January 10, 2019

Democrats and the mainstream media (but I repeat myself) have been trying mightily to convince Americans that the border crisis is merely a perception created by President Trump, with “manufactured” suddenly being the word of choice.  It seems everyone got the memo, so to speak, and took their cue from Schumer and Pelosi to coordinate their use of that and other buzzwords --- not just opinion writers and party hacks but even the “news” reporters and so-called fact-checkers.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen fact-checkers blend fact and opinion when “grading” statements for accuracy, but this is the worst it has been in my memory.  They had to do this because they’d painted themselves into a corner by accusing Trump of lying even before he gave his Oval Office address.  When it turned out his stats were absolutely correct, what were they supposed to do –-  admit he’d told the truth?  That was never going to happen.


So, is there a border crisis or not?  Of course, there clearly is.  In fact, it’s so obvious that one has to wonder just how much monumental Trump-hate it takes to ignore the crisis in order to inflict political damage on him.  Trump didn’t have to make things up or exaggerate to present his case to the nation because it’s all real.  (He was wrong on one rape statistic, but nobody’s crowing about that because the actual number is much worse.)  To ignore this reality, Democrats have to live in an alternate universe.  If they care at all about the various forms of suffering –- human trafficking, drug smuggling, rape, violent death, child endangerment, contagious disease and possible terrorism –- resulting from an open border, their concern is far outweighed by the fervent desire to stop Trump from gaining a political victory.

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Democrats can no longer hide this, because we all know they were for the border fence before they were against it.  The Secure Fence Act of 2006 was a bipartisan bill.  A secure barrier along the border wasn’t immoral then, but it is now.  It wasn’t ineffective then, or too expensive, but it is now.  We needed it then, but we don’t now.  The things even then-Sen. Obama said about border security then were pretty much what Trump is saying now.  So we KNOW this is political theater.


We can also infer that the hardships and inconveniences associated with the partial shutdown –- in particular, the inability to issue paychecks to government workers, who normally would get them on Friday –- are of little concern to Democratic leaders, no matter how many crocodile tears they cry.  If they really cared about those workers, they could end this farce right now.  They just don’t want Trump to get his secure border, even though it’s the same thing they professed to favor in 2006.  On the other hand, Trump cannot cave, because he (and the people who support him) actually care about the human toll from illegal immigration.  Trump is there to fix a serious problem.  As hard as it will be for some government employees to miss one or possibly more paychecks, it’s still not in the same category as the threat posed by an open border.


The Democrats use words like “manufactured” to describe the border crisis because it works with their voters, at least if they say it often enough.  A year ago, a Harvard University poll found that 8 out of 10 U.S. voters believed that the United States needs secure borders.  That broke down to 93 percent of Republicans, 80 percent of independents and even 68 percent of Democrats.  (Incidentally, 70 percent also believed in granting priority to those immigrants who could “contribute to America.”)  The Democrats have used the past year to convince Democrats and independents that the border problem has been greatly exaggerated and that a wall will not work –- in other words, lie to them –-- to keep them from agreeing with Trump that a barrier is needed, when it absolutely is.


There’s also the issue of national security.  We don’t know how many infiltrators from around the world are passing right through our porous border, but investigative reporter Sara A. Carter is at the Rio Grande right now and just got a firsthand look at one such case.  Within ten minutes of arriving at the border, she and the law enforcement official who was accompanying her on foot ran into a couple of men on the road.  At first they put their hands up, as they expected to be arrested.  (The encounter was captured on video, which Sean Hannity played Wednesday night on his FOX News TV show.)  When Carter asked what country they were from, one replied, “Bangladesh.”


These men did not strike Carter as dangerous at that moment, but she pointed out that Bangladesh is one of the “special interest countries,” along with Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc., that are home to ISIS and other terrorist groups.


One of the men knew a little English and was able to say that it had taken them three months to get from Bangladesh to the United States.  They had been taken to Dubai, he said, then to Brazil, then north through Central America and Mexico.  He said the walking part had taken them three months.  When Carter asked him who had brought them to America, he said he didn’t know; it’s possible he hadn’t understood the question.  He said each of them had paid $16,000 to make the whole trip.  According to Carter, he told her they didn’t even know they were in the United States.


It’s time to face reality.  The last word here goes to former Border Patrol Chief Mark Morgan, who says the wall would work and that this view is “not based on a personal, political ideology.”  It’s “based on historical data and facts that can be proven.”



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  • Scott Schroeder

    01/12/2019 03:33 PM

    Dear Governor, I completely agree with your opinion that the talking points between the media and the Democratic Party are aligned 100%; the worst I have ever seen too. They use the same words...immoral, manufactured, vanity wall and as always racist. Is there a memo that goes around every morning? This seems to be the real collusion in Washington!

  • Debbie Campbell

    01/11/2019 02:06 AM

    I support President Trump & I support building the wall. I was so glad to see tonight on Fox News that they showed Obama, Clinton, & Schumer plus other democrats supporting the wall in 2013! Such hypocrisy!
    Wondering why President Trump go ahead and declare (I think it’s called) a state of emergency since it’s clear the demos aren’t going to cooperate? Will be glad when God uses him to drain the swamp!

  • Tewania Canterberry

    01/10/2019 07:50 PM

    I’m thankful for President Trump. He loves this country and only wants the best for its citizens. I pray for him daily. I’ve never seen another President treated so disrespectfully. I’m so disgusted every day watching the news. I honestly don’t know how he does it, how he remains so focused and strong but I’m thankful he is.
    I’m wondering why so many people supported President Obama’s decision to give Iran, our enemy and the enemy of Israel billions of taxpayer dollars but are unwilling to pay for the wall to protect the legal citizens of this country. We could have built one heck of a wall and taken care of so many other things with the money most Democrats never even batted an eye over ??

  • Cynthia Nolder

    01/10/2019 06:51 PM

    All I have to say for now is, wow, just WOW. The followers, even the ones that look away with all the nonsense that come out of the mouth & twitter account of the person at the oval office, are in an alternative universe. Still, after Mr. Obama, has been gone for over 2 years, still, the WORSE, & a boggles the mind

  • Dan Barberree

    01/10/2019 06:42 PM

    What ever happened to the $26B I understand the Dems voted for for border fences and security in years past? Was it approved? If so where did the money go?

  • Maryjane Grimadi

    01/10/2019 06:20 PM

    I am furious that Pelosi calls the WALL immoral (GOD himself recommends PRUDENCE). This woman and her party support PlannedParenthoo, which murders unborn taxpayers, and she thinks SHE can define immorality. HOGWASH.

  • Carmine Fea

    01/10/2019 05:59 PM

    I agree with the comment and exasperation voiced by Linda, why haven't republicans done more to get the truth to the people of this country, and show the people of this country the lies told to them by the democrats and liberal media that are so obvious. It is so frustrating to know the lies and liars are winning evidenced by the mid-term elections. Fox News is good, but they in no way can do it all for republicans. Where is the fight in the republicans and the republican party?


    01/10/2019 05:56 PM

    my husband listened to some lawyers from Liberty on the radio and they also said our President's statements were true, I feel the dems. want to sway those who don't research for themselves into thinking President Trump is not the man for our country. I feel he is the leader God put in at this time and we need to pray for him and Pence that nothing formed against them can stand.

  • Barbara A Valentin

    01/10/2019 05:43 PM

    We feel so helpless.... I stand by President Trump!! The negativity is so overwhelming! Many are not paying attention any longer as the din of the politics is sickening! I pray daily for God's will in our country...and thank you for an amazing job of sending out so much data daily. Where do you find the time? I trust you have a wonderful staff! Prayers lifted!!!

  • Darlene Donston

    01/10/2019 05:31 PM

    Of course a Wall will work! Any moron can see that and I am sure Nancy Pelosi can see it although I imagine that because she lives in a secluded area of San Francisco and I would imagine she also has an apartment in D.C. that is protected also, she lives with her head in the sand. But after living in Southern CA for 53 years you have to be able to see it or you are completely blind or live in a Never Neverland. which I know from experience some people do. It is like I said on FB, when I moved to Whittier CA back in Sept. of 1960, a wall should have been built back then. The Illegals were coming over to work, but they never went home! There were so many of them that LA got full and they started moving East into Whittier and then in 1971 when we moved to Anaheim Hills they were still moving and by 1973 their kids were being bused into our schools and nothing was too good for them. I know, I helped out at lunch time when our son was in First Grade. So yes President Trump BUILD THAT WALL, BARRIER OR WHATEVER YOU WANT TO CALL IT. But they will still be digging the tunnels underneath if they get a chance!

    Also, loved your email from the other day and I saw you had a lot of comments on there! lol

  • kay kunter

    01/10/2019 05:28 PM

    Dear Gov. Huckabee I am so frustrated I do not know how I can help President Trump. I called Andre Carson's office yesterday or the day before and said Vote for the Wall . He won't in all probability even though he is representing our district. He is a Democrat and has stated he does not think it is necessary. I have never seen the bias and outright hate for our President as we have seen in the last two years. Please tell me how I can help. Which of the following organizations asking for contributions is the most effective? Just some of the letters I get are MAGA, RNC, Presidential Coalition, Citizens United, Tea Party, Conservative Caucus to name a few. I give what I can but is there any other way that I can be of help? I can empathize that the President may feel very alone in this fight but he is not alone. And we all need to fight because the country that we love is at stake and I for the life of me cannot figure out why the Democrats are so set on getting their way at the stake of this country. We cannot sustain the volume of people coming here and draining our resources. If they get their way there will be no two party system and it will be socialism.

  • Linda Denise Graef

    01/10/2019 04:08 PM

    I have 2 questions I wish I could ask GOP leadership w/regards to the public statements the Dem leadership/media keep stating about the Border Crisis ("Trump is holding up any deal, etc."). 1st, I haven't heard much said by anyone in the GOP about how untrustworthy the Dem leadership has proven themselves to be. Like when Reagan granted amnesty to thousands, THEN the Dems reneged on their agreed upon border security, which has been REPEATED over the decades. And Pelosi: "We have to pass the bill 1st to know what's in it." Or, Obama: "You can keep your doctor."

    #2) It's clear the 24/7 brainwashing going on by the Propaganda arm of the Dem Party, the main stream "news", covers up the true motives of Pelosi, Schumer & the rest. So WHY doesn't the GOP Party, or Conservative Caucus (ANYBODY) make a short video w/clips of all the Dem leaders, past & present, who gave speeches about how "dangerous illegal immigration is, & we need border security, etc," & run it on every channel possible? We've seen how that many citizens (mostly Dem voters?) DON'T take the time to get their news from a variety of sources, & college students have mostly been brainwashed in schools, so they have no idea how hypocritical the Dems are being about this being a "manufactured crises". Can the networks actually CENSOR what "public information" videos are allowed on their stations? Because doing this seems to be an obvious way to break through some of their brainwashing. Maybe you can pass these suggestions along! Thanks!

  • John F. Boudreaux

    01/10/2019 03:56 PM

    Nancy and Harry Ried did the save thing to President Bush. They passed nothing and was responsible for the collapse of our financial centers. But the blame was put solely on President Bush. They got away with this for several reasons, but the biggest reason is there was no social media. It would not matter who was the Republican President, the same thing would take place. They want to be the hero’s who fix things, but they are too corrupt to do so. It’s now become a national crisis.

  • Rebecca Antoine

    01/10/2019 03:42 PM

    Have the Democrats even explained what their suggested plan is for better border security. I could swear I heard a Representative say on a news blip today that they believe border security can be enhanced through electronic technology with no need for a wall. I could certainly be wrong because I was only half listening, but all I get out of the Democratic rhetoric is that a wall is not needed and they have other ideas on how to handle border security with no explanation as to what those other ideas are!

  • Alison Bell

    01/10/2019 03:18 PM

    The Dems are so clueless, this open border “controversy “ is broadcasting to the entire world (terrorists) how weak we are. Every day there is another report of another American death on American soil due to an illegal immigrant. To pretend this is not a national security crisis is just stupidity at the worst level. The President must stand firm and keep broadcasting the truth to the people.

  • Jodie Watson

    01/10/2019 03:10 PM

    I live in Texas and am currently furloughed. I have seen first hand the dangers on the border, so I support the wall. I speak to farmers and ranchers on a daily basis and have not been given any indication that the barrier would not be welcome. I have heard stories of violent crime, property stolen and vandalized, and general fear of being killed by desperate illegal trespassers. What is even more frightening is physical evidence of possible terrorists coming into the country through very remote areas of the state that is not easily patrolled. To me, the threat is a very real part of everyday life near the Mexican border.

  • Anne turner

    01/10/2019 03:04 PM

    How can it not be obvious to anyone with a semblance of a brain that the mission is to bring down the President, to h... with the Country. This is trite, I know, but it summarizes everything. Being in power is everything. Unfortunately, the President brings a lot of this on himself because of his unthinking remarks. I don’t like the man personally because of his boorishness, but I like his policies for the most part. I like his philosophy of viewing our country as something to be preserved, warts and all. This country’s good outweighs it bad, millions to one. I think God often for allowing me to born in America. When we do wrong, we try to make it right. I can respect honest disagreement, but I cannot respect this hatred spewed out by the left. I disagree with Mr. Obama’s philosophy and many of his acts, but I never would have characterized him with outright disrespect and hatred. Folks, this man is your President. Respect the office, if not the man! Get over it, she lost.

  • Carla Isselmann

    01/10/2019 02:50 PM

    Dear Mr. Huckabee, thank you for your good article and allow me to ask you why is it that President Trump needed almost two years before doing something really serious about the Wall..?
    He should have acted immediately...

  • LUCY Schmidt

    01/10/2019 02:41 PM

    100% in agreement with your columns! We are in big trouble when people believe the lies of the left.

  • William Rohman

    01/10/2019 02:33 PM

    More fake news, First, a reporter standing near steel slatted wall stating that there was no crisis there and then watched a reporter interviewing people living by the border and they all stated that they did not want a wall there as everything was very peaceful. Only problem was that they all had Spanish names and Latino features. Thanks bunches for using my last comments...Major Bill

  • Sue Palakst

    01/10/2019 02:31 PM

    Does the below sound familiar?
    You have to pass the bill first before you can see what's in it.
    End the shutdown first, and then we will address border security.
    Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

  • Elizabeth Crouse

    01/10/2019 02:26 PM

    You are so right. Standing and praying for the president and his staff. Can’t believe what is going on

  • Norman Leal

    01/10/2019 02:00 PM

    Checked impeach Trump web sites. Why didn't they impeach Obama? He was the worst Socialist President, there for 8 years.

    Trump has to reverse damage done by Obama. Their web sites only want people to agree with impeachment. There is no way to mention Trump is doing a good job.

  • Erik

    01/10/2019 01:57 PM

    Gov. Huckabee, could you organize or start a petition for term limits for Congress? I know we can get hundreds of thousands of signatures, the people genuinely want that. We need to get rid of immature juvenile children like Chuck and Nancy who just waste money and time, spewing hot air exacerbating the horrible CO2 "crisis" ;-p and lie to our faces on an hourly basis

  • Marshall Suttles

    01/10/2019 01:57 PM

    I have never seen anything so childish and ridiculous as the Dem's fight over this! Here's my proposal for Nancy and Chuckie: Get the President to offer to personally build, at his own expense, each one of these birds a "beautiful" winter home, with the south side exactly on the border with Mexico. That side of the home will have no southern wall. No doors or windows, just wide open to whoever wants to come in!

    For Nancy and Chuckie to receive these totally free homes, they must agree to live in them with all their loved ones and to add a final touch, No guns will be allowed in these homes!!
    Think this might open their eyes to the reality of wide open borders? Probably not! To them, the # one priority is to destroy Trump! Nothing more and nothing less!! Sad, Sad, Sad!