September 6, 2019
| has done voters an immense public service by taking that ridiculous SEVEN-HOUR climate change townhall that CNN hosted with the Democrat Presidential candidates and condensing all the important content down to a two-minute video of all the things they would ban if elected.

For the record, if you put any of these power-mad loons in office, here is a list (partial, I’m sure) of things they would use government force to ban, in addition to the bans on airliners and flatulent cows already covered by the Green New Deal:

Red meat, plastic straws, off-shore drilling, light bulbs that don't make you look like a cadaver, fracking, nuclear power, gasoline-powered cars, having babies (especially poor Third World babies), natural gas, coal, oil, carbon dioxide, coal-burning power plants, factory farms (where much of our food comes from) and the exporting of fossil fuels.

Hope you enjoy living like the Amish!  Incidentally, by banning the export of fossil fuels, they will leave other nations no alternative but to buy them from Russia, greatly enriching and empowering  Vladimir Putin, whose regime has been undercut by Trump’s efforts to encourage fuel production and export.  Funny, I thought it was Trump who was supposedly the ally of Putin.  Once again, the Democrats have been looking for Russian collusion in all the wrong places.  Start with the nearest mirror.

When the Democrats at CNN’s climate change townhall weren’t vowing to ban everything invented since Eli Whitney patented the cotton gin, they were touting their plans to spend more money than there is in the world, particularly on the “Green New Deal” – which as its own creator let slip, was originally a plan to institute a socialist economic system and “saving the environment” just got tacked onto it later to justify the staggering cost.   

To listen to all the Democrats who endorse it, the GND will “pay for itself” by creating millions of “green jobs” and making the economy boom.  We already heard that “green jobs” fairy tale during the Obama years; but for those with short term memory issues, like Joe Biden, the state of California has already instituted some of the GND’s proposals under the guise of the same “green jobs creation” promise.  And how is that working out?  Click the link to find out:



Along with the huge audience response to Dave Chappelle’s new comedy special, there’s another heartening sign that people are fed up with the “cancel culture” and finally starting to fight back against those who seek to destroy opponents by dragging up old non-PC comments from years before and trying to destroy their lives over them.

Earlier this week, I told you how Bloomberg Law reporter Ben Penn lifted some old Facebook posts by Trump Labor Department senior adviser Leif Olson entirely out of context to make his sarcastic mocking of alt-right anti-Semites appear to be serious anti-Semitic comments.  Olson's bosses quickly “accepted his resignation,” which was taken to mean he was given the option of “resign or be fired.”

But in this case, the “reporter’s” partisan malice was so blatant that even liberal news outlets blasted him.  With the truth of how Olson was slandered starting to spread, the Labor Department announced that “following a thorough reexamination,” Olson has been reinstated into his job.

As for Penn, he’s shown no remorse.  His defense is that Olson was part of a team drafting wage-hour regulations that he doesn’t like, so it’s apparently perfectly justifiable to lie about him and get him fired.  It’s the old leftist motto, the ends justify the means (see Harry Reid's defense for lying about Mitt Romney's tax returns.) 

I’m glad that Olson got his job back, and I’m very glad to see that people are finally standing up to the outrage mobs and the weaponizing of old social media posts taken out of context.  But I’m still waiting for the other shoe to drop.  If Bloomberg want to retain even an iota of journalistic integrity, then it should answer for why Ben Penn still has his job.   

Incidentally, the obvious, intentional slander isn’t the only example of malodorous journalistic malpractice in Penn’s hatchet job article.  If Bloomberg still needs it spelled out for them what they should do, here’s a good rundown of every last outright falsehood and incorrect statement, including six lies in just one sentence:




Late Night “Comedy” circa 2019: If Trump makes any slip of the tongue, hammer away at him for 60 minutes.  If Joe Biden makes a whole week full of “gaffes” so baffling and egregious that even his supporters are starting to worry about his mental health, bring him on the show and try to laugh it off as meaning nothing.

Warning: Clicking on this link might lead to watching a clip from Stephen Colbert’s show.


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Comments 1-21 of 21

  • Ralph Anderson

    09/08/2019 09:16 AM

    You are the best. Thanks for your comments and info

  • David A Turner

    09/07/2019 05:46 PM

    Every time we have one of a horrible mass shooting event, the left aggressively & tirelessly goes after our guns. I do believe that their overall goal is to one day completely disarm the US population. What is scary to me is now I am seeing some weakness in the ranks of the Republican Party. The fake news is trying to sell us that these shootings are increasing, yet the actual statistics say otherwise. The left has an agenda. They will exploit every tragic situation when it serves their cause, while ignoring real issues & problems. They often lie about the facts. Politicians need to look at the real stats involving guns, along with considering the history of other Countries who have disarmed their citizens Tyrannic governments have murdered millions of innocent lives once their citizens were disarmed. Examples: 1911 Turkey. 1929 Russia, 1935 China, 1938 Germany, 1956 Cambodia, 1964 Guatemala, 1970 Uganda, 2012 Venezuela. Citizens do not do well, when unarmed & suppressed. This can happen to us, if politicians fail to protect our 2nd Amendment rights. With God’s help our founding fathers laid out a very good government. It has served us well, even though a few individuals have tried to screw it up. I would like it to last another 300 years. If we lose our 2nd Amendment, it won’t. Guns are not the problem. The type of guns are not the problem. The real problems is the breakdown of our society’s moral ethics & family values. We are not taking care of our own. We have allowed greed, corruption, selfishness, & power hungry fools to take charge of our government, schools, entertainment, & the global corporate world. So far the good out ways the evil, but the evil gains more power as we throw away our freedoms. We need to elect more constitutional politicians to office & get rid of the evil stench that controls much of our lives. Stand strong, protect our rights, our safety, our freedoms.

  • Peter Rienstra

    09/07/2019 04:47 PM

    I do not spend time listening to the Lamenews or democrats . the only thing I
    want to know is how much of their federal paychecks they are willing to give to the government agencies like President Trump does . Pete R.

  • Vernon Hinz

    09/07/2019 04:46 PM

    What ever you want to believe or not believe, if these so called experts new how to do real research they maybe could see the truth. There is no real climate change, what is happening has been going on for thousands of years, if fact back in the early 1900 the north pole melted away so much the discovered there was a northern rout they could sail to get from the Atlantic to the Pacific. It didn't last long and several ships got caught and frozen in, most of the crews died because they couldn't get out. The there are many other thins happening they should be paying attention to. How many million acres of rain forest has been destroyed, a big factor in cleaning the earths air. I could go on and on but it would probably blow the liberals mind

  • Sandra Hostetter

    09/07/2019 02:12 PM

    I am never surprised at what the dems try. They are a joke.

  • Jerry

    09/07/2019 11:49 AM

    My thoughts on the Green Deal is just to outrageous to be taken seriously it is just a tool being used for the socialists to take control of America. Don't be fooled the Socialist are not ignorant they count on the public being ignorant once they win, the public will not know what hit them the Socialist don't care they will control the publics life and the public will do what it is told simple as that, my advice the message needs to be, does the public want to be free or does the public want to be Socialist one size fits all, you will be a person that will be what the Czar wants you to be. You will live at the poverty level sound good check out the slums of our major cities live there for 6 months then vote, those people want to escape but with limited skills provided by Dem. rule and leadership they are stuck our President is trying to fix 40 years of desperate times you need more time at least 10 years of positive leadership to fix 40 years of destructive leadership your on the bottom but you don't have stay there MAGA

  • Joseph Trokey

    09/07/2019 11:47 AM

    I sure would like to see some of those politicians come down to the rural lands they hate and watch the farmers working the fields and producing food so they can eat and tell me how all that can happen without gas, diesel, natural gas and propane. Also, I would like to know how they are to produce electricity without mining the metals needed to manufacture the windmills and other things needed to make the electricity. When you live in a little bubble in cities and you can run down to the store and buy anything you want to eat and you can turn a switch and have light, one tends to forget what has to happen to make all that come to fruition. They are fools spouting foolish words and have no conception of reality.

  • Robert Whitten

    09/07/2019 11:42 AM

    I am a retired NASA atmospheric scientist and have researched the issue of climate change for the past 30 years. There is NO observable climate change due to human activity. Climate change that we are experiencing is natural. The hype is caused by the need for government funding for phony "climatologists" and political power grabs.


    09/07/2019 11:05 AM


  • Bill Sergeant

    09/07/2019 10:07 AM

    Wasn't it the Obama/Biden administration that gave China 30+ years to meet emission standards? I'd like see what sleepy Joe has to say about that along with the other Democrat candidates

  • Audrey Skarness

    09/07/2019 08:20 AM

    I suppose stupidity comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

  • Sandra Meistrell

    09/07/2019 07:23 AM

    I would love to forward your article (s) on Instagram.

  • Harold Hansen

    09/07/2019 01:32 AM

    Right on, Huckster! Pretty close to
    A winner tonight! Especially elegant talking when it comes to
    Weather! Or was that “Whether?”
    Nice job!!

  • Helen Miller

    09/06/2019 11:47 PM

    Please comment on Drew Breeze’s being attacked by the liberal media and others I think. Soooo angry. Thank God I have him to rely on. LOL

  • Amelia Little

    09/06/2019 11:21 PM

    I'm guessing the lack of history in education might be part of why the left doesn't recognize THEMSELVES as acting like Hitler. At least for the younger ones. There are some old enough to have gone to school at a time when history was taught. According to their lists--they will be shutting down a major portion of the country--employers, employees--and, with no jobs, there isn't going to be much working go on to provide all the taxes these morons admit their agenda will cost. Plus, there will be no businesses to pay into the tax coffers. I wonder how many of the "elite" who are hailing these folks as brilliant, heroes that will save the planet, etc etc etc will remain in the elite category, and how many would find themselves in the food lines with us mere mortals. Of course, any conservatives now in government would be ousted. But, only so many "movie stars" would be employed--what with no one being able to go to the movies, and the other elites can only watch so many movies. I guess the left will have to buy the fuel for their jets from other countries--that would have to be pretty expensive. They'll have already spent all the taxes on the GND alone--where will they get the money? And, with so few regular people to be working--they won't even get their current big bucks as salary, not that they would expect to have to pay any expenses themselves.

  • Carl Smith

    09/06/2019 11:15 PM

    Never Worry I'll Never Intentionally ( sound familiar) watch What's his name even if he paid my fare to Lolly Land and put me up in the best Hilton has to offer and padded my checking account with millions. [ I remember an old joke about I'm a politician you just have to find my PRICE] or you can substitute Prostitute for politician seems they are synonyms? However the fact remains the LEFT is in full embrace of the Communist Rules for Revolution or it's American version by Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals. The SAD part is the media are acting as enablers and in so doing are digging their own graves. Winston Churchill once told us that The farther Backward we can look enables us to look farther into the future. Very Profound.

  • David J Richards

    09/06/2019 09:48 PM

    If the loons are elected in 2020, the conservatives will never accept a forced intrusion of their policies into our lives. The constitution must be followed or “great civil unrest” will prevail.

    Dave Richards

  • Lawrence E. Foster

    09/06/2019 09:12 PM

    Bernie Sanders latest comments on "climate change" boil down to "Kill the babies of poor people so rich old guys like me can live in comfort". Bernie, just a thought. If killing poor babies is what we need to save our planet, maybe it is not worth saving. Certainly not so rich folks can live in comfort at the expense of the poor. I see two possibly better solutions. Take the old folks who have lived a long life at the expense of othrs, and put them first in line to "save the planet". Or, what humnity has done for millions oif years, adjust to the changing times, and figure out how to use the changes for our benefit. If a warmer earth takes some crop-growing land, move farming farther north. Develop crops (can be done in a few years) that are more suited for warmer weather. I know killing poor people's children (and mostly children of color) sounds like an easy solution. After all, that is what Planned Parenthood - with the support of the democrat party - does now. But we are better than that Bernie, and if you are not, maybe it is time for you to sacrifice yourself "for the good of the planet".

  • Marian E. Jacoby

    09/06/2019 08:36 PM

    I stopped listening to Biden the moment he muttered Charlottesville. On a sweeter note, Sarah looked beautiful this AM on Fox and Friends. She will be a wonderful addition to Fox. She is one of those ladies who would no doubt be a good friend for life. You and your wife did a great job. Congratulations to Sarah. :)

  • Stephen Russell

    09/06/2019 08:34 PM

    Andy Yang : Only + to him is this Thorium reactor plan, all else stink
    Thorium reactors

  • Albert Koller

    09/06/2019 08:23 PM

    I hate to have to tell you, but I have given up reading your daily diatribes against almost everything. Although I agree vehemently and vigorously with everything you say, having it said over and over every night has turned your newsletter into a "feel bad or even worse" for me. Personally, I don't need more bad news or complaints. I thrive on positive indicators, and you're in the perfect position to begin touting every available good thing being said, being done, or just plain happening both here and abroad. I can only imagine how powerful your newsletter would become if it focused almost completely on the accomplishments, achievements, good things and great people that comprise the vast majority in our nation. Get off the dead horse and start finding that silver lining wherever it exists. When that happens, folks like me will thunder back in to applaud you, tweet your findings, and go to bed feeling better about the world in which we live. Just sign me fed up, angry, and tired of bashing others. Thanks.