January 13, 2019

As a retro-jazz indie recording artist, I am also a Grammy Awards voter.  The ballot for this year was due on Wednesday, and there’s a curious thing about the website where you vote.  After you finish making your choices and click “Submit,” a warning screen comes up, asking if you’re sure you want to submit because you won’t be able to change your vote after this.  If you then click “OK” or “Submit,” instead of your ballot going through, you get another warning screen: “Are you sure you’re ready to submit?”  I don’t recall how many of these screens I went through before they finally accepted my ballot, but I believe it was three.

As annoying as that may seem, after I thought about it awhile, I came to the conclusion that this country might be in better shape if all elections were like this.  Imagine standing at the voting machine on Election Day and clicking, “Submit ballot."

The machine responds: “Are you SURE? You won't be able to change it once you submit it.”

"Yes, I'm ready to submit my ballot." Click!

“Are you CERTAIN?”

"Yes." Click! 

“Are you absolutely POSITIVE? It's your last chance to change your mind.”

…“You know, on second thought, maybe I really should rethink some of these people I voted for..."

If everyone were forced to think harder before pulling the lever, or hitting the last key, maybe some of the people in our new Congress would be doing jobs more suited to their talents now, if there are any.

On a side note, it’s ironic but when I looked at some of the major Grammy categories this year, I wanted to ask the Grammy people:

 "Are you SURE these are the BEST songs of 2018? Are you SURE they're even songs?  Are you CERTAIN you wouldn’t like to rethink some of these nominees?..."



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  • Francine Main

    01/14/2019 06:20 AM

    Although voting booth mistakes (or regrets) might be a small percentage of Election Day issues, why have there not been any serious national discussions of securing elections by requiring ID’s and having a credible absentee ballot system? The GOP is just asking for more post Election Day ballot finding in the next election if this is not under control.