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June 22, 2022



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Isaiah 41:10

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Uvalde update

With each new revelation of how the tragic Uvalde school shooting was handled, the local police response has looked worse and worse. Now, in testimony to the Texas Senate, Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steve McGraw blasted the local police response as “an abject failure, and antithetical to everything we’ve learned over the past two decades since the Columbine massacre.”

McGraw said standard policy is to engage and neutralize school shooters as quickly as possible. But in Uvalde, he said within three minutes of the shooter entering the school, police had enough armed officers in body armor on the scene to move in. But the on-sight commander, school district police Chief Pete Arredondo, ordered them to stand by and wait for backup. He said the children and teachers were begging for help and being murdered for “one hour, fourteen minutes and eight seconds” before two Border Patrol agents arrived and took out the shooter. McGraw blasted Arredondo for putting the lives of officers ahead of the lives of the children.

In response, Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin slammed the hearing as biased and a “clown show,” and said McGraw failed to mention that 14 DPS officers were in the building at the time as well. Arredondo was recently elected to the city council, but he hasn’t shown up for several meetings.

In the long run, no amount of finger-pointing will bring back the children and teachers whose lives were needlessly lost. But refusing to own up to the catastrophic security failures or hold anyone accountable is a surefire way to ensure that more lives will be needlessly lost. We need less talk about blame and more about responsibility.


Steven Colbert’s smug dismissal of the seriousness of his staffers’ illegal incursion into a Congressional office building is getting scrutinized by conservative pundits and legal scholars. I’m sure you’ll be terribly surprised to learn that he left some things out and wasn’t completely honest.

He doesn't seem to understand how hypocritical it is for him to say his people weren't doing anything wrong, they were shooting some video in a House office building after being ordered by police to leave, when he's been one of the top cheerleaders for Democrats who've treated grannies who walked through an open Capitol door and took selfies as if they were terrorists.

Must-See TV

At long last, a GOP debate is finally going to be moderated by a conservative media figure. Talk show host and legal scholar Mark Levin has agreed to moderate two debates among Florida Republican Congressional candidates at next month’s Sunshine Summit.

Let’s hope the RNC watches this with an eye to it being an audition. If they’re finally going to demand some balance in the moderation of Presidential debates, they’ll need a list of names ready to go, and Mark Levin sounds like a great possibility. He will ask brilliant questions from a conservative perspective, he’ll keep to the point and the facts, and just his being there will make liberal talking heads explode. So, a win-win-win!

Megan Rapinoe: a font of wisdom

I’ll bet the executives at Subway who signed soccer player/LGBTQ activist Megan Rapinoe to an endorsement deal are wishing they could put that contract on a wheat roll and eat it. I’m also sure many of their stockholders would like to force them to do that.

Here’s the latest declaration from that endless font of wisdom who was supposed to be an inspiration to young female athletes: Just get over having “trans” males take your trophies and scholarships away because sports aren’t that important anyway.

Thoughts on DeSantis

Kyle Smith of National Review reports that the New Yorker tried mightily to write a hit piece on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and despite all their negativity and snark, he still came off sounding so good that I’ll bet at least 75% of even the New Yorkers' readers wish they could replace Biden with him right now.

Fighting back against woke censorship

Interesting article from John Stossel about the dawning rebellion against woke censorship in the comedy world, led by the Babylon Bee and a few brave stand-ups and YouTubers who are willing to endure the cancel culture mob rage in defense of free speech and the right to ridicule things that richly deserve it.

In a related story, Dave Chappelle has raised a lot of money for his alma mater, the Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Washington, DC. So much that a theater was going to be named for him until a few extremely ungrateful students raised a stink because he dared to make jokes about radical trans activists. Chappelle said he’s taken a lot of cold shots in show business, but having students from his own school turn on him “sincerely hurt.” He also noted that students who confronted him about his Netflix special talked only about gender and said nothing about art. But appropriately enough, Chappelle had the last laugh in a move that was both gracious and savage.

First, to help raise money for the theater, he asked people to donate either for or against him, with whichever side gave the most getting naming rights. Not surprisingly, his fans gave far more money (leftists are only generous with other people’s money.)

But instead of taking the honor, Chappelle said he didn’t want his name on the theater to make any students uncomfortable. So instead of naming it after himself, it will instead be named “The Theater for Artistic Freedom and Expression.” That might rankle the woke mobs even worse!

He said, "The more you say I can't say something, the more urgent it is for me to say it. It has nothing to do with what you are saying I can't say. It has everything to do with my freedom of artistic expression."

His name might not be on the theater, but they should paint that quote on the lobby wall. Maybe some of those “art” students who think they know everything already will read it and actually learn something.


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  • Robin Rebhan

    06/24/2022 09:14 AM

    RE: "Uvalde update". More and more I am coming to believe the order to stand down was a political decision. Couldn't find the keys to the room? What happened to " dynamic entry "? Since when does anyone in law enforcement need keys to make entry? I do not know anyone in Law Enforcement who would have obeyed that order to wait under those circumstances at Uvalde. I cannot imagine anything more disgusting than those who took part and those defending this whole law enforcement disaster.

  • Michael T Thick

    06/23/2022 07:12 PM

    For years I have been reading your email letters, but haven't seen any of the TV programs yet, however, I see a remarkable rise in positive events, such as Think Tank 2022 Rally of hope , sponsored by The Washington Times, and speakers attending from around the world, several conservatives , Mr Pompeo, Gingrich, Senator Burton, even Mr Pence and Trump spoke on the reunification of N and South Korea events.
    At the same time there is a spiritual revival occurring , where the faithful of all religions have had enough and are rallying around universal values, emphasized by the Universal Peace Federation at the World Summit in Jan 2020, as well as world leaders looking for a new direction.
    There are dozens of organizations founded over the last 45 years by Rev Moon, to awaken America as a God centered nation like it once was, and they are expanding by assisting others in their quests for true love, life and lineage, including The Washington Times, Women's Federation for World Peace, Family Federation for World Peace - family restoration, and, the political side for righteous leaders.
    I believe you to be one of those righteous leaders, but voted for Trump in 2016, due to the higher probability to win but did recently send a donation to Sarah for the Governor race!
    Thank you for your constant positivity and logical comments, God be with you sir. Mike Thick

  • jerry

    06/23/2022 08:07 AM

    By now almost everyone on this planet that understands the difference between brillance and stupidity know that joe biden is not brilliant. I think EV's are a good idea for a certain group of people this planet is not ready for a mass production of EV's. The production of EV's does NOT have the components to produce the EV the planet is not equipped to fuel the EV on a mass use the planet is not able to repair an EV when it fails and the Planet is not prepared to recycle an EV when it is destroyed by accident or failure. The idea for an EV is for people with limited use of a vehicle I think short commutes is good for users although what happens in snow storms or accidents that close down freeways for hours stop and go traffic for hours how long will an EV work when its battery is depleting its charge and one has an hour or two to go to complete ones journey you have a disabled vehicles blocking traffic on a daily basis the lowest of IQed people can figure this out what does the EV say about biden on unleashing a product that canNOT be produced or fueled or repaired or is unaffordable to a mass production and use? It is called LOW IQ and biden is in the only time he has come in as a Champ of the lowest IQ award of any president of the US even lower than Jimmie Carter. The phrase the Good die Young look at Carter and Biden they are still living at a very old age. These are excellent examples of horrible leaders living a long time.

  • James Drury Jr.

    06/22/2022 07:34 PM

    Thanks Mike & Staff!

  • Paul Kern

    06/22/2022 07:30 PM

    After all that has come I will take the advice of a wise Cree Indian teacher I had. "When in doubt prayfor wisdom " We believers should be constantly in prayer for that as we see many showing their true colors. Many on the right are showing they prefer trying to get accepted by the left who make fools of them daily and up betraying all that is good and just and right!