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August 12, 2023



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BULLETIN: AG Garland appoints Hunter special counsel, BUT it's David Weiss 

In breaking news Friday, Attorney General Merrick Garland announced his appointment of a special counsel in the Hunter Biden case.  And who might that be?  Why, the most inappropriate choice possible:  David Weiss, the same federal prosecutor in (yes) Delaware who has been leading the so-called investigation into Hunter's tax and financial improprieties.

We've said that any special counsel tasked with investigating the Bidens should not be appointed by Biden's own AG but by a panel of judges.  Too late now.

Garland said that Weiss had come to him saying that the investigation had reached a stage at which he should continue his work as a special counsel, and that "he asked to be appointed."  Talk about deja vu --- wasn't there a story that Weiss earlier had asked to be made special counsel and was turned down?  For some reason, the timing is better now.  Better for whom?  I think we know.

Given what IRS whistleblowers have said about the investigation to this point, and the odd coordination between Weiss and Hunter's legal team on Hunter's outrageous "get out of jail free" plea deal, it would seem that both the selection of Weiss and the timing of his appointment are designed to keep the Biden investigation under wraps.  House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan of Ohio said through a spokesman, "David Weiss can't be trusted and this is just a new way to whitewash the Biden family's corruption.  Weiss has already signed off on a 'sweetheart' plea deal that was so awful and unfair that a federal judge rejected it.  We will continue to pursue facts brought to light by brave whistleblowers as well as Weiss's inconsistent statements to Congress."

House Oversight and Accountability Committee Chairman James Comer of Kentucky released a statement as well:  "This move by AG Garland is part of the Justice Department's efforts to attempt a Biden family cover-up in light of [the Oversight Committee's] mounting evidence of President Biden's role in his family's schemes selling 'the brand' for millions of dollars to foreign nationals."

House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Jason Smith said, "I think that this should be concerning to all Americans --- this attempt to whitewash the Biden family corruption.  I mean, Mr. Weiss is the single architect over that sweetheart plea agreement/deal that the judge in Delaware threw out just a few weeks ago."  He fears this is just another attempt to stonewall Congress and block their oversight authority.

Weiss was supposed to be going before Congress himself in September or October; it had been cleared with the DOJ.  But that testimony almost certainly will be put on hold now --- perhaps even until all his work is completed!  One might imagine what Jim Jordan has to say about that, and it's probably not printable.

Legal analyst Andrew C. McCarthy said, "Under Weiss, the statute of limitations continues to run."  That would encompass behavior relating to Hunter's lucrative "work" on the Burisma board during 2014-2015.  "Every day Weiss doesn't go in to indict the case, the case is disappearing."

McCarthy also pointed out that what makes a special counsel "special" is that he or she is brought in from completely outside the government.  That's specifically the way the law is written.  "And that's because there's a conflict of interest that prevents the Biden Justice Department from investigating the President's son for conduct that implicates the President.

"So, this guy's just a vehicle for them to flush the case," McCarthy continued.  "...Under the special counsel regulations, he's NOT QUALIFIED.  He's not eligible to be a special counsel.  This whole thing is a sham."

In another announcement, the DOJ has dropped Hunter's plea deal case in Delaware --- thank you, Judge Maryellen Noreika, for not rubber-stamping it --- meaning it appears they're planning to go on to trial, probably in California because that's where Hunter was living during the years in question.  President Biden and his crew are headed out to Delaware this weekend for a little R&R and likely have deferred all questions to Hunter's legal team.

Iran deal

The Biden White House agreed to unfreeze $6 billion in Iranian assets in exchange for five Americans being released from prison, where they were being held on bogus charges. The money will be transferred to the central bank of Qatar, where the Qatar government will make sure it’s used only for “humanitarian purchases” (can you hear my eyes rolling from where you are?)  The move sparked outrage and accusations that the Administration is paying ransom to rogue states, which will only lead to more Americans being taken prisoner to extort us.

Worse, all the Biden people reportedly got for that $6 billion was that the Americans were moved from prison to house arrest, still in Iran. They now have to negotiate more – and will probably give away even more – if they ever want to bring them home.

I miss having a President whom the mullahs were scared of and who actually understood the Art of the Deal.

Not a surprise:

Sen. Joe Manchin says he’s seriously thinking of quitting the Democratic Party because the national “brand” of the Party, as it's reflected in Washington, DC, “has become so bad.”

But that doesn’t mean Manchin will become a Republican. He wants to see an Independent party rise up to represent “the middle.” Problem is, third parties usually just end up siphoning off votes from whatever party they most resemble (Libertarians from the GOP, Greens from the Democrats, etc.) and helping to elect the party that least reflects their views.

It’s also doubtful that Manchin will retain his seat in West Virginia next year whether he’s a Democrat, Republican, Independent or Mugwump. Republicans are angry at him for being hoodwinked into supporting Biden’s massive spending bill, the “Inflation Reduction Act,” and Democrats are angry with him for standing in the way of their radical plans to remake America into North Venezuela. A recent poll showed Republican Gov. Jim Justice, who’s challenging Manchin for his Senate seat, was leading him by 22 points.

Related: President Biden admitted he has a regret about the “Inflation Reduction Act.” Not that it irresponsibly spends money we don’t have on his pet projects like “climate change,” fueling the out-of-control national debt and actually making inflation worse. No, he said, I wish I hadn’t called it that. It has less to do with inflation than it does providing alternatives to economic growth.”

For once, I agree with him. It should have been called “The Democrats’ Alternative to Economic Growth" Bill.

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She seems great…

Arizona certainly has a rare gem in Democrat Gov. Katie Hobbs. Narrowly elected in a race that her office ran and that many people believe was at best flawed and at worst stolen, it’s now been revealed that in 2017, Hobbs not only used her Twitter account to smear Donald Trump and his supporters as “neo-Nazis,” but then pressured Twitter to censor people who criticized her for it.

It’s amazing how fascistic people who call other people “Nazis” can be these days.

An examination of Bidenomics

President Biden and his media posse can’t figure out why voters don’t like “Bidenomics” and can’t see how much it’s accomplished and how it’s improved their lives. So David Harsanyi at decided to examine Bidenomics to figure out what exactly it is and what the results have been.

Spoiler alert: He found that there is no coherent economic philosophy to Bidenomics. It’s just a lot of “platitudinous gibberish” that “makes absolutely zero sense” but is used to justify doing “anything and everything that's convenient for Democrats.” After tracing all the failed predictions, negative results and squandered trillions of borrowed dollars, Harsanyi concludes that “if ‘Bidenomics’ had meant doing absolutely nothing, it would have been the President's greatest political accomplishment.” All he really had to do was just let the booming economy that was shut down by COVID reopen. Unfortunately, it meant doing a lot of stuff, much of it contradictory and all of it wrong, and created “the biggest four-year inflationary spike under any President in 40 years.”

If this doesn’t explain to the media talking heads why Americans hate Bidenomics, then I suggest they go fill up the gas tank of an SUV.

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EV nightmare

In case you haven’t yet gotten the message from all the warnings I keep running about electric cars, try this firsthand testimonial. Dalbir Bala of Winnipeg wanted a responsible, environmentally-friendly vehicle, so he bought a Ford F150 Lightning EV. By the time he finished installing chargers in his house and workplace, and upgrading his home’s electric panel, he’d spent $130,000. He got into a minor fender bender, and the truck was in the shop for six months, while Ford ignored his calls and emails for help.

Then he decided to take his family on a road trip to Chicago. It ended up making Chevy Chase’s road trip in “National Lampoon’s Vacation” look like smooth sailing. His family was left “stuck, hungry, and heartbroken.” They had the EV towed to a Ford dealer, where they rented a gas-powered vehicle to complete the trip. You can read the details of their EV nightmare at this link:

Bala said, "The actual thing they promised is not even close. Not even 50%. And once you buy it, you're stuck with it and you have to carry huge losses to get rid of that. And nobody is there to help you." He called the misleading sales job on electric vehicles the “biggest scam of modern times." 

It’s also the biggest abuse of government power to bamboozle Americans into buying a lemon since the election of the guy who’s trying to make us all buy EVs.

More of This, Please:

After Southwest Airlines fired flight attendant Charlene Carter because of her religious beliefs and her protest of her union’s pro-abortion activism, a Texas jury awarded her $5 million in damages. The judge also ordered Southwest to inform its flight attendants that under Title VII, the airline cannot discriminate against them based on their religious beliefs.

Southwest reacted to that ruling the way Joe Biden would: by acting as if they still believed they were right and trying to get around doing what the court ordered them to do. So the judge decided that maybe they just don’t understand what religious freedom means. He’s now ordered the three Southwest lawyers that he believes are most responsible for their actions to attend a mandatory training seminar on religious freedom rights.

That’s a good start. Now, let’s force all lawyers to attend that seminar.

Related: Say, you know who else might get a court order to attend a seminar on the First Amendment? How about White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre?

Is this what you want in America?

This is a story out of not-so-Great-anymore Britain, about an autistic girl who was arrested on “suspicion of a homophobic public order offense” and taken away crying, kicking and screaming because she said one of the police officers looked like a lesbian.

This is what happens when you not only allow speech to be criminalized, but when you create entire “protected” classes of people for whom offending them is a criminal offense. And why would lesbians be protected, but not autistic children? I wish all the young people who think we need those kinds of speech laws here in America would watch this video and then answer this question: “Do you really think THIS kind of heartless tyranny is what we need in America?”

A Manufactured Crisis

I’ve been trying for years to battle the left’s false narrative that the “science is settled” (whether it’s about climate, COVID or whatever.) Anyone who says that, or who tries to shut down any voices challenging “scientific consensus” is unwittingly broadcasting that they know nothing about science. Science is never “settled” as long as there’s more that we can learn, and challenging consensus with alternative views and theories is the very definition of the scientific process.

Of course, today, climate science, like gender dysphoria, has been hopelessly corrupted by politics. Researchers know that if they want to get published or funded, there is only one climate finding they’d better come up with: apocalyptic doom. Now, someone from inside the climate science community is speaking up to say we skeptics were right. She told John Stossel that the “overwhelming consensus” that there’s a “climate crisis” is “manufactured.” It’s fueled by an establishment that wants that outcome and that gives scientists who support climate alarmism fame and fortune while destroying those who question it.

How does she know? Because she published a paper claiming that climate change was causing more hurricanes, and thanks to that, she was adopted by climate activist groups, treated like a rock star and flown all over the place with politicians. That is, until some brave scientists pointed out mistakes in her research. Unlike many of her colleagues, she actually looked at their research and realized they were right and she was wrong. She thinks this as the real science process we should be following, but instead, we have “a massive government-funded climate alarmism complex.”

A viral sensation

I’ve heard music critics say they’re baffled by the recent lack of big hits in the hip-hop and pop genres and how some of the biggest songs recently have come from country artists or unknowns who’ve blown up on social media. Maybe audiences are just tired of the same slick, overproduced recycled garbage and are longing for authentic voices and songs that reflect what they are really feeling and experiencing.

That would definitely explain this latest viral sensation: Farmville, Virginia, factory worker Oliver Anthony, whose song “Rich Men North of Richmond” about the growing frustration and anger of working Americans toward the privileged elites has become a viral sensation.

Much Needed Weekend Laughs

The Babylon Bee is really on fire these days, but then, they have a lot of people working overtime to provide them with material…


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Comments 1-6 of 6

  • Sharon Faulkner

    08/14/2023 10:03 AM

    Mr Berger
    Get over it...Christians ARE being arrested for standing for Christ and pro life and for " offending " homosexuals but Christians can be smeared, censored and purged.
    Christians must speak against Homosexuality because God condemns it.
    It is clear you are a homosexual and think lying will shore you up. It won't- you need to repent and Jesus is Lord.

  • Connie B

    08/13/2023 01:56 AM

    It is disturbing to hear about that poor, autistic girl being hauled away for saying something she thought. I certainly hope that sort of thing doesn't start happening in America. It is definitely getting uncomfortable here in that way.

    Yesterday we took our kids to a theme park in a very conservative state, and while our kids were changing in the women's bathroom after the water park, a few trans men came in there. Two of them decided to share a bathroom stall, which was a strange thing to begin with. They were right next to where my young daughters were changing, and the men started talking loudly about inappropriate things. It was very disturbing and uncomfortable. I didn't really know what to do about it, as I felt rather afraid to confront two men by myself, and perhaps leave my daughters in a vulnerable position.

    I told my husband that next time we go to a public place like that, I guess I will have to take my young girls into the family bathroom so that we can feel comfortable and safe. I hate to have to worry about these kinds of things as a woman and a mother, even in a conservative place where I thought we would be safer from all that!

  • Robert Berger

    08/12/2023 08:36 PM

    Governor Huckabee, regarding your current speech on your Saturday program on TBN , America has not "forgotten God ". The majority of Americans are still Christian , although more and more of them are abandoning Christianity because they no longer believe in it , which their right as US citizens .
    But America is now the most religiously diverse nation in world history, with millions of people who follow virtually every religion in existence as well as millions of atheists ad agnostics . What about THEIR rights ? Including myself , a non-observant , secular, agnostic Jew . Christians MUST respect the rights of all non-christians in America .
    And Christians are NOT being persecuted in any way in America . No one is being arrested and imprisoned for being a Christian . However, religious freedom does not include the alleged "right" to discriminate against gay people or anyone else . Allowing discrimination against gay Americans is to open the slippery slope toward more and more discrimination against them , and could ultimately lead to persecuting them . What about the rights of gay people to live without being discriminated against ? I am not gay myself , but like so many other heterosexual Americans , I am appalled by the rampant homophobia in America, which is largely encouraged by. the various denominations of. the Christian clergy . If it's permissible for. Christians to refuse to serve gay people , it should also be permissible for all non-christians to discriminate against Christians , which is not something I advocate myself .
    Also, Sam Brownback's economic policies as governor of Kansas were disastrous and. did terrible harm to the people of that state . Michael Knowles praises Hungarian leader Viktor Orban , who has been a tyrannical ruler who among other things, has been. persecuting gay people. there , among other things . Just read about Orban . This man is truly evil .

  • Paul Kern

    08/12/2023 05:02 PM

    A good weekend read. I just wonder who would want to be president. By the next cycle the left will have completed their destruction! Too many legal beagles and Congress people sold out. Why not look into why Crenshaw and others wish to destroy vets by pushing psychedelics on them! As a former mental health and addictions counselor I saw many untested drugs pushed on mentally ill and addicted people. Made them worse!

  • Sam Vanderburg

    08/12/2023 12:16 PM

    Your verse of the day so appropriately suits your headline story.
    But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;

    Matthew 5:44

  • stephen russell

    08/12/2023 11:22 AM

    Special Counsel for Hunter

    The Fix is in for Hunter vs Trump
    Special Counsel Must be from Outside Govt