July 22, 2018

President Trump’s critics thought that “releasing the hounds” was a smart strategy, but mad dogs have a way of turning on you.  So far, Trump has simply ignored their many attacks on him for his non-PC micro- and macro-aggressions, while liberal hypocrites like Harvey Weinstein are the ones getting mauled. 


Now, yet another outspoken Hollywood “progressive” just got turned into Purina Dog Chow.  Director James Gunn has made a star cruiser full of money for Disney with the “Guardians of the Galaxy” franchise, and his bosses didn’t seem to mind when he filled his Twitter feed with rabidly anti-Trump tweets.  But then, conservatives who’ve learned to play this “weaponize your past statements” game, started digging up and exposing his old, deleted tweets.  And that got the Golden Goose of the Galaxy fired.  


Turns out that before he got fully “woke,” Gunn made his reputation by writing controversial, deliberately offensive jokes involving such topics as rape and pedophilia.  Never mind that back when he wrote them, comedians such as Sarah Silverman were being celebrated for their “edgy,” potty-mouthed humor about offensive topics. In today’s leftist world, the standards for what you’re allowed to say change by the hour, and the past is constantly being judged by the ever-changing standards of the present (hence the move to tear down all those statues of 18th century icons who held beliefs that wouldn’t be considered “woke” enough by the residents of the Brown University LGBTQIAPK (yes, that’s the latest acronym, and I bet it grows longer) Hospice for the Terminally Self-Righteous.


Gunn did the requisite groveling and apologizing on Twitter, to no avail.  He pleaded that as he has “developed as a person, so has my work and my humor.”  But he should know that what you are now makes no difference.  Everything you ever said or did, no matter how long ago or what the circumstances were at the time, will now be used to condemn you in a Kafkaesque trial-by-Twitter mob.  Personally, I think it's stupid that he was fired over this, but it's hard to defend him when he wrote tweets defending the firing of Roseanne over one offensive tweet, and arguing that free speech doesn't give you the right to keep your job if you say things that reflect badly on your employer.


It's amusing to see all the leftists who've used this tactic to destroy people suddenly decrying conservatives for using it against one of their own.  "It's not fair!" they cry, like so many five-year-olds before them.  Well, here's some unsolicited advice for James Gunn: if you really want to “develop as a person,” become “woke” to the horror you’ve helped create, and start fighting back against these self-appointed Guardians of Thought Control.



And while we’re on the subject of leftist Twitter mobs enforcing rigid thought control, actor Mark Duplass also became a victim after he innocently tweeted that liberals who are “interested at all in crossing the aisle” should consider following Ben Shipiro.  He said Shapiro had once done something for him for no reason other than to be nice, and his “intentions are good.”


I won’t burn your ears by quoting from the scorching and profane venom he received for saying that, but I think it’s safe to say that none of those tolerant liberals ever did anything for anyone “just to be nice.”  Deplass deleted his tweet, calling it a “disaster on many levels,” and groveled for forgiveness for daring to stray even one inch off the Intolerance Plantation.  I'd say his real mistake was in thinking there's such a thing in 2018 as a liberal who's "interested at all in cross the aisle" and trying to understand different points of view.


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For his part, Shapiro brushed it off as par for the course, noting how he went in moments from being someone with good intentions to a racist, sexist homophobe.  He noted that this toxic leftist intolerance wasn’t even specific to him but would have been aimed at any conservative who was described as a decent person. 


Sounds like Ben has learned my secret for dealing with people who slander and attack you without even knowing you: just ignore them or laugh at them.  It makes them even crazier, if such a thing is possible.


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  • Darryl Malcolm

    09/03/2018 10:18 AM

    When is a conservative group going to create the Good Google/Youtube/Twitter/Facebook that is fair and supports free speech?

  • Richard L Deich

    07/23/2018 04:57 PM

    Wow Question ? How can Shapiro be an homophobe ? Didn't I Read or hear somewhere that he is GAY ?? Not that it matters !

  • Catherine J Rawson

    07/22/2018 11:00 PM

    The party of Intolerance! You are so right. I especially like the statement, smile or laugh at their attacks, it makes them even crazier "if that's possible"! ??

  • Dennis Flanery

    07/22/2018 10:01 PM

    I watch your show on TBN every week, Thanks for getting with POTUS, VPOTUS and my old friend John Ashcroft.
    The XO XO wasn't an idea I like to see you pursue...I found it of poor taste and I thought it might have taken you back also...You've taken the high road in history, Please don't allow someone to bring this Smutt to your show.
    Dennis Flanery
    Holden, Mo.

  • Marsha Broers

    07/22/2018 09:06 PM

    Bravo, Governor Huckabee! Also, LOVE Huckabee on TBN!

  • can can

    07/22/2018 08:08 PM

    Govenor Huckabee,

    You're great, and you and your wife clearly did a great job of raising Sarah. Wow, what a woman. It's a rare woman indeed who can play ball with the big boys, and Sarah does a brilliant job of it. You and the wife gave Sarah the tools to do it. Well done!

  • Jane Morgan

    07/22/2018 06:46 PM

    Just FYI: Mike Cernovich tweeted that not all of Gunn’s tweets were old as the MSM was reporting. He said many of the tweets were very recent - this makes Gunn’s defense that he has evolved since those long ago tweets basically a false narrative (i.e. lie)

  • Jane Morgan

    07/22/2018 06:46 PM

    Just FYI: Mike Cernovich tweeted that not all of Gunn’s tweets were old as the MSM was reporting. He said many of the tweets were very recent - this makes Gunn’s defense that he has evolved since those long ago tweets basically a false narrative (i.e. lie)

  • Daniel J Rieg

    07/22/2018 06:30 PM

    Thanks to you and your daughter for the courage you have both shown in the face of ugliness. Were it not for people like you bringing us the truth, the purveyors of evil would prevail and triumph. You and Sarah are our foot soldiers sacrificing yourselves on the front lines of words and information. For every one who hates you and Sarah, there are many more of us who respect and appreciate you both. Again, thanks!

  • jack macdonald

    07/22/2018 03:47 PM

    Liberats were supposed to be against bullying and hate speech and that is all they do. Liberalism was supposed to be for free expression and tolerance of others. What the hell happened? Somebody needs to get a wakeup call out there since their movement is unAmerican and sick. Thanks Obama, Soros, Schumer, Pelosie, Harry Reid and that whole sick bunch for dividing and attempting to destroy this country. If there is a hell, they deserve front row seats. They could all use a good ass kicking for what they have done and are doing. How did they get so warped? jack

  • Robert Pierro

    07/22/2018 12:41 PM

    Karma!! It's a beautiful thing..... Conservatives need to fight back in this way.... I'm tired of getting our butts kicked.....You do a great job Huck... Thanks for bringing issues to the front and informing us Deplorables... God bless you AND that great daughter of your's.... Sara.... Love to watch her...