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January 18, 2023

We recently observed that virtually all the “Russia Russia Russia!!!” hoaxes had been disproven except for the one about Russia hacking the DNC emails in 2016 and leaking them to Julian Assange, who published them in WikiLeaks. We said not to be surprised when that “Russia” story turned out to be a hoax as well.

That one was the wellspring, the Mother Lode, for all the Russia Hoaxes. But a company called CrowdStrike did the forensic investigation on the so-called “hack,” and CEO Shawn Henry has testified that his company found no “concrete” evidence that the DNC had been hacked at all, by anyone. They were being “intuitive” in concluding they'd been hacked, and by Russia. But they did find evidence that data had been prepared for “exfiltration.”

Recall that attorney Ty Clevenger has spent six years using Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) requests to find out what he can about the actual source of those emails. Assange himself said it was NOT Russia or anyone acting on behalf of a state, though he refuses to this day to reveal this or any source.

But in the context of the discussion of this case, he did offer a $20,000 reward to anyone providing useful information in the investigation of the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich, who is still dead.

On December 9, the FBI responded with an 8-page memo that admits they have the compact discs of images from both the work laptop and personal laptop of the murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich. But they argued that the work laptop should not be subject to any FOIA request because the FBI collected it from “a non-government third party,” presumably the DNC.

Thus, they assume in this memo that Clevenger is, by default, asking only for the contents of the personal laptop. But they’re not about to release that, either. We’ll link to the whole memo, but here’s the core:

“The FBI carefully examined the documents and determined the information withheld from Plaintiff in this case, if disclosed, could reasonably be expected to interfere with pending or prospective enforcement proceedings, would reveal statutorily protected information, would cause a clearly unwarranted invasion of personal privacy, and/or would disclose techniques and procedures for law enforcement investigations. Further, the FBI determined the work laptop, DVD and tape drive are not records subject to the FOIA. After extensive review of the documents at issue, the FBI determined that there is no further non-exempt information that can be reasonably segregated and released without revealing exempt information.”

In other words, they’re telling the Plaintiff to pound sand.

But why does the FBI even have this material? If what they say in this memo is true, it seems that the FBI either has been actively involved in an investigation of this now-cold case or anticipates being involved. Rich’s cold-blooded murder on a Washington DC street as he walked home early on a Sunday was supposedly the result of a robbery-gone-wrong. Nothing of value was taken, however. As far as we know, there were no witnesses. Rich, as we understand it, was shot twice in the back.

Be advised, I’m making no accusations --- unless we’re talking about the conniving snakes at the FBI once again spectacularly failing to show any transparency. Sad to say, they just can’t be trusted any longer, and when they ring the curtain down, we feel compelled to find out what’s behind it.

Last month, Clevenger reacted on Twitter; his statement is also at this link. Read this and see how long and hard he’s had to work to pry anything relating to this so-called "botched robbery" out of the FBI. As he puts it, they’re “hiding public information from the public.”

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