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July 11, 2023

One recurring theme of my newsletter is that basic human decency should transcend politics. That means if you want to be thought of as a decent human being, you don’t make threats against people who disagree with you, you don’t celebrate people’s illnesses or deaths, and you don’t attack your political opponents’ family members. And now, Joe and Jill Biden have added a new “no” to the list: you don’t ignore, humiliate and try to erase from existence your own grandchild just because her birth was embarrassing to your profligate son, who went to court to reduce his child support payments and deny her his name.

I have been making that point repeatedly, in hopes that a public shaming would finally make the First Couple, whom the lapdog media keep assuring us are paragons and champions of family virtue, recognize that this innocent little girl is their family and start treating her that way. I haven’t been doing this to score political points but for the same reason that I used to preach sermons as a minister: to try to remind people that there are absolute moral rights and wrongs.

I’m glad to see that this message is finally starting to spread, and even the Biden cover-up media outlets are beginning to realize that cruelly shunning your four-year-old grandchild is a bridge too far. Maybe it was the revelation that staffers were actually ordered to say that the Bidens have six grandchildren instead of seven that proved too much for even his biggest sycophants to stomach.

So finally, we have reporters daring to ask Biden press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre if Biden acknowledges his granddaughter (her shocking dismissive response: “I don’t have anything to share from here.”) And now, even writers at the New York Times, including influential liberal columnist Maureen Dowd, are condemning this horrifying treatment of the President’s own flesh and blood.

It’s said that character can be judged by what you do when nobody's looking. In this case, character can be judged by what Joe and Jill Biden are doing with everybody looking.

Related: Or maybe reporters are just sick of covering up for Biden and painting him as a kind old grandpa because they’re tired of him screaming at them.

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