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January 24, 2021

Good morning!

Blessings on you and your family, and from all the Huckabee staff!

Today's newsletter includes:

  • The 46th President
  • "Huckabee" Preview
  • Bill Maher On Trump Supporters
  • Calling it as they see it
  • Note To Women Who Voted For Biden
  • Twitter Suspensions Update
  • Interesting Keystone Pipeline Item
  • Bible Verse Of The Day


Mike Huckabee

The 46th President

By Mike Huckabee

Joe Biden became the 46th President on Wednesday and he said he wanted to fight as hard for the people who didn’t vote for him to promote unity, but then he proceeded to imply that anyone who voted for President Trump was a racist, a white nationalist, or an imbecile who needs to be de-programmed and re-educated. Boy, that really warmed the hearts of 74 million people! I will not spend the next 4 years screaming that “Biden is NOT MY PRESIDENT!” I honestly can’t fault Joe Biden for issuing a stack of executive orders that undid pretty much everything Donald Trump did by executive orders in 4 years. As we should all know, elections have consequences. With the stroke of a pen, Joe Biden opened the borders to illegal immigrants who are now rushing to get in so we can educate them, give them health care, let them vote, and compete with your kids for jobs. He stopped the Keystone Pipeline which means fuel prices in the US will jump up, we’ll tick off Canada, kill 11,000 jobs immediately, and return us from our being energy independent to once again having to beg the Saudis for oil. This really helps the Russians, who’ve been all but bankrupted by the Trump energy policies of putting America first. So for all the lies told about Donald Trump colluding with Russia, it turns out that Russia’s real friend is Joe Biden. In all, in his first hours as President, Joe Biden signed about 17 executive orders to undo policies of Donald Trump. And that’s what happens in an election. You don’t just lose power; you change direction. And if you just liked Joe Biden’s personality more than Donald Trump’s, then hopefully you won’t mind paying for it. And you will pay for it. But it’s not the Big Government economic policies that will disturb me most. It’s endangering our ally Israel by getting back into the deal with Iran, the world’s largest sponsor of state-owned terrorism. It’s pushing a pro-abortion agenda that believes it’s normal and okay to take the life of a baby right up until the moment of birth and force you to pay for that horrific procedure with your tax dollars. It’s forcing institutions and schools to play along with the fiction that a person’s gender can be decided by “imagining it to be” regardless of the science of biology as well as the Bible that says there are 2 genders, male and female. But don’t expect to be given the truth about what Joe Biden does or doesn’t do from the media. Their hate of Trump was so intense that even after mocking him for saying we’d get a vaccine before the end of the year when he launched Operation Warp Speed, he delivered, and they dived into their arrogance and never admitted that they were wrong or have they or will they ever give him credit. Our country is truly divided and while I hope President Biden will try to bring the nation together, he can’t if he doesn’t recognize that 74 million of us see the world differently, but we are not racists, white supremacists, or nativists. We love God, our families, and our country. And we think America is good. Not perfect, but good and better than it was. And I guess even the leftists are starting to agree with us because when Lady Gaga sang the National Anthem at the inauguration, not one person took a knee!


"Huckabee" Preview

By Mike Huckabee

After a week like this, I know you could use a new episode of “Huckabee” on TBN, and we have a great one for you tonight. I’ll discuss the latest DC developments with an endangered species: rational, Constitution-respecting Democrat, Tulsi Gabbard. We’ll get some thoughts on the coming Senate impeachment farce from Rudy Giuliani. Author and viral video star Carlos Whitaker will talk about his inspiring new book. Actor/country star John Schneider will give us a sneak peek at his great new movie inspired by his love of one of my all-time favorites, “Smokey and the Bandit.” And we’ll have music, and a very special salute to a heroic US military veteran, from country star Tim Atwood.

We get eastbound and down, starting tonight at 9 EST/8 CST, on TBN. To find out how you can watch TBN, from local cable and broadcast channels to streaming, visit and click on “Channel Finder” on the top menu. You can stream previous episodes, highlights and online-only “Digital Exclusives,” including extended interviews, “In Case You Missed It” and “Facts of the Matter” segments, and extra performances by our great musical and comedy guests, all at You can also find past shows, highlights and digital exclusives on YouTube and my Facebook page.

Bill Maher On Trump Supporters

By Mike Huckabee

Fellow conservatives often ask how I can defend Bill Maher when our views are mostly diametrically opposed. It’s because, even though I may disagree with him, he’s one of the few people on the left who still respect free speech and freedom of thought enough to have conservatives on his show. And once in a blue moon, he’s right about an issue, and when he is, he is practically the only person left on the left who still has the guts to speak the truth out loud.

Calling it as they see it

By Mike Huckabee

Proving that there still are a tiny handful of honest liberal reporters who are willing to call out partisan gaslighting, censorship and propaganda when they see it, here are some comments you really should see, by Michael Tracy

And Glenn Greenwald


Note To Women Who Voted For Biden

By Mike Huckabee

Hope you are okay with the fact that on day one, he signed an executive order that tramples women’s rights and will destroy girls’ and women’s sports and athletic scholarships. As Michael Brown explains, Biden just imposed a brand new glass ceiling on females. Sorry: “cis-gendered females.”

Twitter Suspensions Update

By Mike Huckabee

For a brief shining moment, it appeared that Twitter finally showed some integrity and suspended an account owned by Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenai that threatened President Trump’s life. But it turned out to be a fake account. The Ayatollah’s real account that’s threatened Trump and others is apparently still up and running.

On the plus side, Twitter finally suspended several Antifa accounts with over 71,000 followers, after the Inauguration Day riots. Interesting that some of them have been around since 2012 and weren’t suspended during all the other riots in 2020 that caused up to $2 billion in damages, but only after Biden became President. I have a feeling this is less about Twitter suddenly developing integrity and more about my theory that Antifa has outlived its usefulness to the Democrats.

Interesting Keystone Pipeline Item

By Mike Huckabee

Stephen Green’s daily “Insanity Wrap” feature at PJ Media contains several interesting items, including an explanation of how President Biden’s cancellation of the Keystone Pipeline will destroy 14,000 union jobs but benefit Biden-supporting billionaire Warren Buffet, whose trains will have to move the oil instead. Proving again that Democrats hate billionaires...except THEIR billionaires.

Also, note the Twitter tweet that points out that under the Democrats’ own standard that the President is personally responsible for every COVID-19 death that happens in America, after just one day in office, Biden has killed more Americans than 9/11, the Parkland Shootings and the Gulf War combined.




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Comments 1-25 of 46

  • Deborah Maston

    01/25/2021 07:51 PM

    you need Seals & Crofts on your show. Lots of hit songs in the early 1970s. They recorded "Unborn Child" about the time of row v wade, and lost their career for singing against abortion

  • Marilyn Storey

    01/25/2021 05:50 PM

    Dear Mr. Huckabee I want you to know I have the greatest respect for you. When all other news media became questionable I turned to your newsletters for fact based information. My mother and I watch your program when I visit her. We are informed and entertained. Thank you! I have tried to stay informed about our government, prayed for our leaders and ask God to heal our nation. He will take care of us this I know. I do have a question for you. If there is proven fraud in an election what is the process for resolving the issue? What are the steps? I am sure there has been fraud of some type as long as there have been elections and after weighing the cost, time and results many have just "let it go". But for one moment lets pretend it is a almost perfect system.

  • Janet

    01/25/2021 05:26 PM

    Thus begins the "Bread and Circuses" sad for our country.

  • John Annunziata

    01/25/2021 10:51 AM

    Welcome to the "Low-T Administration ! He is thoroughly incapable of even reading his own monitor. He has tripped over every false promise he made, in a 72 hour period! He even stopped the motorcade, not to greet the People! To allow his darling son, to get a Bagel! What respect for America! This is an Administration, entirely self-absorbed in itself! Joe, you have a tough act to follow! Even ALL the Media support and bias will come falling down on you! Watch, as People begin to wake from their ignorance!

  • Ken Lawyer

    01/25/2021 10:37 AM

    I am not a Twitter user but I am thinking maybe I should be. It appears my comments are not acceptable on your site. I have checked back to see if your folks have accepted my comments and not found them loaded to your site. I don't know if I am coming back too soon or something I am saying hasn't been found acceptable. Do you mind emailing me and sharing with me what you have found unacceptable in my comments?

  • Ellen Hampton

    01/25/2021 10:17 AM

    I appreciate your views on our world, all wrapped around our Lord.

  • Elizabeth Crouse

    01/25/2021 10:10 AM

    Please put info Steve Hilton and Sara Carter shared on Next Revolution last night. I never believed or trusted Dr Fauci and now I know why. He brought America down with this virus.

  • JP

    01/25/2021 09:45 AM

    As a male Senior I thought suburban women were a bit to sensitive with tweets I didn't give suburban women enough credit to vote for Progressive candidates that would allow boys in the girls sports competitions the restrooms and locker rooms. I have granddaughters 14 and 16 years old and the thought of a 17 year old boys coming in would be a reason for a Father to commit violence on the intruder that is the old thinking now girls can be victims of a peep show or rape which I still find assault on girls almost a vile as assault on unborn children again I just didn't think Suburban women were that Progressive remember Joe Biden loved sniffing women sneaking around grabbing and even violating some while in Government offices Congratulations to the White Suburban Educated Women is this the Consequence you voted for??

  • Karen Stockwell

    01/25/2021 08:38 AM

    As part of the deplorables, I feel helpless to correct anything that is going on in our country. Any ideas outside of voting would be appreciated..Contrats to your daughter Sarah!

  • Elizabeth Floyd

    01/25/2021 04:51 AM

    So the president of Mexico says Biden has promised 4 billion in aide to Central America.
    Plus he is having open borders for the caravans arriving from Central America.
    Plus legalizing the DACA kids, and eliminating jobs by closing the pipeline.
    Is he doing anything for the American people to create jobs?
    I guess he is helping Buffet because his trains will transport oil. Bankrupt the USA, cause inflation, and ignore the BLM Inc group and Antifa, and using Kalama Harris's fund to bail them out of jail and release to continue the same kind of criminal activity.
    USA citizens last, billionaires and other countries first.
    Boy do I feel secure with our new president's plan for unity and prosperity!!

  • Mervyn Sullivan

    01/25/2021 02:02 AM

    It seems like an evil has now taken a grip in America, that evil being the left ... the Biden administration; the radical socialist/democrats; the fake media 'Pravda' propagandists; and the Big Tech 'masters of the universe'.

  • Jesus C Sucgang Jr

    01/24/2021 11:41 PM

    so sad

    that America

    Is not able to ACCOUNT those INVOLVED in the RIGGED US Presidential Election

    There WAS NOT enough SAFEGUARDS

    IN place to check those counting machines and people involved

    CORRUPT POLITICIANS are just LOOKING after themselves

    The Late President Ferdinand E Marcos

    PH State Visit Philippines,

    Arrival Ceremony for President Marcos on September 16, 1982

    at the White House

    with the Late President Ronald Reagan

  • Gary Stilwell

    01/24/2021 09:27 PM

    Your statement---"my theory that Antifa has outlived its usefulness to the Democrats". is not in my mind a mere 'theory'--plain as day--just like the "thrown under the bus actions" done to the 1000s of National Guard Troops tossed into a garage to sleep when their "services" were not need anymore--without not even a thank you--if I were one of these guardsmen what do you think I would do if 'they' called on me again??--If my community needed me, I would be there--these folks,however could swim in their own sewer without my help.

  • Michael

    01/24/2021 08:18 PM

    Some of those commenting are asking you (Governor Huckabee) what we as conservatives can do to fight against big tech, businesses targeting conservatives, etc. I hope you do compile a list. Getting off FB, Twitter, etc. is a good idea, but not sure many will do that. Got off FB years ago and have no regrets!! Don't miss it. Have better things to do and it was getting addicting. Will have no problem boycotting Kohl's, Bed, Bath &Beyond, Hallmark, Disney and any corporation who wants to target conservatives. But the list of where we can shop is getting shorter, all while the list of the PC, pro-LGBTQ,anti- conservative keeps getting longer. I think that conservatives should boycott almost all of Hollywood, their movies, their products, etc. What else? Many would appreciate suggestions. Thanks!

  • William Fuhrer

    01/24/2021 07:26 PM

    Best political cartoon from President Joseph Biden inauguration President with hand on Bible with copy of RULES FOR RADICALS underneath

  • Suzanne Ferrell

    01/24/2021 07:20 PM

    Thank you

  • Tina Campbell

    01/24/2021 05:53 PM

    How can we as Americans have justice in the serpream Courts that is controlled by big money and black mail? Is there not one amongst all of them that will at least hear the evidence? If we can't even get our courts to lesson before throwing it out what are we to do? The left stoled the power over us all, against our will.

  • Valery Yeramianchuk

    01/24/2021 05:25 PM

    It is a FALSE President and it can NOT be him in Facts !!

  • Steve Hawkins

    01/24/2021 05:16 PM

    Please speak on Biden's reversing President Trump's order that lower cost for insulin. With this change by Biden, my insulin prescription will increase from 75 dollars to 790 dollars. I'm not poor but I am retired on a fixed income.

  • Fr Christopher Pierce Kelley+

    01/24/2021 05:05 PM

    All that was staged on Wednesday last, Jan. 20, was a PANTOMIME of an inauguration. Everyone with an ounce of Integrity KNOWS it was a full-on VANDALISM of election procedures, deceitfully rigged on machines designed to cheat. Welcome to the northern Suburbs of Caracas!
    We now have a papier-mache' Donkey pin~ata posing & posturing AS IF he were truly & lawfully (let alone HONESTLY) elected. He KNOWS it is not so. Before the election, he Crowed about having created the best "voter-fraud organization" ever assembled.
    Now we've seen it work.
    But this Acolyte of Ba'al, immediately pushing Child Sacrifice - at Tax-Payer Expense - and all manner of perversity, will not last long. Joseph WEPT, leaving DE for DC, knowing his principle role would be to Walk the Plank, nosedive to/ for the Sharks, to make room for the Princess of VICE, the Chosen One of G. Soros, to take the Crown...
    But GOD has better Plans for this Nation!
    But first, the Almighty will finish churning up the most vile deeps of the Swamp. Then none can deny them, and will be profoundly relieved when they are flushed away, and then the Legitimate President can be re-inaugurated.

  • Karen

    01/24/2021 04:42 PM

    I just watched a video on Facebook that showed biden signing blank papers in black folders. The papers were supposed to be the executive orders he was signing, but there was NOTHING on the papers! Was this for real, or a publicity stunt, or what?

  • Patty Lane

    01/24/2021 04:39 PM

    I am not screaming "He is not my president." I am screaming "He is not the president" as the election was a fraud. The democrats stole the election. You know it, Governor Huckabee, and they know it.

  • Sam Sayger

    01/24/2021 04:34 PM

    Sir: I don't know if you read each and every "comment" or no, but I want you to know personally just how much I appreciate a voice of reason such as yours. I've respected and admired you since you were a Pastor but I really began to respect you when you became gov. that day in the Arkansas Capitol. (my wife and I rushed to LR the day Tucker finally stepped down) and you were allowed to move OUT of the BROOM CLOSET and assume the reins as Governor of Arkansas. I had been outraged by BC's treatment of you (et al) from the beginning and have totally come to appreciate you and all you do since. The twice daily emails are all I need to keep up with all that is going on since I've decided to NOT watch THE news. It's working well for me and I do hope and pray that you're able to keep doing it. Your comments on the "social" (anti!) media are so apropros as well as on other subjects. I implore you to continue your efforts on Americas behalf. It is a noble calling.

  • Maria Ruegsegger

    01/24/2021 03:12 PM

    Dear Governor thank you for your news letter because I know they are not fake news but a bit depressing so keep me laughing. I’m a widow and very concerned about my country & for my kids & grandkids, I migrated to USA at 10yrs old that was 60 years ago, legally with the rest of my family and I thank God for bringing us here where most of us became born again Christians. A couple of my siblings are very Democrat & I’m mad at them & I want to send them this letter but don’t want them to know it’s from me, you have any ideas? ?? praying for my country & for Mr Biden I don’t want to call him my president either! May God bless you and keep you safe. Maria

  • Paula Hensley

    01/24/2021 03:10 PM

    I believe that Biden truly wants unity. Not with the American people of course. He wants unity with the Chinese government and the Russian government.