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April 18, 2021

In the wake of George Floyd’s death, the superintendent of the Webster Groves school district in Missouri engaged in some of the currently-popular virtue-signaling and white guilt-mongering by writing a blog post claiming that the school district contributes to inequitable systems which clearly disadvantage black students and practice white privilege.

He probably thought that talk was cheap, but he might soon learn differently. The group Parents Defending Education says his blog post is a public admission that the school district practices racial discrimination in violation of Title VI of the Civil Rights act of 1964. So they filed a federal civil rights complaint.

The group’s president, Nicole Neily, said that when the head of a public school openly admits to running a racist system while taking state and federal money, that’s illegal. She said many people told her the Biden Administration wouldn’t take the complaint seriously, but “I hope that is not the case because civil rights are not a partisan issue.”

A huge salute to her and her organization for holding liberal officials to the same standards they impose on everyone else. Seems to me that the Biden Administration now has two choices: either take the complaint seriously and launch an investigation (as the Trump Administration did against Princeton under similar circumstances), or admit that all the public self-flagellation from white liberals about systemic racism and white privilege is just a lot of divisive political theater that they don't really take seriously.

I look forward to either outcome.

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