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December 15, 2021

Last night, I appeared with Joe Concha on Sean Hannity’s TV show to talk about disgusting attempts by the administration and the media (same thing) to distort what FOX News personalities texted in real time about the Capitol Hill breach. This happened after Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney took to the floor of Congress and, like a monster, read aloud private text messages to try to imply something nefarious.

The funniest part of that wall-to-wall media coverage, I thought, was watching someone from CNN talk about all the “lying” on FOX News. As I told Sean, the people on CNN make Jussie Smollett look like Abraham Lincoln when it comes to honesty. There was nothing untoward going on at all. This was just people saying, “Look, this is getting out of hand; it’s gonna hurt the President’s legacy and his reputation.” An honest concern. These were people who cared deeply about the President and the country and about what was happening.

As Byron York said, “The bottom line is there is much less to the texts story than the critics would have you believe. Of course, don’t look for those critics to admit that.”

I’ve been very clear from Day 1 that I strongly condemn what happened that day, and every last conservative I know feels the same way about what those chuckleheads (who were, in fact, unarmed) did. As Joe Concha said on the show, our feelings about this are well-documented.

What we’ve never heard from the other side is any real concern about the fate of the only person who lost her life to violence that day: Ashli Babbitt. This whole thing is just a political game that the Democrats are playing.

Indiana Rep. Jim Banks, current chairman of the Republican Study Committee, and Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan are the two Republican members of Congress nominated by Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s “Special Committee” who were actually denied a seat. Instead of seating these two as she was supposed to, Pelosi took it upon HERSELF to choose the only two Republicans she allowed on the committee, the aforementioned Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger of Illinois. She could have searched the world over and not have found two more vicious political enemies of President Trump than these. And in seating them instead of Banks and Jordan, she violated the terms of the legislation that had been passed to set up the committee in the first place. Also, as we’ve reported, she didn’t even appoint enough total committee members to comply with the law. Her committee is, by all appearances, bogus, a kangaroo court.

Obviously, the fix was in from the beginning, courtesy of Madame Speaker. This “investigation” is a sham, every bit as much as her two sham impeachments were.

Rep. Banks, in another segment of Hannity’s Tuesday show, said, “Today, we had over an hour of debate on the floor, and there was absolutely not a word spoken by Liz Cheney or the Democrats about anything related to protecting the Capitol, the breakdown of security of the Capitol...or what we’re gonna do to make sure another [similar event] doesn’t happen…...they don’t care about that. The only thing they care about is tearing down their political opponents, in this case putting their political opponents in jail. They know that [former Trump chief of staff] Mark Meadows is a good man, because they served with him for seven years.”

Meadows reached across the aisle, Banks said, even working with Liz Cheney to write over 40 bills. “They know he did nothing wrong,” Banks said, “but because he worked with Donald Trump, they want to put him behind bars.” If they could do that to Meadows, he said, imagine what they could do to any Trump supporter.

As Hannity reported Tuesday evening, the ex-Capitol Police chief said his requests for National Guard troops was denied six times by Pelosi, who had the duty of oversight. Finally, days later, his request was granted, but the damage had been done, no doubt to her delight. Significantly, President Trump had made the National Guard available to her, and so had Mark Meadows. If Trump had really wanted to have an “insurrection” on Capitol Hill, why would he have offered the services of the National Guard to thwart it?

And why did YOU, Nancy, refuse the additional security when you were in charge? THIS IS WHAT NEEDS TO BE INVESTIGATED, but she’s preventing that. Even such liberal news outlets as the Daily Beast and Politico have raised questions about the lack of security that day. But Banks told Hannity that the real reason she kept him and Jordan off the committee is that they were daring to ask about that.

“We had the leadership of the United States Capitol Police Union tell us that they weren’t prepared for what happened...they weren’t equipped for it, they weren’t trained for it. Even though there was intelligence weeks before...that something like this could happen, we were asking those questions, and that’s why Pelosi immediately fired us from the committee, because she didn’t want to go there.”

Banks said the Republicans were continuing to conduct interviews and investigate to determine what happened and how to keep the Capitol secure, and also were “telling the American people the truth about this fake, politicized commission that Pelosi and Liz Cheney and others are leading.”

“Liz Cheney is the new Adam Schiff,” he said. “She’s got her hands on emails and texts, she’s leaking them, she’s using them for political purposes and abusing her power...We’re actually digging into the facts...[to] change the bureaucratic mess that allowed that travesty to happen and make sure that something like that never happens again.”

Personally, I like what Dan Bongino said about the committee and Cheney: “This committee’s an embarrassment. It’s an immoral, unethical, unconstitutional disgrace to humanity. What Liz Cheney did last night was disgusting. Liz Cheney should never be welcomed in polite company in the Republican Party again….She decided yesterday to go and read people’s private text messages, pursuant to subpoena power they don’t have in Congress...This is an attempt to silence conservatives like you and I from communicating before the ‘22 election.” It sends the message that it’s open season on Trump supporters.

(Side note: I’d link to the HANNITY segment with Bongino but would rather spare you the nasty argument between him and Geraldo Rivera that always ensues. FOX News might think putting them on together is good for ratings, but it’s not good for television, so please think again. I digress.)

Recall that after his speech on the day of the rally, President Trump said to his supporters, “I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol Building, to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard...” That should be the most important take-away from the story of that day, but it’s being deliberately upstaged by all the shameless political theatre in this hideous third act.

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Comments 1-10 of 59

  • Marvin Cohn

    08/16/2022 10:40 PM

    A little something about our moral decay...

    I seek the object of your affections
    In the dereliction of wrong directions…
    Accepting, for now, your imperfections.

    We have our private retreats.
    As taxi fares in big back seats
    To do what we desire, not even to perspire.
    The driver looks out for traffic in his demographic
    Ignoring what’s behind and pornographic.
    For a fee, of course, no remorse, and very cheap.

    But the end is always the same for that glorious game
    That sometimes procreates with shame
    In the heat of vile date rapes….
    And no “in the nick of time” rescuers in scary capes.
    Our animalistic nature we manifest without contest.
    We are what we are … very bizarre!

  • Marvin Cohn

    08/16/2022 10:30 PM

    We are now a nation in degradation …
    Another lost generation without a destination...
    Not knowing where we are going nor from whence we were founded.
    Our Founding Fathers are now grounded... longer around to hear the sound
    Of our "winter of discontent" …
    When it was sent or where it went.
    So, “conquer we must, for our cause it is just,
    And this be our motto, “In God WAS our trust.”
    But save ourselves, we must. (msc)

    Marvin Cohn
    887 Haig Street
    Sharon, PA 16146

  • Ethyl Lyons

    12/27/2021 10:44 AM

    Mr. Huckabee, your summary of this, while good, inaccurately described Liz Cheney as a Rep from Arizona. Sadly, she is from my state of Wyoming, where she is held in extremely low regard. Little did we know she is a blue core with red paint slapped on the outside.

  • Angela L Lawson

    12/17/2021 08:56 AM

    I am totally convinced that this January 6th "Insurrection" was totally staged and orchestrated by Obama and his Billionaire Deep Staters! No justice will be ever found because criminal, lying, Nancy Pelosi is "staging" yet another attempt to impeach President Trump. All this drama is happening to attempt to downplay the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, the 100's of thousands of illegals storming our Southern Border, and the "bad shape" our economy is in. Everything the Democrats do is to try to take the "light" off of their poor handling of Our United States. Nancy Pelosi "calling down" Capitol Police tells the real truth here; however, Ignorant Democrat Sheeple of this country will never take the time to really educate themselves on what The Democrat/American Marxist Party wants for Americans.

  • Leanna Welch

    12/17/2021 05:12 AM

    How can the people of this country get a petition to have Pelosi investigated along with the President, Vice President and Shumer ? This country is evident danger with the un American’s running things. The American people are ANGRY and Scared.

  • Paul Trey

    12/16/2021 02:54 PM

    It's only as immoral, unethical, shameful and illegal as we let it be effective. Trump led Republicans out of the hideyhole. Now we're being whack-a-moled back in and the socialists will rewrite history. Thank for your work keeping it in the open.

  • Glorianne Bergman

    12/16/2021 02:16 PM

    I believe Nancy Pelosi needs to be investigated why she REFUSED to add more capitol police on Jan. 6th. I think she is in cahoots with this insurgence into the capitol, IMHO.

  • Nancy Bennatts

    12/16/2021 11:45 AM

    I'M Getting sooooo Tired of this Sham of a congressional BULLONEY! Pelosi IS A JOKE! CHANEY IS A JOKE! Who do you think they are fooling? NOT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! I THINK WE"RE SMARTER THAN THAT!

  • larry w huffman

    12/16/2021 09:12 AM

    that means she is the whistle blower and she can manufacture information and not name her source ,while being the source

  • Ed Thompson

    12/16/2021 09:01 AM

    This is another waste of time and taxpayers money, exactly what the “Russia Russia Russia” nonsense was, once again orchestrated by Pilose and the rest of the Democraps as a way to deflect attention from real issues of their own making. Like them fantastic headlines on them grocery store checkout paper racks filled with them “true” Tabloid stories, this is just more of nothing, another smoke screen most people have tuned out but there is a very real story going on here, and it’s the horrible treatment of people who have been incarcerated without due process of law and denied their rights, treated like political prisoners in a third world country. America where have you gone? George Orwell must be rolling over in his grave at all this stuff! Could it be he just became the new Nostradamus?