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March 9, 2023

Before we get into the story of what the left is trying to do to Elon Musk for daring to expose the truth about Twitter, here’s an update on January 6 and Jason Chansley. Chansley, alternately dubbed “the QAnon shaman” or “Chewbacca,” was sentenced to four years in prison simply for going into the Capitol building in a Viking helmet and, escorted by hospitable Capitol Police officers who even opened the door for hm, peacefully entering the Senate chambers. The video of this peaceful stroll that Tucker Carlson revealed on Monday was exculpatory to Chansley, though J6 prosecutors had withheld it from the court as well as his defense.

Chansley’s attorney, Albert Watkins, had never seen this evidence (!) until it was aired Monday, and he appeared on Tucker’s show Wednesday, saying it had been his job as Chansley’s attorney to know everything “good and bad” that the government had before his client made the decision to go to trial or take a plea. It’s obvious now that the government KNEW Jacob was not violent, that he had simply walked around, casually accompanied by nine officers. As for the video, Watkins had requested what video evidence they had, but “I didn’t get it,” he said. “It wasn’t disclosed to me. It wasn’t provided to me...They had a duty, an absolute duty, with zero discretion, to provide it to me, so that I could share it with my client.”

What’s happened is “a dagger in the heart of the American justice system,” he said. After this derailment of justice, Chansley should be released from prison immediately. This innocent man also deserves restitution for his long time behind bars, and he and his lawyer will have to determine what form that should take.

“We’re living through one of those clarifying moments,” Tucker Carlson said Wednesday, “that we should be thankful for, where we’re learning exactly who the liars are.” But the liars have nothing to fall back on but rage, and, of course, more lies. A must-watch...

(The Capitol Police have since responded; scroll to the end for that.)

Some people just can’t stop lying, even when the truth is right here for all to see. Mississippi Rep. Bennie Thompson, who chaired the January 6 Kangaroo Kommittee, actually disputed Tucker Carlson’s claims that they deceptively edited security video footage from that day, when we absolutely know they did. And he apparently didn’t even know that Jason Chansley had been sentenced to four years in prison. “I don’t know who he is,” Thompson said. If ignorance is bliss, he must be supremely happy.

Now, on to Elon Musk, who, ever since his personal assault on public-private censorship that we find nothing less than heroic, is being subjected to an all-out assault from the left. It’s usually very easy to see when this kind of orchestrated attack has begun, as some memo/mantra is always sent out to key media friends, advising them to start using certain focus-group-tested verbiage. With Musk, for example, they know to tie his name to Rupert Murdoch’s whenever possible.

Jeff Charles at REDSTATE has noticed this, too.

Those on the left who wanted Twitter to maintain control of the political narrative were not going to go quietly when Elon Musk stepped in to stop them. As Charles put it, “The authoritarian left went into full meltdown mode over the prospect of not having supremacy over the platform any longer.”

And it’s all Elon’s fault! The left used to love Elon. Why, he was building electric cars! Cars that few besides Leo DiCaprio could afford to drive, but still! However, once he recognized and called attention to the gaslighting that was being done by the left, that love turned to hate, and they threw everything they had at him to see what would stick. They accused him of continuing to allow child pornography on Twitter. They claimed that by not moderating content the way they saw fit, he was increasing bigotry and hate on Twitter. And now, even the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has targeted him. (We’ll get to that.)

The BBC conducted their own investigation, which concluded that hundreds of accounts recently allowed back on Twitter “have been spreading abuse or misinformation.” They said they found “problematic content [editorial aside: a favorite leftist cliche] posted on the platform in over a third” of the accounts that had been restored. Read Charles’ report for details of their very-objective “study,” which focused only on accounts with right-leaning views. Progressives who engaged in the type of behavior they were purportedly studying got no mention.

Another reason the left is coming after Elon is that he’s not scared of them and will come right back, brilliantly. Take this example…

And now, Michael Shellenberger, one of the independent journalists given access by Musk to the internal communications at Twitter (the “TwitterFiles”), has tweeted: “The Biden administration is demanding that @elonmusk explain why he allowed journalists access to the Twitter Files. This is an outrageous attack on the First Amendment...I look forward to discussing this directly with Congress on Thursday morning.”

Unbelievably, the FTC is demanding to see journalists’ work product relating to the Twitter Files.

Shellenberger went on: “There is no logical reason why the FTC needs to know the identities of journalists engaging with Twitter. There is no logical reason why the FTC, on the basis of user privacy, needs to analyze all of Twitter’s personnel decisions. And there is no logical reason why the FTC needs every single internal Twitter communication about Elon Musk.”

“The strong inference from these facts is that Twitter’s rediscovered focus on free speech is being met with politically motivated attempts to thwart Elon Musk’s goals,” he continued. “The FTC’s demands did not occur in a vacuum. They appear to be the result of loud voices on the left, including elected officials --- urging the federal government to intervene in Musk’s acquisition and management of the company. The FTC’s harassment of Twitter is likely due to one fact: Musk’s self-described ‘absolutist’ commitment to free expression in the digital town square.”

But, yes, Shellenberger is testifying today about this before the House Judiciary Committee and the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government. In the Executive Summary of the Committee report, they state that as part of their responsibility to protect civil liberties, and “consistent with the Committee’s oversight responsibilities of the FTC, the Committee has been conducting oversight of the unusual response by the FTC to Musk’s acquisition of Twitter last year.”

The FTC has sent over a dozen letters to Twitter over a span of three months following Musk’s acquisition, making more than 350 specific demands. New information the Committee has acquired “shows how the FTC has been attempting to harass Twitter and pry into the company’s decisions on matters outside the FTC’s mandate.”

Here’s the full subcommittee report.

It was Ryan Tracy of THE WALL STREET JOURNAL who reported this story, but it’s subscription-only. Here’s more information. The FTC is even calling for information on “the launch of Twitter Blue.”

Dan Bongino had plenty to say in his Wednesday podcast: “What business is it of the FTC to question a private business, Elon Musk’s Twitter, over their HR decisions [hiring practices, etc.]?” None whatsoever. “It’s a frigging police state apparatchik,” he said, “of Joe Biden’s new police state.” The Biden appointee running the FTC, Lina Kahn, is a “freaking lunatic,” he said, “...a crazy person drunk with power, who is destroying that entity, the FTC.”

“I expect lawsuits and hearings on this immediately,” Bongino said. “It’s a big deal...please don’t let this go. Contact your congresswoman or congressman today and ask them about this, because if this continues, this bureaucratic police state, that just usurps power, starts demanding this, demanding that, then there’s nothing left, folks.”

He’s right about calling our representatives --- we’ve got to start taking a more activist role. In the meantime, even President Biden is marching in step with the left’s hard-targeting of Elon. Months ago, when asked in the press room if Musk, since his joint acquisition of Twitter “with foreign governments that include the Saudis,” was a threat to national security, Biden chuckled and then said, very slowly and deliberately, “Elon Musk’s cooperation and/or technical relationships with other countries is worthy of being looked at.” Biden is one to talk about relationships with other countries, but we’ll just let that sit.

UPDATE: Chris Bray at American Greatness reports that Capitol Police Chief Tom Manger tried to refute Tucker Carlson’s video of Capitol officers escorting a peaceful Jason Chansley around the building by claiming that they did that as a “de-escalation tactic” because they were outnumbered by the rioters and thought it would be prudent to engage with him peacefully and show him around.

Okay, that explains WHY they showed him around peacefully. But he’s sitting in a prison cell for four years because he’s convicted of violently attacking the building. The Police Chief’s own explanation is an admission that that crime didn’t happen. In fact, he’s giving his officers credit for preventing it! So why is Chansley in a federal prison, again?

Finally, please read the entire article. Bray makes a great point that this is the only specific refutation of any of Tucker’s claims by his critics. The left is railing furiously against him, calling him everything from Hitler (of course) to a “demonic sycophant” (Michael Steele on MSNBC), and claiming that by showing Americans the unedited video evidence, he’ll be responsible for “the next January 6th.” Yet not a single one of them has even tried to factually refute any of his specific points that upend their narratives.

As Bray writes, “When someone makes specific claims, and the responses are not specific, the response is not a response. It’s chaff, and it’s meant to cloud the air.” Correct: it’s intended to get you so riled up thinking what a monster Tucker Carlson is for telling you the nasty truth that you won’t ponder how they’ve led you down the garden path with lies for the past two years.

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  • Johnny Hilton

    03/10/2023 09:03 AM

    I pray for Tucker Carlson and Elon Musk's safety, they are very brave in bringing out the truth in this messed-up political mess!