September 2, 2021

Blessings on you and your family, and from all the Huckabee staff! 

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  • Bible Verse of the Day - John 1:3
  • It will be hard for the MSM to defend Biden over this...
  • Report: “Majority” of special immigrant visa applicants were left behind in Afghanistan
  • So, let's talk about impeachment
  • Say What?!?
  • America The Beautiful
  • Call for court-martials
  • Ida's destruction extends into the Northeast


Mike Huckabee


“All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.”

John 1:3

It will be hard for the MSM to defend Biden over this...

By Mike Huckabee

President Biden’s professional apologists in the media are getting fewer in number as it becomes more difficult to defend the indefensible…not that some of them aren’t still giving it the ol’ college journalism degree try.

But this story is going to make it harder for even the most diehard Biden bootlickers at CNN and MSNBC to spin his Afghanistan catastrophe into an “extraordinary success.” We now know that Biden’s own White House staffers are horrified that he left Americans behind to the mercy of the Taliban.

Anonymous White House officials told Politico that the removal of all Americans was a hostage rescue under the guise of an evacuation, and they failed at that no-fail mission. One said, "I am absolutely appalled and literally horrified we left Americans there.”

There are also plenty of people in the military who feel the same way.

With a stunning new Rasmussen survey showing that a majority of Americans (52%) think Biden should resign (only 39% think he shouldn’t, with the rest unsure), it’s clear that our top “leader” is not only out of touch with most Americans but also with his own staff. And of course, with reality.

PS – That Rasmussen poll also found that even among Democrats, 32% say Biden should resign now, 40% say he should be impeached and 33% say Kamala Harris isn’t qualified to be President.

Report: “Majority” of special immigrant visa applicants were left behind in Afghanistan

By Mike Huckabee

In a shocking report, Politico claims that a “majority” of special immigrant visa applicants – Afghans who worked with us for years as translators and in other positions, which would put them and their families into extreme danger from the Taliban – were left behind in Afghanistan. This was allegedly due to security threats at the airport, the Taliban checkpoints around the airport and the airport design.

An unnamed senior State Department official also said that any electronic credentials they tried to give out were immediately disseminated far and wide, making them unreliable for ID purposes.

As sad and infuriating as this is, it’s not surprising. It’s also horse apples to blame the airport design, or the attacks on the airport, or the Taliban surrounding the airport or the problems with last-minute electronic credentials for these allies being left behind in grave danger. That’s because all of those issues occurred at the last minute, after the Taliban moved in and took over. In fact, these people are stranded in Afghanistan and fearing for their lives because the White House failed to speed up the molasses-in-January paperwork processing to approve their SIVs.

I reported way back on May 19th, a good six weeks before Biden assured us that it was highly unlikely that the Taliban would take over, that Congress members sent the White House a bipartisan letter, complaining about their delay in processing these visas because leaving our allies behind would be a death sentence. That was from a report that was also in Politico:

In short: the White House knew about this issue months ago, but didn’t take it seriously enough. They should’ve moved heaven and earth to cut through the bureaucracy and get our allies out faster (you know Trump would have), or at least to some safe spot outside Afghanistan until the paperwork was completed, but that’s yet another thing they failed at. If it results in the deaths of those who helped us for years and their families, it will be even more blood on the incompetent hands of this Administration.

So, let's talk about impeachment

By Mike Huckabee

At this point, we’ve been all through the reasons President Biden is unfit to serve. Here’s some welcome news: after the debacle in Afghanistan (no matter how much lipstick Biden’s strategists try to put on that pig), a new Rasmussen poll of likely voters shows that 52 percent believe Biden should resign over his disastrous handling of the withdrawal. They see he’s simply not capable. And the world sees that, too.

There’s a song that gets played at weddings a lot; it goes, “The more I see you...the more I want you.” The “Biden” version is more appropriate for a divorce: “The more we see him...the less we want him.” One way his campaign experts got people to vote for the man was essentially to hide him until after those votes had been cast (well, counted). Why, he was “Mr. Moderate,” so much more measured and likable than Trump, they said. It’s much easier to like an unlikable person when you hardly ever see him.

And now that he has to take center stage occasionally, we can hardly believe what we see. I’ve always thought his political views were as wrongheaded as could be, but now something really is wrong with his head. Biden seems like the empty husk of a man, and perhaps that’s what he really is.

This is not a partisan thing, but a national tragedy. If we’re honest with ourselves, we all know. And the Afghanistan disaster has brought home to us all what a huge job it is to be President of the United States. It’s the biggest job there is, and mistakes and lapses in judgment get people killed. Mistakes also upset the critical balance of power around the world that since World War II has allowed us the assumption that we would always live in freedom. That sense of security is being shaken now.

A take-down can also come from within, which naturally makes us curious about some who support a clearly unfit President. We also wonder who all those Afghans were who got airlifted to America. Apparently, about 110,000 are NOT the ones who were helping our soldiers. Is our President as clueless about this as he seems to be about most things?

The Constitution provides a few ways to remove a President who isn’t fit to serve. There’s the 25th Amendment, which may be invoked by Cabinet members if and when the decision has been made to put Kamala Harris in the Oval Office. (Shudder. That’s the downside to unseating Biden.) There’s impeachment in the House, of course; we have more than enough familiarity with that process, though we’ve never witnessed conviction in the Senate, which would also be required. No matter how much Republicans in the House or Senate talk about it, it’s empty chatter unless the GOP takes control of the House in 2022 and then there are enough Republican members courageous enough to actually push it. And even IF the Senate were to flip to the GOP in 2022, it’s highly doubtful there would be 2/3 of the members willing to vote to convict. We do have guys like Romney there, who voted to impeach Trump, but would never likely vote a Democrat out. Heck, he might not be invited back on MSNBC if he did that!

Or, the President could be forced to resign. I’m sure there are powerful inducements. Make him an offer he can’t refuse.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to have a “do-over” --- even if fraud is proved --- or a recall election as they’re currently doing for the California governorship. The framers of our Constitution apparently didn’t think about what to do if a President who’s spectacularly unfit to serve is still supported as a political puppet by those who are charged with unseating him. I guess they figured that at that point, only another revolution would suffice. Truly, I can hear Thomas Jefferson saying that very thing.

Dan Bongino, in his Wednesday podcast, made the case that we simply must immediately impeach President Biden, period. He called the people keeping him in office “disgusting filth.” The final straw for him was the REUTERS story that broke Tuesday about Biden pressuring the Afghan president to lie about the situation on the ground there in exchange for continued air support. He wanted Americans and the rest of the world to hear a positive report, “whether it is true or not.”

This act on Biden’s part is just obscene in two ways: 1) it’s deeply dishonest, and 2) it’s a quid pro quo, the very thing Democrats impeached Trump for even though that allegation was false. In Biden’s case, the official transcript of the call proves he did it. As Bongino correctly noted, if Republican leaders discovered a Republican President had done this, they would push for impeachment themselves. (Or, I would add, they'd pressure him to resign, as the GOP did with Nixon.)

Watch how White House press secretary Jen Psaki deflects a question about this during her Wednesday briefing. She never addresses it, ignoring what Biden asked the Afghan president to do and talking instead about the “crisis of leadership” in Afghanistan. We need to be concerned about our own crisis of leadership.

Bongino warned that Democrats might assess Biden harshly right now, but it’s because they know his actions were so bad they have to say something critical now to protect their reputations later. They aren’t serious and will still cover for him. “Just give it a couple weeks,” Bongino said. “The Democrats’ story will change completely. They’ll focus on…‘the successful airlift.’”

Heck, they won’t even allow questions to Biden about Afghanistan. They’re VERY protective...

Mark Levin was unsparing towards Biden and his top generals on Wednesday’s HANNITY, invoking George Patton, Omar Bradley and George Marshall. “No Commander-in-Chief has ever ordered any general to leave citizens behind,” he said. The Taliban “have our equipment, they have our people, they have our allies, they are going to threaten us, they’re working with the Communist Chinese...Putin...the Iranians.”

“Listen to me America,” he implored. “Can you hear the screams of the people of Afghanistan tonight?...They’re begging for help!” This is going on, he said, while the administration is celebrating. “My God, I’ve never been more disgusted with the top brass and the government of the United States than I am right now!”

“...Joe Biden lied to us over and over, and over again. This is a humiliation for our country,” he said. “This is part of our history that can never be wiped away.”

“And most of all, Joe Biden, you’ll have blood on your hands for the rest of your life.”

I say Mark Levin sums up the need to impeach President Biden quite well, don’t you? In addition to the things we’ve already mentioned, Biden has certainly offered aid and comfort to the enemy. On the other hand, his administration is now hesitant to even CALL the Taliban the enemy. Not kidding…

Republicans must be resolute on this. I understand that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is considering political realities when he says no to impeachment, but we must express our thorough disgust and disapproval in every way available to us, including calls for resignation or impeachment, even if in the end we can’t pry an unfit President from office. Full articles of impeachment should be drawn up, kept and, if need be, added to, in the likely event that the House and Senate flip next year.

Then we’d have to accept the fact that IF we could get through an impeachment trial and articles of impeachment referred to the Senate, it will would not likely result in Biden being ousted. Only IF he (or whoever it is who “instructs” him) resigned for the good of the country (like Nixon), would he likely be shown the door. Which reminds us that on at least one thing, Barak Obama was right: “Elections have consequences.” So those Never-Trumpers who betrayed their own convictions about sanctity of life, taxes, regulations, energy independence, Israel, America as exceptional, and big government snooping to vote for Biden hopefully are now repentant of what they have done to America, the world, and specifically to those Americans STRANDED (yes, Jen Psaki—STRANDED) in Afghanistan and left to rot by the man the TDS-folks thought was so caring, compassionate, and competent.

This time it wouldn’t be a political show trial. This is for for real. We can’t go down in history as the party that just stood quietly by.



Say What?!?

By Mike Huckabee

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Mark Milley admitted that it’s possible the US will work with the Taliban to fight ISIS-K. So we’ll be working with terrorists to fight terrorism.

A reminder: President Biden is adamant that he will not fire anyone responsible for this cataclysmic mess, including these two. Thus far, the only person relieved of command over Afghanistan is a Marine Lt. Colonel who spoke up to demand accountability. Let that sink in.

America The Beautiful

God's creation is all around us. To learn more about Grand Teton National Park, visit its website here.

Call for court-martials

By Mike Huckabee

In a related story, Alabama Republican Sen. Tommy Tuberville floated the idea of court-martialing the top military leadership of the Afghanistan disaster.

Since I know this will come up again: as we’ve already explained at length, President Biden is the civilian Commander-in-Chief of the military, so he cannot be court-martialed.

Ida's destruction extends into the Northeast

By Mike Huckabee

Hurricane Ida was the fifth-strongest (recorded) hurricane ever to make landfall in the US. This link shows satellite images of some of the devastation wrought by the high winds and flooding.

And it still wasn’t over as of Wednesday, when the remnants of the storm reached the Northeast and brought heavy rains and floods. Children had to be rescued from a flooded school bus in Pennsylvania and a tornado caused severe damage to 100 houses in Maryland.

A lot of people are going to need a lot of help to recover. I hope you’ll consider a gift to Samaritan’s Purse, which is always among the first on the scene of any disaster to help and comfort the victims. And you know nearly every penny goes to aid the people who need it. You can learn more and donate at

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Comments 1-10 of 42

  • Shirley

    09/03/2021 02:13 PM

    I just wanted to ad to my previous comment. I diffently do not think Harris should be allowed to take his place. She is as unqualified as he. The difference is she wants to be like but doesn't want to do any of the hard stuff. She avoids more than she does.. She acts like she thinks she is in a popularity contest.

  • Shirley

    09/03/2021 02:08 PM

    I think Biden should resign. I don't understand how he was even elected. He is totally unqualified to do the job and I think he is also in the onset of Alzheimer's. He is not a fit president and should not be allow to hold office.

  • Mary Euler

    09/03/2021 07:33 AM

    When this President took office I contemplated his removal and what was/is the list of successors should that happen. Like many some on the Democrat side the picture was more than dismal and the thought of his removal was not a move I thought should be done. Just how bad could it be to leave him where he is?. As time and events have moved on, especially with the Afghan debacle I have had to rethink my previous decision. I started thinking most of the horrendous actions committed by this president are decisions he has made by himself regardless of who may be whispering in his ear. In many respects even his "handlers" do not have control of him and it seems like many are afraid to tell him what he should know not what he believes so he continues to make the blundering decisions we have/are seeing to date. IMHO I don't think taking over the Senate AND House will do absolutely NOTHING to rectify this problem and he will continue to ruin the United States on both the world and local stage. Camila could do no worse in my estimation and will have the example of what happens when a President's actions are really impeachable so she and her "handlers" might think twice before continuing down the road President Biden has been going down. Then maybe the 2022 elections might have some meaning. Just list the moves President Biden has made and he is personally responsible for. Then ask yourself if anyone or anything could have kept it from happening if he had not been President. That makes the difference of pursuing his removal. I believe now like Joe Bongino that he has to go. At least our allies might get a little more faith back in our country and think they can count on us the way they used to as well as we can make some overt moves to get our people out of Afghanistan.

  • Kris Elrod

    09/03/2021 03:46 AM

    OY VEY!!!! And several other exclamations are routinely flowing from the under the breath, more often now OUT LOUD!!! Sheesh Mike, as we look to yanking ol'Joe of the stage, there is extreme trepidation for what's waiting the wings, the "understudy"... yikes. A classic from the frying pan into the fire gambit. This administration hasn't just driven the truck into the ditch, it has rolled it end over end through the front doors and out the back of the local watering hole on a Saturday night. The devastation of Ida almost pales in comparison. And when (yes, it is inevitable, sigh) Ms Harris succeeds Joe, who becomes "her" heir apparent? Not that we want to look down that dimly lit, grimy hallway, but who would we see? Lurch? Oh, a John Kerry? Girl Power Twin, Susan Rice? (Hillary is a NO, as Kamala would have to double her security) And it's not likely that you can get Barry to come in as 2nd seat to clean up this "scandal" Joe has impaled the nation with. Yes, this train wreck should have been the dream of a movie mogul, not the shattered reality of a great nation. "Fasten your seat belts!...It's going to be a bumpy night"......sadly there's still 3 plus years to go on this "E" ticket. ....and yes, it won't be easy, but to be in this nation is a BLESSING unparalleled, ....Breathe, Stay the Course, Stand Up when called....

  • Reba Beck

    09/02/2021 10:00 PM

    Thank you so much, Governor, for all you are doing to keep us informed. I want to respond to your survey regarding impeachment. I would 100% agree that this horrible excuse for a president needs to be taken out of office through any process that could get that job done. My concern is the replacement!!! Can it possibly be any better to have a Resident Harris in the White House and more in charge than she currently is??? I can't help but reach the conclusion that only prayer will work -- effectual, fervent prayer!!

  • Granny Jan

    09/02/2021 09:26 PM

    Is there truth in the rumor that Biden is dead and Hollywood makeup artists are dubbing two other men to look like him and they are the ones going to the podium?

  • Gary Stilwell

    09/02/2021 08:55 PM

    re: let's talk impeachment--
    Sir--you know as well as I do(and most others) this would never happen-prior to the 2022 elections---that's assuming those go on with out the massive voter fraud we recently saw - and are continuing to see.--even if this was accomplished, it puts the "handlers" in power--such as the worthless pos of harris.
    The US stands at a crossroads here--this current president gave away OUR military hardware and secrets to our enemies, he abandoned our very own Americans stranded in a foreign country--I care NOTHING for this man's rhetoric--I DO care about his ACTIONS---

    Please re-read Our Constitution, sir, and please explain the definition of TREASON contained, and tell me how this president can escape that definition in in light of his actions--

    The man is guilty--and so are the whole of the State Dept.--the military is complicent as well --YOU DO NOT ABANDON YOUR FORWARD PLATOONS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES--including chain of command orders-----

    This whole debacle is nothing more than hilary/Bengazi-chapt II--this jerk was part of that death warrent signed by clinton/obama--we are right in the midst of the very same process--this time , the death toll will be way more than four

  • Samuel L. Smith Sr.

    09/02/2021 07:43 PM

    When we finished the four years of Carter not even in my wilds dreams we would have a president worst then him. Then Obama was put in office and seem to get close to being as bad as Carter. Now we must deal with Biden and I could never dream of a president this bad or could be even worse. I just might be eating those words if Harris ends up in the Oval Office she could make it look like a walk in the Tulips for Biden. I pray that God will keep use together until November 2022, and the people removed the Demarcates from power and make who ever is in the Oval Office a lame duck until November 2024.

  • Paul Kern

    09/02/2021 07:13 PM

    A couple of things. On climate change it's like a pea she'll game.
    In the 1930's average temperatures nationwide were in the low 100's! Remember the Dust Bowl!
    I wonder how many think the US government just evacuated over 100,000 Afghanis who were not even issued or applying for SIV's. Last year the Irani government stated it had sleeper cells nationwide. What are the odds many, if not most bare Muslim terrorists sent to help. Also how many will vote Democrat. I read many being accepted in swing states! They lost the black, Hispanic, and conservative gay vote so they need to increase their numbers. The Democrats are in a massive power grab!
    As a veteran I am also aware of their attempts to gut the military. Over 40 percent at a minimum of of our military willing to face discharge for disobeying an illegal order to take a "vaccine" proved to be deadly

  • James Evart

    09/02/2021 07:07 PM

    "The king's heart is in the hand of the Lord;
    he directs it like a watercourse wherever he pleases."
    Proverbs 21:1