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December 8, 2022

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Mike Huckabee


Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

Matthew: 5:9

The baby food shortage continues

You aren’t hearing much about it, but if you’re a parent of a baby, you know that the baby formula shortage has still not ended. It’s actually getting worse, and shortages are expected to continue well into 2023.

Arizona Election Update

For many years, Democrats have questioned the legitimacy of elections, but only when they lose. One of my writers remembers his Republican father, who died in the ‘90s, joking that “No Democrat ever lost a ‘fair’ election.” Remember Bush being “selected not elected,” and Trump being an “illegitimate President,” according to many top Dems, from Hillary Clinton to the incoming House Minority Leader? Yet somehow, only after the 2020 election, probably the most suspicious and unorthodox election ever, did anyone who raised suspicions get branded as an “election denier,” an insurrectionist and a threat to democracy itself.  

I’ve long stated that you don’t even have to make accusations about jiggered voting machines or stuffed ballot boxes to think the 2020 election was rigged because the people who did it openly bragged about it. Except they called it “safeguarding” the election, except they "safeguarded" Joe Biden by conspiring to prevent voters from hearing negative true information that polls show would have changed many votes. Recent revelations about collusion between the DNC and Twitter have confirmed that charge. That’s not election “safeguarding,” it’s election interference. And it’s a form of election rigging. You don’t have to blatantly shove all the balls into the pockets to rig a pool game; all you need to do is tilt the table a little.

That brings us to Arizona, where the 2022 gubernatorial election stank like a truckload of week-old halibut, and everybody knows it. As Secretary of State, Democrat “Governor-elect” Katie Hobbs refused to recuse herself from running her own election, and massive Election Day “tech problems” in heavily-Republican districts created long lines and disenfranchised an unknown number of her opponent's voters in a race determined by only 17,000 votes. Election officials claim that almost everyone who wanted to vote was eventually able to, but they have no idea how many people gave up and had to leave without voting.

Is it possible that the suspicious activity has finally become so blatant that it’s impossible to gaslight it away by branding anyone who notices the stink as an “election denier?” It’s starting to look that way, and thank God for that. A Rasmussen survey found that even 69% of Democrats think Arizonans were denied their right to vote. The state certified the vote, but only after Hobbs threatened to arrest county officials who refused to comply. The current Governor and Attorney General made it clear that they only attended the certification process because they were obligated to, but their duress couldn’t have been more obvious if they’d held their noses throughout the entire thing.

The vote had to be certified before any formal objections could be filed, and Republican Kari Lake says she plans to file a lawsuit by Friday to overturn and redo the election. She said she will go all the way to the Supreme Court, and it’s going to get “ugly.” I’d say our elections got ugly a long time ago; I just want to see them get disinfected by sunshine.

By the way, for those who still insist that any claims of voter fraud are crazy conspiracy theories and a “Big Lie,” J.R. Dunn of the American Thinker put together a brief history of just some of the more recent examples of known “Democrat electoral malfeasance,” some of which were blocked and some successful.

Extra points to Dunn for pointing out something I’ve often noted: that the media have a habit of sticking the adjective “debunked” in front of every narrative that’s negative for Democrats, but “they never quite get around to details such as when, where, by whom, and on what grounds.”

Measure 114

Oregon’s Supreme Court refused to lift a lower court’s block on the state’s extremely strict new gun law while it considers challenges to its constitutionality. The law known as Measure 114 places a number of restrictions and requirements on guns and owners, including banning magazines with over 10 rounds, requiring a permit for every gun purchase which also requires completing an approved gun safety course, passing a background check and paying a fee of up to $65.

The state’s attorneys claim they’re sure it’s all allowed under the state constitution. The question is, though, is it allowed under the US Constitution? That fee, for instance, strikes me as awfully similar to the poll tax, which tried to charge citizens for exercising an inalienable Constitutional right. And just like the poll tax, it was a way to keep poor people from exercising a guaranteed right. This will be a case worth watching.

Also, I just keep asking why the people who seem to know the least about guns think they’re qualified to make laws regulating guns? Do we let building code regulations be written by people who know nothing about construction? Yet we let gun laws be written by people who want to limit the "number of bullets in a cartridge." Biden called this "common sense," and the crowd applauded it.

For the record, the "number of bullets in a cartridge" is "one." 

Under threat: our education system

A former teacher is warning that our educational system is under threat of being “blown up” by a new artificial intelligence program that’s able to do students’ school assignments for them. It can answer questions, write poems and even generate essays on any grade level that appear to have been written by the students.

I've seen some student essays that look like they've been written by Magic 8-Balls, so that might not be as impressive as it sounds. Still, schools have to find a way to counter this or else we’ll have even more kids coming out of school functionally illiterate than we do now. We also need to impress on students that if they don’t learn in school to do things that a computer can’t do, they’ll never be able to find a job that a computer can’t do.

Prayers for Celine Dion

Prayers today for singer Celine Dion, who had to cancel a tour due to an undisclosed health problem. She released a video revealing to fans that she’s been diagnosed with a very rare and incurable neurological condition called SPS (Stiff Person Syndrome) that affects the central nervous system. Over time, it causes rigidity in the legs and other muscles. Dion says she’s having spasms that create mobility problems when she walks and that aren’t allowing her to use her vocal cords to sing the way she’s used to.

She says she’s working every day with a sports medicine therapist to try to build back her strength and be able to sing again. I’m sure you all join me in praying for her to get better and once again share her God-given talent.

AOC under investigation

The House Ethics Committee has started an investigation of "Democratic socialist" Congress member and social media star Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The Committee didn’t reveal what they’re investigating, but AOC’s spokesperson said, “We are confident that this matter will be dismissed."

This is one of those rare instances where I find myself in complete agreement with AOC. Considering the odds of the “House Ethics Committee” actually enforcing ethics rules against a Democrat, I’m also confident that no matter what she allegedly did, it will be dismissed.  

Early Christmas gift for our readers

You all know Laura Ainsworth, who is not only a great writer, but her other job is being an award-winning retro jazz singer. She recently released her critically-acclaimed fourth album “You Asked For It,” a collection of classic songs requested by fans.

Her PR company asked her to record a Christmas song for radio, so she chose her favorite, “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” with the original Judy Garland lyric from “Meet Me in St. Louis.” She didn’t want to share it only with radio, so she and her husband/”Huckabee” writing partner Pat Reeder created a YouTube video for it. It’s a stunningly beautiful rendition of this holiday classic. You can see it here, and please give her a thumb’s up and feel free to share it all around:

It will also be available on all major streaming and download sites. Merry Christmas!

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  • Jpk

    12/09/2022 01:45 PM

    People do not get your hope to high that Sinemma became an Independent today I think the Dems are glad to get rid of her as for help in the Senate nothing will change she will vote the Democrat ticket. Her re election is in less than two years she may continue leaching tax dollars as an Indepentent a it easier than a failing Democrat party member. Schumer will control her till then, just like he took care of good old dumb dumb Manchin people are great full of talk action is what I call for the rest of you can listen then be happy or disappointed it is what crying chuck is what you have watch he will tell you what gets done. As Democrat follow their Shepard just like the good flock the DEMS are.

  • Jerry

    12/09/2022 01:29 PM

    AOC is nothing to me last weeks newspaper enough said. I am so excited to see another anti American Basketball player returned home the Russians probably said get rid of her and it did. So to recap the US gets back an Anti American citizen and the country and Biden are grateful for that and the world gets set free an international arms trader that enhances teurrioist around the Globe. Every terrorist are very happy to get back into the weapons movement business as biden is trying ban guns so much for biden's idea of banning assault weapons what an imbecile. That my terrorist is the Democrat template. Say one thing and do another. Sweet Georgia it got Warnock Grinner and control of the Senate great time for Georgia go Bulldogs your #1

  • Mark Gilley

    12/09/2022 11:08 AM

    I just wanted to say that we are perplexed about how our country is being operated from the outside to destroy the US for the US and future generations. GOD bless America

  • Jerry

    12/09/2022 09:59 AM

    As the US population that now uses its credit card to buy it products and finds at the end of the billing cycle the population does not have the resources to pay the balance of the card. So if 8 % inflation was not a high enough hurdle maybe the interest of the balance due of 19% might get your attention. So your selection of leadership is costing you at 25% of your income just for starters and you haven't paid your income tax state and Federal tax yet. You elected officials to hire over 85ooo IRS agents to make sure you are paying full price at IRS office. Does the population have an idea that just maybe your vote counts and it has consequences welcome to your introduction to Socialism people I hope your weaken character your lack of masculinity can now allow you to live in peace, peace only if you don't drive a car, walk a street, or ride a subway or shop a store you may have now solved the idea Socialism works for the lazy weak addicted and the criminal, enjoy your life behind the locked doors of the building the government allows a nd provides you to stay in.

  • Bruce Obermeyer

    12/09/2022 02:14 AM

    Song written fro Celine Dion by the Bee Gees: "Immortality -- We don't say goodbye" -- Performed by the BeeGees and Celine Dion from their "Live at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, 1997 - One Night Only" performance

  • John Roy Clark

    12/08/2022 11:03 PM

    I'm ashamed to be an an AMERICAN! the fact that the democrats have stolen election after election and Biden has left an soldier like Paul Whelan behind in Russia while bringing home a crybaby ball player sickens me. Thank God I'm 75 and in poor health so I will not last long!


    12/08/2022 06:35 PM

    As a resident of Robbinville, NJ I can attest to questioning voting issues and why people question voting integrity. For the second time in a row our Dominion voting machines DID NOT WORK and we had to manually fill out ballots and drop them into a non-working machine only to find out that our ballots were lost. Not only did the Superintendent of Elections FAIL to insure the secure Chain of Custody they physically lost our ballots so they were not included in the election results. Apparently NO ONE is responsible as we were told once again this is an anomaly that is merely a blip on election results. After repeated attempts to contact our Governor Phil Murphy, and the head of the Superintendent of Elections and the 2nd in charge no one has supplied answers and once again NO ONE is ACCOUNTABLE. This screams of voter FRAUD but no one cares as I live in a blue state. I welcome any meaningful responses to assuage my feelings of FRAUD.

  • Sad4theUS

    12/08/2022 06:03 PM

    Why just her?? It's time to investigate every single one of these corrupt politicians... I know, I know, no such luck... A gal can dream can't she?