January 18, 2018


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Today's Commentary: President Trump's health -- Pray more -- The 51st state -- Rating the economy -- Old Trump  -- Fox News host points to recurring narrative -- Additional Mike Huckabee commentaries


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You know those bad “Saturday Night Live” sketches that are so dumb and repetitive that they seem to drag on for nearly an hour? Well, yesterday’s press conference where crushed reporters kept trying to come up with any question for White House physician Dr. Ronny Jackson that would salvage their hopes of President Trump being either mentally incompetent or at death’s door was like one of those bad, repetitive “SNL” sketches, except it really did go on for nearly an hour. The only other difference between that and a bad “SNL” sketch is that the press conference actually was funny. (Some highlights at the link for those with limited time and patience.)

Those poor, hyper-partisan reporters had been watching their precious “Trump is going to be impeached for Russian collusion” narrative implode in slow motion for the past few months. And since narratives are much more important in today’s “journalism” than facts, they’d transferred all their hopes for torpedoing Trump to a new concocted narrative that he could be impeached for suffering early-onset dementia.


Mike Huckabee


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Pray more

By Mike Huckabee

You’ve probably heard the old saying, “There are no atheists in fox holes.” Well, a new survey in Britain proves that it’s still true. The survey by the Christian aid agency Tearfund found that about 51 percent of Britons pray, particularly in times of crisis. That includes one in five who describe themselves as non-religious, but still beg God for help when things get tough.

About a third of those who deny God when things are going well, but ask Him for help when they’re not, say they pray “on the off-chance that something could change.” Might I suggest praying a little more often? Then maybe the thing that will change is you, and there won’t be so many crises in your life anymore.


The 51st state

By Mike Huckabee

A movement is gaining steam in non-coastal counties of California to break away from the ultra-liberal strip that’s dominating (some say ruining) the Golden State and form a 51st state called New California. Hard to say at this point whether it has any future or is just a pipe dream, but it will be very interesting to see how state officials react. They’ve made it abundantly clear in the past year that they have adopted the attitude of the Confederate states: if they don’t like what the federal government is doing, they have a right to ignore and defy federal law (again like the Confederacy, to protect their right to keep importing and exploiting cheap minority labor from other nations), to act as if they were independent of the US, and even to secede from the union.

So if the people in more than half the state’s land mass announce that they strongly disagree with what Sacramento is doing and therefore have the right to secede and live under their own rules, exactly what principles will Gov. Jerry Brown cite to prevent them from doing that? Grab some popcorn, this should be good.


Rating the economy

By Mike Huckabee

With the economy finally igniting after eight years of slow-to-no growth, Democrats are trying to give credit to Barack Obama’s policies (just as in the case of Jimmy Carter, the wonderful effects of Democrats’ policies only kick in a year or so after they are voted out of office, forever denying them the credit they deserve.)

Well, the Wall Street Journal surveyed 68 economists on what they think is responsible for the recent boom. Turns out they are far more likely to credit Trump’s pro-business, anti-regulation, tax-cutting policies than Obama’s big government, endless regulations, high-tax policies. Go figure.

Personally, I tend to think of what’s happening by comparing the US economy to a great Olympic swimmer, like Michel Phelps. Phelps was the strongest swimmer in the world, but if you put a cement block around his neck, even he would have trouble keeping up with his competitors. However, he’s still so incredibly strong that even with an anchor on him, he could probably stay afloat and even make a little progress. Imagine giving the anchor credit for what little progress he made, and that’s the Democrats boasting about the growth under Obama. Finally, along comes Trump, who cuts the anchor off, and the swimmer is so happy, relieved and filled with long pent-up drive that he swims eight laps in two minutes.

And then people who put the anchor on him try to take credit for that, too.


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Old Trump

By Mike Huckabee

I’d also remind you that before the election, I noted that a tabloid reporter whose job was to dig up dirt on Trump, and who offered cash for anything negative, admitted that in all those years there had never been one accusation of racism against him – until the day he announced he was running for President as a Republican. Then, he mysteriously morphed into a KKK sympathizer. If history is any guide, I assume that’s also the day he suddenly became a moron and started suffering mental problems, despite being a longtime NBC star.

Although I suppose you could make the case that being a moronic mental defective never prevented anyone from having a long-term contract with NBC. Or at least, MSNBC.

To bolster that tabloid writer’s claim, here’s a clip of Jesse Jackson from the days before Trump became a Republican/racist/Hitler.



Fox News host points to recurring narrative from media

By Mike Huckabee

Fox News host Lisa Boothe points out the obvious recurring narrative over the past year: every time there is good news that reflects well on Trump, Democrats and the media gin up an outrage storm over some unsourced leak that reinforces their narrative that Trump is crazy or racist. I’d add a corollary to that: you can tell how good the news is by how overblown the ensuing ginned-up outrage is. Between the booming economy, the Dow topping 26,000, record-low unemployment rates (including for minorities) and Trump’s speech and Congressional meeting shattering the “Trump is moronic and demented” narratives, it’s no wonder the poor potty-mouthed NeverTrumpers at CNN had to say “bleep-hole” on live TV nearly 200 times in one day while calling Trump a racist, Nazi, KKK-leading terrorist to balance it out.

Rule of thumb: when you see leftists having that hysterical a meltdown over what a Republican President is doing, it must be really fantastic news for America.


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  • Cecilia Sotomayor

    01/19/2018 06:01 PM

    Thank you for your articles. I hope that the 51st state is not West of California, but Puerto Rico.
    We will have to get rid of the swamp in the island, just like in Washington, DC, so that all can live better lives.
    Yes, much prayer is needed.