Biden personally gave Smith his marching orders to prosecute his political opponent, Smith happens to be doing exactly what Biden wants him to do.  Goodness, how did he know?  As THE NEW YORK TIMES reported in stories published over a year ago that are only now being brought into the spotlight, “Mr. Biden confirmed to his inner circle that he believed President Donald J. Trump was a threat to democracy and should be prosecuted.”  They reported that Biden “has said privately that he wants Mr. Garland to act less like a ponderous judge and more like a prosecutor who is willing to take decisive action over the events of January 6.”  Lo and behold.

On June 9, Jack Smith said the following, and get ready so you don’t spew your morning coffee across the room: “Adherence to the rule of law is a bedrock principle of the Department of Justice.  And our nation’s commitment to the rule of law sets an example to the world.  [Editorial aside:  dear Lord, I hope not!]  We have one set of laws in this country, and they apply to everyone.  Applying those laws, collecting those facts, that’s what determines the outcome of an investigation, nothing more, nothing less.”

Did you spew your coffee?  Well, you were warned.


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  • Dave Newbry

    08/08/2023 08:31 PM

    This from Epoch Times earlier this month. You'll find it interesting.

  • Stephen K Lentz

    08/08/2023 06:27 PM

    "We have one set of laws in this country, and they apply to everyone. Applying those laws, collecting those facts, that’s what determines the outcome of an investigation, nothing more, nothing less.”

    THAT is HILARIOUS!!! If it were true, the hildabeast, blow job billy, the creep, the cocaine kid and so many more lib turd jackasses would be in jail. BUT you rinos don't have the nerve to use the laws you make us peasants live under to prosecute the lib tard jackasses. Again, we hear the same old rhetoric spewed from your pie holes to feed your huge arrogant obnoxious narcissistic egos and stuff your pockets with cash every time you show up on faux news!!!

  • Paul Kern

    08/08/2023 04:32 PM

    I see that Congress gave all power to the fair God in the White House years ago. Explain why we have the 3 branches and SCOTUS? Guantanamo is too good for the rascals in Satan's temple?

  • Stephen Russell

    08/08/2023 12:06 PM

    Trump Case outcomes:
    Charges dropped
    Tamper with Jury via Prosecution
    More evidence arrives thus postpone trial